May 9, 2015: Updates

Greetings!  Quilting activities continue to take a back seat to work responsibilities, but in one more week this will come to an end as the semester at the university ends and I go into “summer break” mode with a much lighter work schedule – can’t wait!  In stolen moments, I’m still getting bits of quilt-making accomplished – a testament to my love of the process!

I made one more “woven plaid” star in the “Stars in a Time Warp” quilt-along.  It reminds me a those plaid shirts that lumberjacks wear!

5915 plaid star

Then it was on to paisleys.  Barbara Brachman talked about 3 major types: “tossed” i.e. randomly strewn, “stripe” meaning the paisleys are in stripes, and foulard style.  I was able to find examples of the first 2, but not the foulard type in my stash.

Here is my favorite paisley fabric and the star I made from it:

5915 favepaisley 5915 paisleystar


You can see that the center of the 6 inch star is too small to catch the full paisley, but I think it is still OK.  Next you can see the stripe paisley (I apologize for the little strings that I forgot to remove on the star!) and the tossed paisley:

5915 stripepaisleystar 5915 tossedpaisleystar


Notice that the star points are also paisley fabrics!  (click to enlarge) Since I could only find paisleys in shades of red and brown, it seemed like my star collection was needing more green, purple, and pink so this weeks “extra stars” (made just because I love the fabrics together as I sort through my stash looking for the weekly fabric types) feature those colors:

5915 extrastar#1 5915 extrastar#2

And sitting on my desk are the cut out pieces for 10 more of the 4 inch stars:

5915 littlestars in waiting

I call these my “little stars in waiting”!  So here is my design wall with the stars back up:

5915 design wall

I have the corners of Joyful Noise to work on and have the strips of one of the 4 corners done, so it shouldn’t be long before this top is complete and I can start cutting out and sewing together the pieces for the backing.  Since this will be sent out for quilting, there should be no problem with it being ready for the October guild show:

5915 JN corner

One more “wheel” (the 4th out of 16) complete (hand quilted) in Spirit of Japan:

5915 SOJ 4th wheel done

Am hoping to move along more quickly on this over the summer, though this is a heavy quilt and I won’t be able to work on it when it is really hot.

I’m enjoying spring so much!  Love the light spring green color which is all around now.  Love the way the hostas look when they are first coming up – almost like stalks of asparagus with a purple tinge, foreshadowing the purple flowers that eventually come .  And the buds on the azaelas:

5915 hosta 5915 azaela

Am trying to live in the moment and appreciate and enjoy everything.

Two and a half weeks from now – on May 26th – Al and I leave for another wonderful vacation:

5915 Trip!

We will fly to Denver, rent a car, and drive across Wyoming to the Grand Tetons for 3 days there, followed by 6 days in Yellowstone.  Then we will “wander” back to the Denver/Boulder area and poke around there for a couple days before flying home – 2 week trip.  Should be fabulous and I’ll show some pictures when we return.  I’m sure I’ll get another post or two in before we go, but won’t be posting during the trip.

Recently came across a quote that I love: “Truth is a liquid, not a solid.”  Much to think about there from a philosophical standpoint.

Thanks for visiting!   Gladi


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