December 10, 2014: Sewing for the holidays; family at Thanksgiving


Dear readers, I’m afraid I don’t have a lot to show regarding my sewing projects.  The holidays are upon us and, as I mentioned in my last post, I am busy making sets of placemats as gifts and I think it best not to share pictures as some of you may be recipients!  I have a stack of 14 completed at this point with 6 to go.  I’m having fun with these, but they do indeed take some work and other projects are mostly on hold for at least another week or two.

What’s in the hoop?  “Spring Sonata” is stalled at the moment.  I’ve added perhaps a half hour’s worth of outline stitches since the last post.  I’m revising the deadline once again – my hope is to have it done to display at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June: (click to enlarge)

12914 Inthehoop#1

12914 Inthehoop-closeup


I picked up Sveta’s quilt from Linda Bevins this past weekend.  She did a very nice job of quilting it.  I asked for an overall design – not custom quilting – since this is to be a used bed quilt.  Linda suggested a “butterfly” overall pattern which is perfect for Sveta.  Here are a couple of pictures:

Here’s the front:

12914 Sveta's quilt#1


Here’s the back:

12914 Sveta'squilt -back


Now, of course, I have to make and sew on the binding and it has to be done in 2 weeks!


I treated myself to a Christmas present of 3 quilt books.  The major book is this one that has a lot of text and great pictures of approximately 150 quilts from the Colonial Williamsburg collection.  I’m really looking forward to reading this and studying the pictures!

12914 Colonial quilt book


The second book is of the Pilgrim – Roy quilts that were displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts this past spring.  Unfortunately I was unable to get there so now I have the book which has beautiful pictures.  I’m also looking forward to reading what the book has to say about “color”:

12914 Gerald Roy book

And I bought this book on making log cabins because  I love the versatility of the log cabin design and it shows how to make them in shapes other than squares:

12914 log cabin book

I’ll have a few weeks off work starting the week of Christmas and am looking forward to reading these books!

Thanksgiving this year was really different. We had a major storm the day before with very heavy and wet snow that brought down lots of tree limbs.  We lost power from 8 PM the night before Thanksgiving until early afternoon on Sunday – over 3 1/2 days!  The grandkids loved the snow:

12914 TGsnow#1

12914 TGsnow#2



12914 TGsnow#3(Dmitri)



12914 TGsnow#4(Sveta)


Having fun!:

12914 TGsnow#5(tobagganing)

Luckily we have a generator which provides the house with heat, hot water, power for the fridge and selected lights in some rooms.  It doesn’t power the stove so we couldn’t cook the turkey.  We improvised and grilled some chicken and potatoes and made a salad and ate it by candlelight.  It was nice!!!   During the day we enjoyed doing a puzzle:

12914 Puzzle

(Great use of my cutting board as a base for the puzzle!)

12914 puzzle done!

We played card and board games and Mike and Dmitri played with a ball:

12914 Mike and Dmitri

The next day when it was clear the power wasn’t coming back we took all the food for Thanksgiving to my daughter’s place in Beverly, Mass., one hour away, and had our Thanksgiving celebration there.

Let’s hope Christmas goes better!   Speaking of which, putting up the Christmas tree is another thing that is biting into my sewing time.  Here it is partially decorated:

12914 Christmas tree


And I went with my daughter and Sveta this past weekend  to shop for Christmas tree ornaments and followed that up with our second annual attendance at the Nutcracker – an excellent local production.


I recently read an interesting post on Kathleen Loomis’ blog about original design and the judging at the big Houston show this year.  Apparently at least a couple of the winning quilts were copies of photographs or copies of other art work in another medium (one was a painting, I think).  There was a strong feeling by many of the commenters that it is not OK to award a top prize to a work that is a copy of another work and not an original design.  When this is done, essentially the award is really only for technical merit since the artist didn’t really do anything creative regarding the design itself.  I feel this is a very valid point.  Please go to her blog, “The Art of the Needle” and read this post – I think it is interesting and an important topic.

That’s about all I have for now.  I have to go make some more place mats and sew on some more binding!!  And I hope it won’t be quite as long before I post again.  Thank you for visiting!





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