July 12, 2014: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 3 2. Project updates


Here are more quilts that I particularly enjoyed from the VQF.  First up is “Starlight” by Mara Novak (the machine quilter) and Kathie Baltz (who made the top).  This quilt won the award for best quilt from Vermont.  The piece exhibited excellent craftsmanship for both the design, piecing, and quilting:  (Click on pics for enlargements and nice views of the details!)

71214 Starlight#1


Quilted as well as pieced stars:

71214 Starlight#2


The border done in machine stitching:

71214 Starlight#3


I liked the hand quilting on the next one, “Jacobean Sampler” by Margaret Ferguson.  I especially liked her border treatment.  The info card said she had spent 497 hours on the quilting!!!!!

71214 Jacobean#1

71214 Jacobean#2


71214 Jacobean#3


Next is “Hawks Nest” by Susan Burns.  I really enjoyed the use of “cheddar” color in this quilt and the fact that it is a well done very traditional style quilt.  I’m not sure the machine quilting is exactly right for it and it would have benefitted from hand quilting – my opinion!

71214 Cheddar#1

71214 Cheddar#2

Next is a quilt for which the maker, Anne Kaufman, used cheesecloth to create a picture of her son’s dog and the result is pretty amazing!  I’ve seen some other pictorial quilts recently using this technique.

71214 Dog quilt


Marilyn Swenson hand appliqued and hand quilted a lovely broderie perse style wall quilt:

71214 Florilegium#1

71214 Florilegium#2

“Hexie Garden” by Carolyn Hudson is another nicely done very traditional quilt.  I didn’t think there were very many truly “traditional” quilts using traditional patterns and either reproduction style fabrics or muddier colors at the show.  And, as I mentioned earlier, there were no Baltimore album style quilts for the first time in many, many years.

71214 HexieGarden#1

I loved that this one is hand quilted:

71214 HexieGarden#2

There were 2 quilts using the same Judy Niemeyer pattern and it’s interesting to see how it looks in different colors.  The first is “Midnight” by Lynn Whitten and the second is “Patriotic Perseverence” by Ginny Radloff:

71214 Midnight

71214 Patriotic

“Peaceful Peacock” by Collette Dumont of Canada won the award for best quilt from outside the USA.  Wonderful craftsmanship in the making of this quilt is very evident!

71214 Peacock#1

71214 Peacock#2

The next quilt, “Geese on the Move” by Mary Alice Rath, is a reproduction of an antique quilt.  I actually used this same pattern (I created my own paper piecing pattern) to make a dark blue and green quilt with very little “value” change so that you didn’t see the “geese” very well to cover an old couch on my screened porch about 15 years ago.  I have been thinking about making this pattern again using more traditional fabrics and more contrast in the “geese” and the background.  I love the way this one was done and may use it for inspiration.  I really like graphic quilts that are on the “darker” side in terms of color and I’ve always liked black backgrounds:

71214 Geese#1

71214 Geese#2

There was a very nicely done reproduction of the famous “vortex” quilt called “Red and White Vortex” by Gail Wilson.  The hand quilting was nice.  I was impressed that the quilt was flat and hung squarely without ripples, given the number of pieces in it.  Not sure why it didn’t get a blue, or at least a red, ribbon.

71214 Vortex


Finally, here is “Cape Cod Seascape” by Cecilia Macia.  This won the award for best hand quilting:

71214 Capecod#1

71214 Capecod#2


Nice embroidery embellishments in addition to the tiny hand quilting stitches:

71214 Capecod#3


Coming soon will be at least a Part 4 of the VQF pictures because I still have quilts to show from the special exhibits and I’ll show you what I bought at the festival.  Also, I have not had much time to go through my pictures from France yet and there will be more from there in the future too, but not in this post.

Meanwhile, I have been spending the last few days working a lot on the Challenge quilt (which I can’t share pictures of until after the September guild meeting).  I am pleased with how it has come together.  It is an original design and I’ve had a lot of fun picking out just the right color fabrics for it and making sure the overall design is attractive.  It’s amazing how small details can make a significant difference in how a quilt looks.  Just yesterday I wasn’t that happy with how the border looked and then I changed the color of one aspect of it and – voila! – perfect!  There is still quite a bit of work to do and I have just over 2 months to get it done.

