April 13, 2015: Discovery and Engagement


Spring is here finally!

41315  Crocuses 41315 Spring!

At the University of New Hampshire, where I work, the academics like to talk about “discovery and engagement” as important for the learning experience.  So far, my involvement in the “Stars in a Time Warp” project has been a process of discovery and engagement, too!  I bought pieces of 19th century reproduction fabric over the years, not knowing what I would eventually do with them, but just because I liked them.  Each week with the posting of the new star, I become more acquainted with my collection of these fabrics, finding things I never knew I had!

This week the fabric type for the star is “plaids.”  When I saw that, I thought this might be the first week I actually wouldn’t find a fabric for the star in my stash because plaids are not my favorite.  However, when I went to comb through my collection, here is what I found:

41315 Plaid stash

Plenty to choose from although most are not the “typical” plaids from the era that Barbara featured on her blog!  Of course I had to make 3.  I think this first one is my favorite:

41315 Plaidstar#1


The first one below has a faint plaid in the center – hope that counts!  Also I was adventuresome (for me!) and used 2 different fabrics in the background.  The one on the right has a plaid background, plaid star points and the center is a foulard (click to enlarge):

41315 Plaidstar#2 41315 Plaidstar#3


Below on the left is the foulard I didn’t get to show in the last post and on the right is another foulard.  On that one the background is a foulard too:

41315 Foulard from last week 41315 Foulard#2


And finally, one extra star this week, just because I like the fabrics!:

41315 extra %222color%22 star

Here’s what my design wall looks like now:

41315 design wall

I have the Star doll quilt top done.   The red strips around the edge are just pieces of fabric placed so I could see what a red binding would look like; I like the red so after it is quilted it will have a red binding and possibly a dark gold piping just inside the binding:

41315 Dollquilt

Here’s what the 6 inch stars look like en mass:

41315 Thirty 6%22stars


I am making progress on Spirit of Japan and have 2 1/2 of the center stars quilted:

41315 SpiritofJapan full

I do love the combination of indigo, red, and tan.  Here is a closeup of one of the wheels I just finished quilting; the spokes have authentic antique indigo fabric that I purchased in Japan:

41315 SOJ closeup:antique fabric


And I have almost completed appliqueing down the red strips in the border of Joyful Noise.  Next step is to sew on the borders and then finish the corners.  Next time I show this, I hope to have it back up on the design wall so it can be better seen (didn’t want to take all the stars off yet!):

41315 Joyful Noise


I want to share an awesome quilt I saw in the latest issue of American Quilter.  The issue has the winners from the recent AQS show in Albuquerque.  Here’s the Hand Quilting award winner, “Dreamtime” by Antonia Hering:

41315 Amazingquilt %22Dreamtime%22

What’s incredible is that on the background of this Australian themed quilt Antonia hand appliqued 7500 “dots”!!!!! Take a look below:

41315 Dreamtime closeup of dots 41315 Dreamtime quilting closeup

On the closeup on the right side, if you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can actually see some of the quilting.  The whole thing is amazing and I wish I could see it in person!

Cherish every day!  Gladi



4 thoughts on “April 13, 2015: Discovery and Engagement

  1. Cynthia

    Your stars are beautiful! And the Spirit of Japan quilt is a stunner. I love that red with the indigo. I have a small stash of indigo from when I lived in Japan – there’s nothing better!

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Good to hear from you! Love your stars too and we share a love of indigo. I agree – it looks especially good paired with red. Gladi


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