April 26, 2015: Slow Stitching….

Greetings!  This is the very busiest time of the year for me at work, leaving less time than usual for stitching.  This coming week I am a part of two presentations at work, one a continuing education program on eating disorders and the other a joint presentation with some counseling center and health services staff on the topic of anxiety.  I have to complete annual performance evaluations on my seven direct supervisees within the next two weeks and read and approve the evaluations of the other 15 clinical staff members.  And I have had to prepare a work schedule for the entire clinician staff for the 2015-1016 fiscal year.  On top of that, I am trying to practice my accordion daily in preparation for my music group’s annual concert in mid May!  And Al and I spent yesterday with our daughter Ingrid and the grandkids celebrating Ingrid’s 35th birthday.  Our son Michael turned 32 last week, too – unbelievable that that much time has passed!!!!   In spite of everything, I am still finding moments to stitch – that must mean I’m passionate about it!

Today, I set aside my morning to sew the borders on Joyful Noise.  I took out the basting stitches of the red strips, leaving the unstitched ends free to fold back and out of the way as I mitered the corners (click for enlargement):

42615 JN#1


Then I laid the red strips out so they extended to the edges and one set was on top of the other and then pinned them in place:

42615 JN#2

I will next baste and then applique them down and trim the strips to match the edges of the borders.  Before doing that, I put the top back up on the design wall to do a final check to see if everything looked OK:

42615 JN#3full

And a bit closer look:

42615 JN#4

The next step (after stitching down the ends of the red strips) will be to cut pieces of fabric for the back of the quilt – since this will be machine quilted it makes sense to use up a lot of the leftover fabric from the front for the back.  Then I have to decide who I want to ask to machine quilt it……

I was able to keep up with the star quilt along.  Last week we were to use “ombre” fabrics and this week “woven plaids.”  This project is such a wonderful way for me to become re-acquainted with my fabric collection!  I wasn’t sure I would find much in either category and yet, somehow, there they were!  I found a half dozen “ombres” and I had a whole stack of brushed cotton woven plaids that I had completely forgotten about.

“Ombres” are fabrics which have gradations of a single (usually) color, usually as the background.  In this first one, you can see the gradation of blue in the background of the center square (darker in the center and fading to lighter on either side):

42615 ombrestar#1

The next one has gradations of orange in the center:

42615 ombrestar#2

The next one has gradations of “madder” in the points:

42615 ombrestar#3

I have managed to make only one of the “woven plaid” stars so far, but have fabrics pulled for 2 others when I get a chance; here’s the completed one:

42615 wovenplaidstar


For this one I used the back, or “non brushed” side of the “brushed cotton” so it would look more like the other fabrics and not standout.

I fit one “extra” star in there last week – just because I love these fabrics together!:

42615 extrastar

In quiet moments early in the morning or late in the evening, I get some “slow stitching” done on Spirit of Japan.  I’ve started to stitch on some of the areas outside the circles:

42615 Slowstitch#1

and on areas in the centers of the circles:

42615 Slowstitch#2



I can’t remember if I mentioned in a previous post that “Spring Sonata” was accepted into the Vermont Quilt Festival and will hang there in late June.   I always enjoy the Vermont show and am so looking forward to it!!

Thank you for visiting and I would love to hear from you!



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