May 24, 2015: Last post before vacation break

“Greetings!  We leave tomorrow for our trip out to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  I don’t plan to post while we are away so it will be 2 1/2 – 3 weeks before the next one.  I should have lots to share!

This week our guild had Joe Cunningham (Joe the Quilter) from San Francisco as guest speaker and workshop leader.  He is a very funny speaker – lots of laughs!  I took the workshop which was also fun.

52415 JoeC#1(replace other) 52415 JoeC#2

We had to choose and bring 4 one-yard pieces of fabric for the project.  He instructed us to cut strips of various sizes, piece them together and then cut and piece a couple more times, leading to a set of 6 1/2 inch blocks that could then be arranged in any number of ways.  The idea was to not worry about how it was going to look – just have fun with it and improvise.  Here are my 4 fabrics and the final result after sewing my blocks together (click to enlarge):

52415 JoeC#3 fabrics 52415 JoeC#4 top


There is supposed to be a border on all 4 sides of this, but most of us just barely managed to get the center sewn together.  I kind of like it!  I’m thinking of finishing it like a Japanese scroll, adding perhaps 6 inch wide strips of the gold fabric to the top and bottom and maybe a strip of the print above and below those.  I’m  considering appliqueing something across the gold strips.  We’ll see where this goes over the next several months.  As I look at it, I seem to see “glimpses of a garden” – I may call it that!  I highly recommend attending any lectures or taking any workshops with Joe if you get a chance!

This weeks star topic is “serpentine” designs.  Serpentine refers to a type of curvy line.  I have been so busy finishing up at work and getting ready for vacation that I decided to take a break from making stars.  In fact, I already previously made several stars using serpentine fabrics.  Both of these use the same nice gold serpentine fabric in the background:

52415 serpentine star#1 52415 serpentine star#2


This pink background is a favorite!  The green in the center I think also qualifies:

52415 serpentine star#3


And a couple more:

52415 serpentine star#4 52415 sertpentine star#5

I looked in my stash anyway and found several more that I might use after return from vacation:

52415 serpentine fabrics (other)

Here is that third “conversation” print that I couldn’t find when posting last time.  This is the one that “might not be an authentic conversation print, but I’m using it anyway!”  I found the fabric mixed in with my reproductions, but am not sure it belongs there.  I think it’s cute!

52415 star - convers


In my last post, I showed the picture of the tree block that I was thinking about prepping and bringing along on vacation to applique.  Here’s what the tree trunk and branches look like cut out and ironed onto the background fabric:

52415 tree applique

The more I looked at it, the scarier it got!  Those limbs are very narrow and the applique is going to be very tricky – not exactly the relaxing type of needlework I want to have on vacation.  So I switched gears completely and will save this tree for later.  I decided that nothing is more relaxing than appliqueing circles, so I am returning to the Circle Improv project.  I made circles out of 4-patches and am going to applique them onto 6 inch backgrounds.  Here on the left are the circles just cut and laid on the backgrounds so you get a sense of what they’ll look like when appliqued and on the right are the blocks prepped for needle turn applique:

52415 Circle improv blocks 52415 Circle improv prepped


After I complete the applique, I will embellish the blocks with embroidery thread which I am also bringing along.  That should be enough needle work to last through the vacation.

I’ll be back home on June 10th and hope to post again within a few days of our return.  Cherish every day and be grateful!   Gladi



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