September 1, 2014: Design decisions; World Quilt Show, Part 3; France


I spent a few minutes playing with the “Joyful Noise” blocks and it didn’t take long for me to decide I want to make a quilt with a different arrangement of blocks from Spring Sonata.  I also decided quickly that I didn’t want to just have 25 blocks as a central medallion:

83114 JoyfulN#1


I tried arranging the blocks in groups of 4, each block oriented as though heading out from the center:

83114 JoyfulN#2

Then I turned each group of 4 on-point:

83114 JoyfulN#3

I like this orientation!  I have happily continued to make more blocks:

83114 JoyfulN#4

I have enough different Japanese fabrics of this type to make many, more blocks without repeats.  I can see that eventually I will need to decide if I want to add sashing between the blocks of 4.  Also, there may be a few more block arrangements I will look at before making a final decision, but, in the meantime, I can continue to make these “addictive” blocks!

I am moving forward on the next “Sweet Journeys” applique block (see last post for picture).  I chose fabrics, cut out flowers and leaves (with either freezer paper or Sulky stabilizer on top for the needle turn method) and have started to applique the vines onto the background:

83114 SweetJ#2

83114 SweetJ#1

Here are some more pictures of quilts that I liked from the World Quilt Show.

This first quilt has exquisite hand quilting.  Andrea Stracke has had wonderful quilts at this show in previous years and I look forward to seeing her work in person.  She has an excellent web site with great pictures of her many quilts (mostly whole cloth) with fabulous hand quilting (Click on pictures for closeups of details!).

83114 wqs Bustamit#1


83114 wqs Bustamit#2

83114 wqs Bustamit#3

83114 wqs Bustamit#4


Next is an amazing pictorial quilt by Marilyn Belford.  She has previously also made quilts of scenes from mythology and has become well known for her excellent pictorial work.  The sea monster’s scales, in particular, are incredible!

83114 wqs Perseus#1

83114 wqs Perseus#2



83114 wqs Perseus#3

83114 wqs Perseus#4


Linda Steele is known for her machine made crazy quilts – incredible details!

83114 Christmas#1


83114 wqs Christmas#2

83114 wqs Christmas#3

83114 wqs Christmas#4

There were 2 other Japanese quilts that were interesting.  I like the fact that the first one is a very modern art quilt but completely hand done:

83114 wqs Newborn Star

83114 wqs Newborn Star #2

83114 Newborn Star #3

83114 wqs Used To#1

83114 wqs Used To#2


83114 wqs Used To#3


I like the effect of the black stitching in the blocks.

83114 wqs Used To#4

83114 wqs Used To#5

The next one is a very interesting evocation of the landscape of Monument Valley in the American southwest:

83114 wqs Monumental#1

83114 wqs Monumental#2


Very nice thread work:

83114 wqs Monumental#3


The last quilt I’m showing today is a very simple one, however I really like the graphic nature of the final result and the color choices really made the quilt interesting.  I think I would like to try making something like this and experimenting with color use and placement:

83114 wqs Waves#1

83114 wqs Waves#2


Here are pictures from the Loire Valley in France.  Many of these pictures focus on decoration and decorative design which was everywhere!!  Lots of quilting inspiration!

We stayed in the town of Amboise as a base our last 3 days in France and visited 3 of the major chateaus in the area.  First, a picture of the Amboise chateau in the town and the accordianist who played in the town square during the dinner hour (the square was filled with places to dine outdoors!) – he was really really good!

83114 Amboise

83114 Amboise accordianist



Some shots of Aizy le Rideau, a beautiful chateau on the water:

83114 ALR with water

83114 Aizy Le Rideau

Some patterns/designs seen inside:

A ceiling:

83114 ALR ceiling


83114 ALR chest

83114 ALR chest#2

A carved design:

83114 ALR carving


The next set of pictures is of Chateau Villandry.  It is known for its incredible garden – the place employs 10 full time gardeners!

83114 Villandry full

83114 Villandrygarden#1

83114 VillandryG#2

83114 VillandryG#3

83114 VillandryG#4

83114 VillandryG#5

83114 VillandryG#6

83114 VillandryG#7

An interesting floor design inside:

83114 Villandry floor

One of the ceilings:

83114 Villandry ceiling

One of the rooms contained a grand piano.  Al asked if he could play it and they said “yes”!  He played some French music for about 5 minutes and got a round of applause from other visitors to the chateau!  It was one of the highlights of the trip for him.

83114 Villandry piano

Thank you for visiting!



7 thoughts on “September 1, 2014: Design decisions; World Quilt Show, Part 3; France

  1. Marie Tymrak

    I love these. I enjoy both the finished hanging quilts, the design inspirations of the travels and your own mid-construction decisions. I like the black stitching in the blocks of the quilt by Natsumi Ohara….even looks like a javelina snuck into a block. Thanks for sharing these, which I would not see in any other way.
    The other tourists, who heard the impromptu piano tunes were the lucky folks that day, of your travel.

    Marie Tymrak, Phoenix, AZ

  2. Carla Gay

    Hi Gladi, Just to say hello since I have just stumbled upon your blog as I did a google search for “Itaya Naomi fabric”. I absolutely LOVE your “Joyful Noise” blocks!! They are wonderful! I have only begun browsing your older posts but have enjoyed so much eye-candy already, I had to post immediately and say thank you!! I’ll be a regular visitor to see what you’re up to. 🙂 Carla in NW Arkansas

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Carla. Thank you so much for commenting and I’m glad you like “Joyful Noise.” I’m having fun making the blocks. I love the Itaya Naomi fabrics and other similar authentic Japanese fabrics and am not afraid to cut them up. Gladi

      1. Carla Gay

        Hi Gladi, Do you have a good source for Itaya Naomi and other similar authentic Japanese fabrics here in the U.S.? I haven’t found many online, except for Quiltsmith in Australia, which is very expensive. Would love any info you may have. Many thanks, Carla

  3. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Carla. I used to get these fabrics from the “International Fabric Company” located in Erie, PA. They had a nice on-line store and I was also able to buy directly from them when they were vendors at some of the shows I attended. I gradually collected quite a few over many years. I recently discovered that the couple who ran the business retired and it no longer exists. Alas, I have not found a comparable place in the USA to buy these fabrics. If you find something, please let me know!! Gladi

    1. Carla Gay

      If I discover any good sources, I’ll sure let you know. I have to confess I just ordered a pretty big order from Quiltsmith in Australia, but it was hard to convince myself to pay the approximately $30.00/meter price, plus international shipping. I’m going to Houston next month and hope to find some vendors who carry some then. Have a great weekend! Carla


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