October 22, 2014: Needle thoughts and the Cocheco Quilt Guild Annual Show

Greetings!  It’s been very busy at work and I’m finding I can’t post as often as I could over the summer, but will try to do a post every 7-10 days if possible.

I managed to find some spare moments to put the blocks in Sveta’s quilt together with the sashing and now will move on to putting the relatively narrow borders on.  Three sides of borders are pinned to the design wall in the picture below (click for nice enlargement and closeup):

102214 Sveta's SG#1


102214 Sveta's SG#2

After the borders are on, I will need to piece the back out of pieces of sateen that I have and then it will be ready to go to Linda Bevins for quilting in about 2-3 weeks.

In the hoop:

102214 SS In the Hoop

I am finally quilting the border of Spring Sonata.  Initially I was having some trouble as the needle wasn’t going through the batik background fabric very easily and it seemed more struggle than enjoyment.  Then I realized that perhaps I should try a stronger needle.  For all of this quilt so far I had been using a #11 John James needle.  This is a really small needle, though it usually holds up well.  I decided to try a JJ # 10 needle instead.  Wow!  The difference was really noticeable.  The stronger and slightly longer needle went through the fabric much more easily and hand quilting once again became a pleasure.  Not long before this when I was machine sewing the buttonhole stitch around all the leaves on Sveta’s quilt, the upper thread broke frequently.  I tried different thread, I cleaned out the lint from the bobbin area, and I re-threaded the machine.  Nothing made a difference.  I finally decided to switch from a #70 needle to a #80 needle – Voila!  No more thread breakage!  Both these incidents remind me that needle size is important and can make a difference.

This past weekend was the annual Cocheco Quilt Guild show.  I’m very proud of the job that my guild does with this; every year we do a really wonderful job of putting on an excellent show.  I’ve never seen a better Penny Sale anywhere, we have an excellent “boutique” where creations by members are sold, and there are wonderful demonstrations, vendors, and, of course, quilts!  I’m going to show you several of the quilts from the show over the next few posts.  These are in no particular order – just in the order I took them and downloaded them to my computer!

First up is a wonderful art quilt portrait by Betty Jo Quinn of her granddaughter:

102214 CS Betty Quinn

I really like this quilt that Penny St. Cyr made out of ties given to her by a good friend:

102214 CS#2 Tie Quilt

This Cathedral Windows quilt was all hand made and used Dupioni silk for the border which was hand quilted and beaded.  Very beautiful and impressive!  Love the colors!  Definitely click on this one for closeups. (I meant to put a couple closeups of this one in the post but forgot to download them.)

102214 CS#3 Cathedral Windows


The next one is a really fun quilt by Sharon Laclair of embroidered snowmen:

192214 CS#4 Quilting Snowmen

102214 CS#4a QS closeup

102214 CS#4b

102214 CS#4c

The next quilt is a gorgeous 2-color, blue and white quilt called “Blue Oak”  made by Anna Bullard and beautifully quilted by Linda Bevins.  This quilt won a blue ribbon, a Judge’s Choice, and Viewer’s Choice ribbons:

102214 CS#5 Blue Oak

102214 CS#5a close


The next quilt, “Monday Misty Morning”, was made by my friend Nancy Starks-Cheney and quilted wonderfully by Sue Foster:

102214 CS#6 Monday

Close-up of the quilting, first on the front, then a view of the back:

102214 CS#6a

102214 CS#6b back

The next quilt is “Blue Sunflower Illusion” by Jaci Lawson – her interpretation of a Judy Neimeyer pattern.  Love the blue and gold colors!

102214 CS#7 BlueSunflower

The following quilt is another absolutely beautiful blue and white quilt called “Nantuckety Day” by Wendy Coffin.  It reminds her of wonderful days on Nantucket Island.  It was machine quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn and the quilting is fantastic – it truly makes the quilt.  It won a blue ribbon and a Viewer’s Choice ribbon.  Enjoy the closeups:

102214 CS#8aNantuckety Day

102214 CS#8b

102214 CS#8c

102214 CS#8d

102214 CS#8e

The last quilt I’m going to share today is “Arizona Mystery” by my friend Havrilla Stephens.  It exhibits excellent piecing and quilting – fine craftsmanship!  And I like the subtle colors:

102214 CS#9 Arizona Mystery

102214 CS#9 closeup

I think that is enough for today!  I still have plenty of quilts from the show to share and will do so over the next few posts.  I am very much looking forward to attending the annual quilt retreat of my quilt group in Kennebunkport, Maine from 10/31- 11/2.  It should be fun and I should get quite a bit done!  Of course, I’ll take and share pictures in an upcoming post!

Thank you for visiting.


2 thoughts on “October 22, 2014: Needle thoughts and the Cocheco Quilt Guild Annual Show

  1. Melissa-Ann Camp


    I am a fellow quilter and have just stumbled upon your blog after an hour or so of searching for a hand embroidery pattern for blocks that were recently donated to our quilt guild. Then I found a picture of the quilt posted here from your 2014 guild show. In addition to giving credit to the creator of the pattern for this partially made quilt, my mom would love to make “snowman quilter” 12 block emboidered quilt that Sharon LaClair made. Is it possible to find out from her where she purchased the pattern or what the pattern name is? I have been unable to find it online. Any help would be appreciated!

    The women in my family have all been stitchers, and both my mom and I are part of a quilters guild in Minnesota as well as a red work club (Some of the red work shows are posted here: http://www.fourseasonsquiltsmn.com/shows.php).

    Thanks a bunch!

    P.S. I just started a new project that I am very excited about…..http://www.crabapplehillstudio.com/a-gardener-s-alphabet-block-of-the-month.html


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