July 22, 2014: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part Four 2. Family and Friends 3. More France


This will be the last sharing of quilts from this year’s Vermont Quilt Festival.  Pictures shown today are from the special exhibits.  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed of the antique quilts from Gerald Roy’s exhibit.  The other 2 special exhibits were of Pam Druhen’s quilts and a collection of iconic quilts from the last half of the 20th century representing changes in styles of quilts over that time.  Most of the latter were well known quilts by iconic quilters such as Ruth McDowell, Doreen Speckman,   Judy Matthieson, etc. and the exhibit was curated by Nancy Halpern.

Pam Druhen specializes in pictorial quilts using a lot of threat painting along with some actually painted accents.  She has moved to using more fusing recently and to making more 2-sided quilts.  Her work is beautifully done and lovely to see.  Here are a few of her pieces (click on pics for nice close-ups!):

72114 VQF PD#1


72114 VQF PD#2

72114 VQF PD#4

72114 VQF PD#5

72114 VQF PD#6

Here is a selection of quilts from the late 20th century exhibit.  I didn’t catch the name of a couple of the makers so I apologize for that.  The first one is a Ruth McDowell creation:

72114 VQF spexh#1


Not sure who made the next one, but I LOVE the colors and the circles!


72114 VQF spexh#2


The next one is by Molly Upton who made this quilt in the 1970’s, was way ahead of her time in her quilt designs, and, sadly, died young.

72114 VQF spexh#3


Next is a close-up, then a full view, then another close-up of a fabulous hand quilted whole cloth quilt, gorgeous in a teal color that was hard to capture with my camera.  The true color is closer to what you see in the full view.

72114 VQF spexh#5close


72114 VQF spexh#4

72114 VQF spexh#6close


Next is a lovely kimono shaped quilt with an oriental flair.  It looks like it could be by Yvonne Porcella, but I’m not sure.  The close-up shows quilted leaves which give me an idea how I might quilt some similar leaves on the border of Spring Sonata.

72114 VQF spexh#7

72114 VQF spexh#8close

What did I purchase at the VQF this year?  Mostly I just bought some needed supplies and refrained from buying much in the way of fabric, unless for a specific project.  I have come to love using Kimono silk thread for applique so bought several spools of their thread (the dark thread at the top is #12 Valdani embroidery thread which I may use for some embellishment on my Challenge quilt):

72114 VQF purchase#1

I bought some of the newer style clips for holding binding in place while stitching – already had 10 of these and love them so added 20 more.  I bought one pack of super fine .4mm pins which I love; the only down side is they tend to bend more easily.  I bought refills for my Bohin marking pen (my favorite marker!) and I bought a new pinking blade for use with my olfa rotary cutter.  I like pinking the edges of blocks or borders on which I am appliqueing because those pieces are handled a lot over a long period of time and the pinking prevents shredding.  And I bought some more quilting needles – my favorites are the John James #11 betweens.

72114 VQF purchase #2


I confess that I did splurge on a stack of richly colored Oakshott cotton fabrics:

72114 VQF purchase #3

The fabrics are beautiful and “rich” in terms of color and I don’t think the photo captures that adequately.  These are made in England, I believe and some of the richness derives from the fact the the warp and woof of the fabric are different and they “shimmer” to some degree.  The colors above are very “Amish” to me and I am planning to use these, along with black fabric, to make the third doll quilt in the “Roman Stripe” pattern.  I hope to have a block or two to show in the next post.

I’ve recently been trying to post once a week on this blog but this post is late because Al and I drove to Pennsylvania last Friday and came back yesterday.  We went for 2 reasons.  I grew up in northeastern PA and hadn’t had a chance to get back there and see relatives for a while.  Our good friend Craig Werth was performing at a house concert only 40 minutes from where I grew up and Al and I were invited to stay at the house where he was performing; it was an offer too good to refuse and would give us a chance to enjoy some time with Craig and Liz and see family as well!!  Ed and Trudie Chara who put on the concert were lovely hosts.

Here is a picture of their house – 7000 sq. feet and they have been working on restoring it for several years!  It used to be an inn but they are not running it as an inn or B&B at this time.  It was in very sad shape when they bought it and they have done an incredible job of making it livable and functional.

