November 5, 2014: Annual Quilt Retreat

Greetings!  This past weekend I indulged in 2 solid days of quilting at my quilt group’s annual retreat.  We stay at a place in Kennebunkport, Maine that supplies a wonderful, large, light filled space for 18 of us to gather and quilt all day for 2-3 days.  They provide meals, too!  These retreats are a wonderful way to bond with friends and fellow quilters – so much fun!!  Today I’m sharing some pictures from the retreat.

First, my major goals were to get the border on Sveta’s quilt and put the back together so I can deliver this for quilting in time to get it back for Christmas.  The back is made up of 30 fifteen and a half inch squares of sateen fabrics so they all had to be sewn together; the quilt will be reversible.  I arrived at the retreat at 1:00 on Friday and finished the border and back just before going to bed that night.  Here are the front with border and the back – click for closeups!

11514 Border of Sveta's Q

11514 Back of Sveta's quilt

Here is my friend Jeanne’s totally hand pieced kaleidoscope quilt in progress:

11514 Jeanne's kaleidoscope quilt

Don’t you just love the color and graphic nature of that quilt!  And how many would hand piece this?!!

Here is Theresa’s star quilt on which she put the finishing binding before passing it along as a gift to a niece the next day:

11514 Theresa's star quilt

And here is Theresa’s “low volume” quilt she was assembling:

11514 Theresa's low volume quilt

Martha also worked on a “chevron” quilt but high contrast instead of low volume:

11514 Martha's Chevron Q

Martha also worked on a quilt in modern colors and design:

11514 Martha's modern quilt

Here are a couple of views of the space we had to work in:

11514 Retreat view

11514 Retreat view #2

Kathy made bags the whole time.  She is a master embellisher and here is a wool bag she made using fans made by another members’s mom.  Kathy hand embellished the borders between the fan blades.

11514 Kathy's wool bag

11514 Wool bag embellishment

Here is Jaci’s “Cat in the Hat” quilt, I think for a grandchild:

11514 Jaci's Cat in the Hat

Besides getting Sveta’s quilt done, I spent quite a bit of time hand quilting – outlining the vines and leaves – the border of Spring Sonata.  I am now about 2/3 through the third border.  Of course, I have to go back and fill in the background but I am making progress!  I also made a few more blocks for Joyful Noise:

11514 Joyful Noise

I started another doll quilt but forgot to take a picture!  I encourage everyone to go on retreats with other quilters if you can; they are not only a great opportunity to spend dedicated time doing something you love, but wonderful social events as well.

I stil have more quilts from the annual Cocheco Quilter’s Guild show to share;

Here’s the Best of Show, “My Jubilee” by Regan Martin.  The piecing was intricate and well done and the machine quilting was basic but well done.  It was made to celebrate her 50th birthday, I believe.  The back is interesting too.

11314 CS Best of Show (My Jubilee - Regan Martin)


11314 CS Back of Best of Show


Here’s my friend Kathryn’s sashiko creation:

11314 CS Kathryn's sashiko


This was our raffle quilt for 2014 – spectacular!  Unfortunately I didn’t win!!


11314 CS Raffle Quilt


Two by Susan Copp Silva – I like the graphic nature of her quilts, her use of reproduction fabrics, and the quality construction and workmanship of her quilts:


11314 CS Civil War Tribute Susan Copp Silva


11314 CS Civil War close up

11314 CS True Blue Susan Copp Silva

Next post I’ll share some of the “Challenge” quilts.  This year there were only 2 hand quilted quilts in the larger size category in our show, one lap quilt and one twin size quilt, both by the same quilter.  There were a dozen small wall, minature, or doll quilts that were hand quilted, four of which were mine.  Not many quilters are hand quilting!

Thank you for visiting!!


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