May 18, 2015: Star Factory!

Greetings!  My sewing room seems to have turned into a star factory!  Since the last post, I’ve added 9 more six inch stars, making a total of 50 (!) and a few 4 inch ones as well so I now have 43 of those.  Here’s what my design wall looks like today:

51815 design wall#1


Here are closeups of each group:

51815 design wall #2 51815 design wall #3

I will soon be taking down the 6 inch stars and giving prime space on the wall to the smaller stars because I’m getting close to having enough of them for the crib quilt I want to make and will design a border for it.  When I have enough, I will stop making the 4 inch size blocks and keep making the larger stars weekly as Barbara reveals each “topic” but they won’t be seen together on the wall for a while.  I think I’m going to have enough of the larger stars for 2 quilts!

The latest 2 star “topics” have been “conversation” prints and the color “California Gold.”  I have never been a fan of conversation prints so there were slim pickings in my stash!  I found one “certain,” one “pretty certain,” and one “probably not, but I’m using it anyway!”

The “certain” conversation print is a sub category “commemorative.”  I think this fat quarter came in a group of fat quarters I purchased several years ago because I don’t think I would ever have chosen it on it’s own.  It’s a George Washington print.  I made one in each size and I found a wonderful background print with cherries on it – thought that went well with GW!!!  (the larger one is on the left, smaller on the right – I didn’t think there would be enough room for GW’s head to look right on the smaller one)  Click for enlargements.

51815 Convers(commenorative)#1 51815 Convers #1a


I’m pretty sure the background on the next one qualifies as a conversation print (and the center, of course is another paisley):

51815 Convers#2

(Can’t find the picture of the “not sure” conversation print so that may need to wait til next post!)

“Gold” is one of my favorite colors so I had lots of “California gold” color fabrics to choose from.  As Barbara explained, this is sort of a “butterscotch” type color.  I had to make 4!

51815 CGoldstar#1 51815 CGoldstar#2

51815 CGoldstar#3 51815 CGoldstar#4

And I made a 4 inch star a little different from the upper right one:

51815 CGoldstar #4a(4%22)

As always, when I can, I like to make an extra star or two of fabrics that I see and love as I am combing through the stash for the weekly stars, but which aren’t appropriate for that week’s stars.   This week I wanted to make stars with pink, green, and yellow so here they are:

51815 Extrastar#1 51815 Extrastar#2

Speaking of “star factories,” here are my grandchildren as “stars” – Sveta dressing for her dance recital yesterday (ballet and tap costumes) and Dmitri dressed for his baseball game:

51815 Sveta ballet 51815 Sveta and Ing

51815 Dmitri

(Just couldn’t resist putting those in!  Like any grandparent, I love seeing them participate in these activities.)

I basted my Star Doll quilt, getting it ready for hand quilting; to the right is the backing I chose for it:

51815 Star doll quilt basted51815 Doll quilt stars backing

I have started hand quilting the “flying geese” doll quilt.  First pic is the front in the hoop and the second is the back in the hoop:

51815 Doll quilt in hoop, front 51815 Doll quilt, back


I almost always travel with a portable hand sewing project and since we leave on our trip a week from today, I figured I should prepare another applique block or two from “Sweet Journeys” to bring along.  I’ve wanted to make a tree block, so traced this from a pattern that appeared a few years ago in Quiltmania:

51815 Sweet Journeys new block

I performed on accordion Friday night in a concert with my group “Quatro Formaggio” (along with many other acts) and it went very, very well – I had fun and wasn’t nervous, which was a breakthrough for me!  Yay!  Now I must turn my attention to preparing to giving a talk and a trunk show on June 18th to a guild that is about 45 minutes from here.  I’m honored that they asked me, but need to spend some time prepping.  Will likely be very busy doing that during the week after our return from out west.

I hope to get one more post in before we leave next week.   Enjoy every day and be grateful!




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