March 14, 2015: Star (stir?) Crazy with “Stars in a Time Warp”

Greetings!  It’s been a very busy time for me at work and I worked last weekend too – meaning I worked 12 days in a row! – thus the lack of a post last week.  Every little extra bit of spare time I’ve had for quilting has been devoted to making stars!  I caught up with the weekly stars and made a few extras as well.  On top of that I went ahead, as I said I might in my last post, and started making 4 inch stars for a doll quilt – those are fun too!  Now I’m wondering if I should try making a batch of 3 inch stars for another doll quilt.  If I do that, I could use the 4 inch stars in a crib quilt and end up with 3 quilts – a full size, a crib quilt, and a doll quilt!  We’ll see how obsessed I become or whether my enthusiasm diminishes a bit as the year goes by…

Here is what my design wall looks like right now – larger stars on the left and smaller ones on the right (no progress on Joyful Noise):

31415 design wall


And here are some closeups of the weekly blocks.  First up is the “madder” block:

31415 madder star

The “indigo” block (I used an authentic Japanese indigo); on this one I tea dyed the background so it wouldn’t be so “white”:

31415 indigo star


The chrome yellow block; on this one I tried using a dark background and light center – the opposite of all the other blocks I’ve made.  I think the red points might be too dark and may re-make this one with lighter points.  I also tried making this one in a 4 inch version with light background:

31415 chromeyellow star#1

31415 chryellow #2

I like the 4 inch one – maybe I’ll make a 6 inch one with that arrangement.

And here are some “extra” 6 inch stars I have made – because I can’t stop making stars and need to make more than one a week! On this one I also tried a dark background and it was more successful because of the lighter star points.

31415 extrastar#1darkbackground


31415 extrastar#2

And here are my 4 inch stars.  Initially I made them to match my 6 inch stars:

31415 4inchstars#6minis

But then I started making them in other fabrics that I liked (first a comparison of the sizes):

31415 4inch star#1

31415 4inchstar#2


31415 4inchstar#3

31415 4inchstar#4

31415 4inchstarchrome replace


And here is the next block ready to piece:

31415 next star!

That’s it – the result of all my quilt activity for the past 2 weeks.  You can see why I say I’ve gone “star crazy”!

Today is “Pi Day” for the number 3.1415…. and it is special because the first 5 digits of the number match the date once a century!  It also happens to be my birthday – I’m 66 today.  I am lucky enough to feel much younger; will celebrate with family later today and have some pictures to share next post for family and friend followers of this blog.

Thank you for visiting.  Cherish every day!   Gladi




9 thoughts on “March 14, 2015: Star (stir?) Crazy with “Stars in a Time Warp”

  1. Marie Tymrak

    Enjoy your special day……special indeed, and easy to remember, even those of us who do not know you directly, but through your blog. You are amidst stars on pi day! Hooray for you on your birthday!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you for continuing with my blog! Look like this is going to be a year of stars for me. Interestingly the theme of my guild’s annual show this year is “Stars” and I hope to have a quilt featuring stars in the show – even if it is just a doll quilt! Gladi

  2. Carla Gay

    Happy, Happy Pi Birthday!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day. Your stars are looking fabulous! I did the Civil War Block of the Week that Barbara Brackman led on her blog a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Carla 🙂


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