August 17, 2014: 1. Lots of quilt-making activities 2. World Quilt Show, Part 1


The past couple weeks I have spent a lot of time – several hours a day (except for the days spent with the grandkids!) – on quilt-making activities.  These are my last “free” days before I am back to work full time starting 8/26, after which my quilting time will be much more limited.  I’m truly enjoying myself; I continue to love all the various processes involved in making quilts and am not bored a bit!

First, I finished the second of the 3 doll quilts, “Hexagon Stars”:

81714 HexStars#1

A couple of close-ups:

81714 HexStars#2

I quilted around the main design elements within the stars, but you can’t really see that in the pictures.   The background color of the quilt is more orange, like in the first picture, than in the close-ups.  Here’s one more:

81714 HexStars#3

I layered and basted the third doll quilt – Amish Roman Stripes – and started the quilting.  I chose to quilt with black thread and chose a solid gray for the back so one could see the quilting stitches.  I also used  a black batting in case there is any “bearding”:

81714 In the hoop#1


81714 In hoop#2 stitching

And here’s the back so far:

81714 In hoop#3 back


In the last post I showed you the first pictures of “Joyful Noise” – 4 blocks had been made.  As I said, these are addictive to make and since then I have spent time making the paper piecing patterns and cutting and sewing several more blocks:

81714 JoyfulNoise#1

And here is a close-up so you can see some of the fabrics better (click on pics for further close-ups):

81714 JoyfulNoise#2

I’m still not sure exactly where this quilt design is going.  I could make 25 blocks and set them on point as a medallion center for a larger quilt; I could put the blocks together in several ways that are different from the on-point arrangement above.  I could add applique and/or embroidery in a number of ways and places.  Until something specific seems like the right thing to do, I will continue to just make blocks.  I love working this way – letting the fabric, the colors, and the designs “speak” to me as they are created and making decisions as I go rather than locking into one entire design from the very beginning.  This way of working allows for serendipity and creative decision making as I go and makes the quilt not exclusively a technical exercise.

I finally chose a fabric for the birds for the first applique block in my “bird” Baltimore Album style quilt, cut out the birds, basted them on, and started to stitch one down:

81714 Applique#1 birds

I also drafted a third block for the applique quilt.  I was inspired by one of the blocks in a Baltimore Album quilt in the Gerald Roy quilt collection that was recently shown at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts;  I drew my own pattern based on pictures I saw on line.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out that I could get to the museum to see the show and am so sorry to have missed it.  My drawing is a bit light so hope you can see it:

81714 Applique#2 new pattern

I hope to soon have time to pick fabrics for the pieces and get them cut out and basted; then I can take my time with the applique stitching – a great way to relax in the evening when I get back to full time work!

AND – I can’t forget that I’m making a quilt for Sveta to give her for Christmas!   I have shown blocks for this previously but it’s been a while.   I recently made 5 more of the blocks – I need 30 and now have 20  (these still need the edge stitching around the fused leaves).  I was going to call this Sveta’s Sateens, but have decided it would be better to call it Sveta’s Sateen Garden.

81714 Sveta's Garden

By the way, during her most recent visit early last week, Sveta made a small, 17 1/2″ by 15″ doll quilt almost all by herself!  I cut strips of fabric in rainbow colors that she picked out and she pinned the strips and sewed them together and then did the actual quilting using the walking foot by herself.  I put the binding on and we were sure to label it on the back as her first quilt!  I’m so sorry I didn’t get any pictures to share.

I spent most of August 15th at the World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH.  I have gone to this show yearly for many years now and it never disappoints!   I do feel that there were fewer “wow” quilts this year and I wasn’t as excited by the winning quilts this year as I have been in the past.  I also noticed the absence of  some of the vendors that I used to love to visit. In particular, it seems that the International Fabric Company, based in Erie, PA may be out of business as I can’t even find their web site any more.  I used to get great authentic Japanese fabric from them.  Also, I used to buy Dutch chintz fabric from Lancaster Traditional – I just discovered on their web site that, unfortunately,  the man who owned the company died and they are at least temporarily “closed”.  It seemed like there were fewer vendors selling great fabrics and more vendors selling long arm sewing machines as well as vendors selling hand cream, comfortable shoes, hot packs for the neck, etc. and many vendors selling just one major item like design walls or specific rulers.  Generally I’m not interested in all these products and would prefer to see more fabric and thread choices.  Nevertheless – it still was a very good show and I have lots of pictures of excellent quilts to show over the next few posts!

I’ll start by showing 4 Japanese quilts today – these were some of my favorite quilts in the show.  I took pictures of the cards with the names of the quiltmakers and what they had to say about the quilt; those will precede pictures of the quilts.  If they are hard to read, click on them for enlargements.

81714 Miyabi#1

81714 Miyabi#2full

81714 Miyabi#3

81714 Miyabi#4

81714 Miyabi#5

81714 QueenofMoonlight#1

81714 QueenofMoonlight#2

81714 QueenofMoonlight#3

81714 QueenofMoonlight#4

81714 QueenofMoonlight#5

81714 Fireworks#1

81714 Fireworks#2


The fireworks in the sky were hand done and amazing, but not sure I was able to capture this on film.  I apologize for the blurred close-up.  Click on the others to see detail better.

81714 Fireworks#3


81714 Fireworks#4


If you look hard enough you can see the scene on the water with the boats:

81714 Fireworks#5

81714 Fireworks#6

The last quilt I’m showing today was the winner of the Hand Workmanship award for Innovative quilts (again, click on pics for detailed look!):

81714 SummerFairy#1

81714 SummerFairy#2


81714 SummerFairy#3

81714 SummerFairy#4

81714 SummerFairy#5

That’s it for today!  I have many, many more pictures of wonderful quilts from the show to share over the next few posts so do come back.

Thanks for visiting!






5 thoughts on “August 17, 2014: 1. Lots of quilt-making activities 2. World Quilt Show, Part 1

  1. Janet Ann August 17, 2014 / 10:15 pm

    Your doll quilts are beautiful! and the hand quilting – fabulous! I missed the World Quilt SHow – so thank you for the peek at the Japanese quilts – they would have been my favorite as well!

    • gladiporsche August 18, 2014 / 7:44 pm

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the doll quilts; they are fun to do and the best part is they can be done quickly!

  2. Margaret Solomon Gunn August 18, 2014 / 5:49 pm

    I was at the show Saturday. It was definitely less than it was 3 yrs ago, when I went last. I was not nearly as impressed with the number of more “technical” quilts (much fewer of them) and the number of fused art quilts left me rather underwhelmed. Vending?…you hit the nail on the head. Lacking. Not a spool of pink silk thread to be found!

    • gladiporsche August 18, 2014 / 8:00 pm

      Hi Margaret. Thank you for commenting. It’s nice to know my opinion about the show is shared! The consistent truly high quality just wasn’t there this time. though, of course, there were a few wonderful quilts. I was particularly underwhelmed by the Best of Show piece. Also, I normally love Linda Roy’s work, but this time her design and colors left me somewhat cold though the workmanship was phenomenal, as always. This show left me pining to get to a bigger national show where I can count on consistently great quilts and vendors. I continue to love your work and your recent, mostly pink quilt with lots of applique – can’t remember the name right now – is fabulous!!!!! Because of your wonderful work, I spent some money recently on some of the silk radiance fabrics and hope to use them in a quilt in the not too distant future! Gladi

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