72114 Brackney inn pic with C&L

That’s Craig and Liz with me.  Here’s Craig performing Saturday night (I apologize that I didn’t get a great pic of the concert):

72114 Craig show


Here’s the dairy farm on which I grew up.  Mine is the one further away.  Our land began at the bottom of the hill where you first start to see the road in the middle of the picture and goes all the way up over the top of the hill and stretches out beyond the picture to both the right and left – 400 acres.  We had 2 barns and 200 cows.  Right now my cousin Blair is farming with 40 cows and many pieces of the land have been sold off.  I can visit any time because my aunt and several cousins own pieces of land that were formerly part of the farm.

72114 The Farm


My cousin Mindy was a gracious host for a small gathering which, importantly, included my only surviving aunt (my mother’s sister), her mom, Dorothy along with several cousins


72114 Reunion pic


Dot, cousin Terry, and cousin Mindy:

72114 Reunion pic#2



I’m an only child, but aunt Dot and uncle Gene lived right across the road with their 7 children and they were like brothers and sisters to me.  It was wonderful to see everyone since it is often a couple years, occasionally more, between visits.

Here’s the gorgeous view from Mindy’s place which is at the top of the hill and used to be part of the farm I grew up on:

72114 Reunion pic #3


How lucky am I that I grew up on such a beautiful place?!!!  It definitely gave me my love of nature and quiet.

I also visited a close friend of my mom’s while home and enjoyed catching up with him and having a dinner out with him and a few of my mom’s friends who still survive.  One was 91 years old, one 88 and one in her early 80’s!!

We had the grandkids for the 2 days before we left for PA.  I’m very excited to report that both Dmitri and Sveta tried using the sewing machine and were able to sew really good 1/4 inch seams with a minimum of practice!  Sveta, in particular, was very, very excited about learning to sew and didn’t want to stop!!!  I cut out several 4 inch squares for her (she picked out the yellow and purple fabrics) and she sewed them all together and was so proud!  She picked out a backing fabric and we sewed that on and made a pillow for her.  Here she is holding the pillow cover before we put the stuffing in:

72114 Sveta's pillow

I see lots of sewing ahead with her!!  Not sure if my grandson is as enthusiastic yet.

Here are a couple of good pics of Dmitri and Sveta at the Lamprey River which is a 10 -15 minute walk from the house and is lovely because it’s not very developed:

72114 Dmitri at river

72114 Sveta at river

Before the trip to France fades from my consciousness, here are some more pictures.  These are mostly from our side trip to the medieval village of Saint Cirq Lapopie which is located high on a steep mountain side.  Especially note the stone houses and the interesting roofs and rooflines. There’s also a beautiful view from the village:

72114 St

72114 SC#2

72114 SC#3

72114 SC#4

72114 SC#5

72114 SC#6

I still have more pictures from France to share eventually.  In particular I want to share some of the interior decorations from the chateaus we visited and pictures of some of the gardens.  “Pattern” and design inspiration were everywhere!

Here is a fountain from Beynac:

72114 Beynac fountain

Here’s one more lovely view of the valley around Beynac – with another balloon in the distance!

72114 Beynac riverview

I have been working on the Challenge quilt and making great progress.  I’m also hand quilting one of the doll quilts.  No further work on Spring Sonata and it seems more and more likely it won’t be done by October.

Feel free to leave a comment – I really enjoy receiving them.  Thanks for visiting!!!


2 thoughts on “July 22, 2014: 1. Vermont Quilt Festival, Part Four 2. Family and Friends 3. More France

  1. Sally Ayres

    Gladi, I really enjoyed seeing your blog and your quilts, as well as the photos from our picnic last Saturday. I was great fun to see everyone and so I checked in with Marge and we planned a lunch August 2nd when my sister will be here and Eddy and Victor and George are also coming! Marge is an avid quilter also.
    I would love to see the family history if you have time to send it down. Sue will enjoy it too. Hope to see you again before too long.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      I really enjoyed seeing everyone and will get the geneology to you soon. Please share my web site with Marge when you see her and tell her I’d love to see her quilts some time. Agree – hope to get back to PA next year and you are welcome in NH any time! Gladi


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