July 6, 2014: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival 2014, Part 2 2. Stained Glass from France


As promised in my last post, today I am showing quilts from the VQF that caught my eye and which I liked for excellent overall design and workmanship.  These are in no particular order except as they were captured by my camera.  Click on pics for enlargements and great details! First up is “Life’s Compass” by Miki Peine:



I love this traditional pattern and look how she put a tiny compass in the center of each of the larger compasses!  Also, it is hand quilted but not by the maker of the top.


The next quilt, Murdererskill Crossing, by Janet Atkins won the award for Best Applique, but in my opinion she could have won the award for best hand quilting as well:

63014VQFJanet Atkins#1




The above close-ups give me an idea of how I might hand quilt some leaves into the border of Spring Sonata when I get there.

The next quilt is Saffron Splendor by Pat Holly.  Most folks in the quilting world know that Pat is famous for making award winning quilts with her sister Sue Nichols, but Pat has made a name for herself by creating wonderful silk quilts inspired by Indian design.  I’ve seen these quilts in magazines and on the net but never in person until now and now I fully understand why she has won major awards.  The very fine machine applique, excellent machine quilting, and astounding embroidered details are amazing!  I believe this quilt won the award for best quilting on a home machine:



The background “saffron” color was hard to capture with my camera and sometimes appears more “green” than it really was.  Definitely click on the next few pictures for enlargements to you can appreciate the detail!




63014VQFCloseup of Pat Hollyquilt



The next quilt is “God Save the Queen” by Hope Johnson.  Hope has made several quilts featuring bees and using hexagons as part of the design.  This is another in her series:


She received a Judge’s Choice award.


The next quilt is “Spotlight on the Stars” by Daniel Perkins.  It was wonderfully designed with lovely machine stitching.  I studied it for a while to figure out what blocks he used and how he arranged them to create this great design.  It won the award for best long-arm quilting. Beautiful quilt!:



Next is a gorgeous quilt by Margaret Solomon Gunn who has been winning awards in many major shows for her wonderful original designs and fabulous long-arm quilting.  Her quilt is called ” Autumn’s Surrender” because of the gradation of the fabric colors from autumn into winter.  It is made of “silk radiance” fabric which I believe is 55% cotton and 45% silk and has a sheen to it that is lovely.  Her quilting is perfection!!




The next quilt is “Celebration” by Deborah Elliot.  This won the award for Best Pieced.  Normally I’m not in love with extremely bright colored quilts, but this quilt is an example of how in can be done well and I really like it.  This is a pattern from Karen Stone and one I have always wanted to make some day:




The next quilt is another beautiful all silk quilt –  a definite trend at the show!  It is “Square Dance” by Elizabeth Bauman:




At every VQF I look for a quilt by Ann Feitelson – I love her work!  She makes very graphic quilts and her use of color and design sense are excellent.  I read somewhere that she collects striped and plaid shirts from thrift shops and then dyes them various colors.  That’s why the fabrics she uses in her pieces never look like they were purchased from the usual vendors and shops.  This adds to the uniqueness of her work.  Her piece in this show is called “Patch of Swiss Chard” as the colors reminder her of that.  I love it!  It won a judge’s choice award:





Another quilter on the scene the past few years who uses color extremely well and makes graphic quilts is Timna Tarr.  He quilt is called “Tied Together” and she says she is currently exploring “bow tie” block design:




The next quilt is another one made of all silk!!  I seem to have misplaced my VQF show program and forgot to write down the information about this quilt, however I believe it is made by Bethann Nemesh (hope that’s close!) who has exhibited a couple of other similar quilts the past few years. (Probably if you enlarge the photo enough you can see her name and title of the quilt.)  Each of her quilts has a similar design – pretty much the Amish diamond in a square.  There is a lot of open space for her to show her fabulous machine quilting skills:






Congratulations to a couple of my quilting friends who had quilts in the show and did well!  Nancy Starks-Cheney, a member of both the quilt groups to which I belong and who was my traveling companion when I went to Japan 4 years ago, won a blue ribbon for her Glacier Star quilt and it’s not easy to get a blue ribbon at Vermont!!



Linda Bevins who has long-arm quilted a few quilts for me and rescued my Spring Sonata quilt by basting it for me after I botched doing that had a wonderful quilt in the show called “Tilt a Whirl” as the design reminded her of that amusement park ride:


And Betty Jo Quinn won the award for Best Pictorial Quilt for this quilt (Congratulations, Betty Jo!!!), which I originally showed last fall when I showed pictures from my guild’s show:



In my next post, I will show a few more quilts from the show, including some from the special exhibits, though no photos were allowed of the antique quilts this year, unfortunately.  I’ll also show you what I bought – not much fabric this time around; I tried to restrain myself!

As if this were not enough pictures for the day, I am including several pictures of the stained glass windows in the St. Eglise church in Blois, France.  The church is extremely old – close to a thousand years, but the stained glass is definitely much newer than that.  I didn’t find any information on the windows in the church and haven’t yet looked to see if I can find anything on-line.  Will fill you in later if I find anything.  In any case, I found these windows interesting.  The designs would make wonderful modern or art quilts!

7614 Stainedglass#1






I think that’s enough pictures to share for one day!  I still have more from Vermont and more from France so stay tuned.  I also had the pleasure of hearing from Christine Wickert, the VQF Best of Show winner, after my last post and she shared some info about how she works with silk which I hope to share.

Thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “July 6, 2014: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival 2014, Part 2 2. Stained Glass from France

  1. Janet Atkins

    Thank you for your kind words about my quilt – I admire your work, so it’s an honor to be featured on blog.


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