I am continuing to steadily move ahead on Spring Sonata.  I have 84 of the 98 center squares quilted.  I decided what I’m going to quilt in the 16 setting triangles across the top and bottom – just straight lines meeting in the center at right angles.  This supports the “graphic” nature of the design of the quilt center:

71214 Spring Sonata


I am beginning to think that it may not be realistic to finish this quilt in time for the mid October guild show.  That is only 3 months away.  Finishing the center squares and the setting triangles and doing all 4 borders is an awful lot still to do.  Borders can be deceiving – the total area can be not that much smaller than the center of the quilt.  I’ve been working on the center for 5 months.  I still have to finish the Challenge and I really want to finish my  “Trio of Doll Quilts.”  Not to mention WORK and FAMILY!  Having to postpone the start of the quilting for a month because of my basting fiasco may be the difference. Thank goodness I am doing this for the sheer pleasure of it and if I don’t get this quilt done in time that’s OK with me.  My fall back plan would be to have the inaugural showing of the quilt at next year’s Vermont Quilt Festival.

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is by Tim Latimer.  I am amazed at his productivity.  He would likely have finished my Spring Sonata weeks ago!  He just finished hand quilting a wonderful New York Beauty quilt and said he probably spent about 200 hours on it in 3 weeks!!  That is approximately 10 hours of quilting per day, 7 days a week!  Unbelievable!  There is no way I can do that!  Even if I had the actual time to do it, I don’t think I could be focused on the hand quilting process for that long at once.

So..about those doll quilts.  I finished putting the second top together and basted the layers together so it is ready for hand quilting:

71214 Doll Quilt(#2)


I layered and basted the first doll quilt this past week as well and it too is ready for hand quilting:

71214 Doll Quilt(#1)

I have a plan for the third doll quilt which I’ll share in an upcoming post.  I will have the 3 doll quilts and the Challenge quilt to hand quilt before the October show.  If I decide not to worry about getting Spring Sonata done, this should be easy to accomplish.

We had our grandchildren staying with us for 4 days this past week and they are coming back for 2 more days next week.  At 6 and 9 they are at great ages and we love having them.  We went to the beach one day and then another day took them on the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise. Sveta had never been on a boat before and they both loved it:

71214 Kids on Boat#1

Al and I are trying to figure out how to get them in kayaks at some point.

What I’m reading:  I’ve read several books already this summer, but the 2 best so far are:

71214 Stoner


71214 The Lowland

I highly, highly recommend both of these books.  The first was published in 1965 and is slowly but surely becoming a classic.  It is beautifully written and thought provoking.  It’s about one man’s rather “quiet” life and how he endures and creates meaning in it.  I love everything Jhumpa Lahiri has written and recommend all her books.  This one is a beautifully written, very insightful look at a particular Indian family with members living in both India and the US.  It covers the entire lifespan on one generation of the family and is SO GOOD I can’t stop thinking about it!

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2 thoughts on “July 12, 2014: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 3 2. Project updates

  1. Pat Lang

    Hi Gladi,
    I was looking through my list of “favorites” on my home computer this am checking in on my gallery of grandchildren photos. I saw your quilting website which I had “marked” some time ago. Decided to take a peek at your latest ! So enjoyed seeing the exquisite quilts from the VGF. Such artwork takes my breath away. Such amazing work. Loved seeing the photos of France and the kids on the boat with Al. Just wanted you to know I think the blog is terrific ! One of the things on my to do list at some point is to create some of my photo cards with a variety of door photos, so I also enjoyed those photos of the doors !
    See you soon.
    Pat Lang

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Pat. Thanks so much for the comment, especially that you like the blog! When I started it 2 years ago, I had no idea if I would enjoy doing it or not and obviously am still having fun with it. Hope you’re having a great summer; it’s flying by! Gladi


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