September 21, 2014: Challenge Quilt Revealed

Greetings!  It is officially autumn and I am looking forward to the beautiful colors of the leaves in New England over the next several weeks.  A few have started to turn already; their colors have inspired several of my quilts.

Finally I can show you pictures of my Cocheco Quilt Guild Challenge quilt.  The unveiling of the quilts occurred at our guild meeting this past Tuesday evening. 18 guild members participated, showing quilts with the theme “I love….”  Members voted for 3 “viewer’s choice” awards.   My quilt was not one of the winners – totally OK with me.  There were some nice entries and voting was hard!!!

Entrants were to attach to their quilt a card finishing the sentence, “I love….”  Here is mine:

“I love sipping my coffee from a beautiful cup in the very early morning hours when it’s quiet and semi-dark outside and the day ahead is full of possibility.”

(click on pictures to enlarge!)

92114 Chal#1full

I designed the cups to match the shape of ones I use in the morning.  The quilt is hand appliqued and hand quilted and about 24 inches square.  I English paper pieced the floral hexagons in the border during quiet moments when Al and I were in France this summer and then appliqued them to the border background. Here are some close-ups:

92114 Chal#2

92114 Chal#3

92114 Chal#4

I hand embroidered a coral colored stem stitch just inside the binding and also around the inside of the hexagon flowers for accents.

92114 Chal#5

92114 Chal#6

When I look at the quilt with the impartial eye of a judge, I think the border is not quilt right for the quilt.  I think a flowing appliqued vine would perhaps have been better, but at the time I wanted to take a hand project to France with me and there wasn’t time to design such a border before the trip.  I also think a lighter fabric for the border might have been better.  However, I still like the quilt, especially the center with the cups of coffee, and I have learned some things about design and color choices that could help me do better with future projects.

I cleared my design wall and put up quite a few of the blocks for “Sveta’s Sateen Garden.”

92114 Sveta #1


I am taking a break from “Joyful Noise” and working on this quilt instead because it has to be delivered to the long arm quilter in November so it will be ready to give as a gift for Christmas.

92114 Sveta #2

All 30 of the blocks are constructed, but a dozen of them still need the machine buttonhole stitching around the leaves and that’s what I’m working on:

92114 Sveta #3

92114 Sveta #4

When I started this quilt in January, Sveta told me her favorite color is pink and recently, after I had chosen numerous pink sateen prints for the quilt and made the blocks, she told me she likes purple best!  I still think she’ll like it and there is some purple in it.  Soon, I need to find some fabric for the sashing between the blocks and fabric for a border.

I continue to gradually quilt Spring Sonata – the center is almost done!  I am planning to make up quilt leaf designs as I go for the borders; will outline quilt all the leaves and stems first and take that time to study the border before starting to create the quilted leaves:

92114 In the Hoop

I made progress on block #3 of Sweet Journeys:

92114 SJBlock3 full

92114 SJBlock3 close

Al is home from Nova Scotia where he visited good friends, hiked the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton, and got to hear some great gaelic music.

92114 NovaS#1

92114 NovaS#2

92114 NovaS#3

Our friend Paul (he and his wife Lee graciously invited Al to stay with them and then Paul traveled with Al to Cape Breton):

92114 NovaS#4


Love the shimmer of light on the water in the next 2 pictures:

92114 NovaS#5


92114 NovaS#6


A nice picture of Paul’s grandson Franklin:

92114 NovaS#7

Thanks for visiting!



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