November 15, 2014: Project Updates

Greetings!  It has been a hectic past couple weeks for me!  I have had a stretch of time with an exceedingly busy schedule at work with some very challenging patients; luckily my social life has been active too, as a counterpoint to the work.  Dinners and making music with friends really balances the stress of my job. During brief free moments here and there I’ve chosen to sew or read rather than blog, but am finally taking a few minutes now to catch up with writing.

I delivered “Sveta’s Sateen Garden” to Linda Bevins for machine quilting this week.  We chose an overall butterfly pattern for the quilting.  I also delivered “Spirit of Japan #3: The Wheel” to Linda for machine basting.  It feels so good to have someone else baste larger quilts for me!!!

“Spring Sonata” is still “in the hoop” and I still have one border to outline stitch before quilting the border background.  I tackled my first corner block recently (click pictures for nice close-ups):

111514 In the hoop


“Joyful Noise” has grown by several blocks:

111514 joyfulnoise

I am now taking another break from making blocks for this quilt in order to spend some time making placemats and table runners for Christmas presents.  I bought some “fatpaks” which are groupings of 8 fat quarters in fabrics that look nice together and am making sets of 4 reversible placemats with each of them.  I cut pieces 18X12 inches, layer with batting, and cross hatch with my walking foot on the sewing machine.  Here’s an example, using some nice William Morris fabric by Barbara Brackman:

111514 placemat#1

And the next 2 pictures show you the fronts and backs:

111514 placemat#2

111514 placemat#3

These are fun to do, not difficult, and make great gifts.

I have made some progress on “Sweet Journeys.”  I finished all the leaves and the corner buds on this block (it still needs a bird in the center):

111514 SwJo#1

111514 SwJo#2

And I got the berries made and basted onto this block (click to enlarge!):

111514 SwJo#3


When I was at the quilt retreat I started another doll quilt – am getting a jump on next year’s “trio of doll quilts”!  Here’s what I have so far – there will be 4 rows of “geese” and you can see the lovely fabric I’m going to use for the border that inspired my fabric choices for the geese.

111514 new doll quilt

111514 new doll q #2


What I’m reading:  I’ve been reading a book by Peter Korn called “Why We Make Things and Why It Matters.”  He is a master furniture maker and runs a school for woodworking in Maine.  In the book he discusses how he came to do what he does and why.  Essentially, making things – creating – is one of the marvelous features of our humanity and an expression of each person’s uniqueness.  The book is very well written and I recommend it!  Perhaps in future posts I will elaborate more on some of the things he discusses in the book.  I’m also reading “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” by Karen Joy Fowler for my book group.  It’s about a family that had a chimpanzee living with them for several years, treated as one of their children and what happened when the chimpanzee had to leave the family.  The book provokes much thinking about animals and the treatment of animals.

What I’m listening to:  I’ve started to listen to a lot of medieval, renaissance, and baroque music – for me this type music feels like the holiday season and I listen through November and December.  Luckily there is a fabulous music library at the university and I have a huge selection of CD’s of all types that I can check out any time!

Thank you for visiting!  Leave a comment – I love to hear from you!



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