September 28, 2014: Embracing imperfection; Family; Fall


Periodically, as I read through my list of bookmarked blogs, the topic of perfectionism comes up.  Many quilters struggle with this.  They see flaws in their work and feel they are not worthy or feel guilty because they don’t want to rip out and re-do.  I believe that one should do the best possible work one can do at the time – without being neurotic!!!  Step back and take a look at the whole work and determine if the “flaw” is significant enough that it detracts from the work as a whole.   Almost all quilts – even big award winners! – have flaws.  Most of these flaws are not obvious and don’t really matter – almost no one but you is going to study your quilt that closely; even judges only have a few minutes with your quilt!  Life is too short to be re-doing seams in quilts that are a tiny fraction off.  Choose to re-do only when the flaw is likely to be obvious and/or detract from the beauty and overall craftsmanship of the work.  Many of the points in my quilt Spring Sonata are not perfect but one doesn’t notice this when one looks at the entire work.  The same could be said of most of my quilts.

(Of course, in my “real” work as a doctor – I do have to strive for perfection in order to make the right diagnosis and treat properly!  How nice to be able to relax and not worry so much about this when making quilts!!)

Here is a comment that I think speaks to this idea about “embracing imperfection” by Otis Tomas, a luthier (he makes violins and guitars), who has a very nice web site worth visiting.  He has a lovely essay on  “Craft, Science, and Art in Violin Making” that is well worth reading and can be applied to quiltmaking as well.  This comment is within that essay:

“For the artist, it is important not to let one’s view of the forest be obscured by the trees.  There is a wholeness and integrity of style that can unify a work in sound, touch, and vision that can forgive the many small irregularities and eccentricities of execution that come from work performed with the freedom and spontaneity necessary for the artist’s intuition to flow.”

Speaking of Spring Sonata, here’s what’s in the hoop:

92814 In the Hoop

All I have left of the center is one full block and 10 of the edge half blocks – so close to working on the border!!!

This was a weekend for family.  On the 26th Dmitri turned 10 and Sveta turned 7 today.  Al and I visited them yesterday to celebrate:

92814 B-Day#1

92814 B-Day#2

Afterwards Al and I enjoyed a drive in the Porsche with the top down (probably last time this season!) and visited Rockport.  Cape Cod gets all the publicity, but Cape Ann on the north shore out of Boston is a lovely place to visit and much closer!

92814 Rockport


There are definite bursts of fall color here and there.  Here is some color right outside the building in which I work;

92814 Fallcolor#1

92814 Fallcolor#2

92814 Fallcolor#3

What I’m reading:  I am reading “Stoner” by John Williams a second time.  I recommended it to my book group and they chose it for our next book.  This is a GREAT book, highly recommended.  I wrote about it in this blog early this summer.  Well worth reading twice!  I also highly recommend “Boys in the Boat”  the story (nonfiction)of the 1936 Olympic Rowing team and it is particularly the amazing story about one member of that team.  It is a beautifully told story and weaves in some history of the time – the Depression, the rise of Hitler in Germany, and the 1936 Olympic games.  Everyone in my book group loved it!  Another book I just finished and enjoyed is “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer.  This is a well written story about a group of friends who meet at summer camp when they are teenagers and it follows their lives over the next several decades and the differences in their lives, fortunes, etc.  Excellent!

Enjoy autumn!  Thanks for visiting.


4 thoughts on “September 28, 2014: Embracing imperfection; Family; Fall

  1. Janet

    Love reading your blog! Thank you for the view on perfectionism …. Otis Tomas has it correct! I’m a Cape Cod girl seems I need to explore Rockport!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Janet. Thanks for commenting; am so glad you enjoy the blog. It’s not just Rockport that is worth exploring – much of that outer “north shore” is lovely. I have to admit, though, that Cape Cod is a treasure! We vacation there periodically and love it. Gladi

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Janette. Thank you for commenting and am so glad you enjoy my blog. I can’t wait for Spring Sonata to be finished either! I am guessing that it is still going to take me another 3-4 months but it’s very hard to judge how long the borders are going to take until I start doing them. The colder weather is making me want to have this quilt on my lap and do more hand quilting so maybe it will go faster…. Gladi


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