June 25, 2015: “back” for Joyful Noise; Denver Art Museum

Greetings!  Some time ago I decided that I wanted to make a back for Joyful Noise that features the wonderful, unique Japanese designer fabrics that I collected for years and used for the palm leaves on the front of the quilt.  On a rainy Sunday I was in the mood for fabric cutting and started cutting out squares for this.  Arranging them in an “offset” manner adds some visual interest.  Here is my design wall:

62415 designwall#1 62415-designwall2-close

The 8 vertical strips are now sewn together and I have 7 long vertical seams left to do.  Then I will have to contact someone about machine quilting it – no way do I want to hand quilt through all those seams, both front and back!  Even after cutting out the above, I still have a lot of these fabrics left, though, when spread out, some of them look like Swiss cheese from cutting pieces out of them!


Here are my latest 2 stars.  One is definitely the one Barbara called for – a chintz with a “blotched ground” or a “halo” of white around the designs, indicating the color in the background was filled it around it.  The second star is my “stretch” for this – not really a chintz, but a reproduction fabric with a kind of “halo” of lighter color around the designs.  That fabric was from the Cocheco reproduction line:

62415-blotchedstar1 62415-blotchedstar2

I have been hand quilting the little star doll quilt:


On our recent vacation we took a day to drive into Denver to go to the Denver Art Museum.  I had been there 10 years ago to see an exhibit of Amish quilts when I was in the area taking a machine quilting course in Estes Park with several of my quilting friends.  Hard to believe I took 4 days of classes on machine quilting and then never had the time to follow up with practicing those skills and now would have to start all over if I want to learn free motion machine quilting.  I don’t think I’d want to machine quilt large quilts but it might be nice to be able to do something more than just straight lines with a walking foot on some smaller projects.  Maybe when I am retired…   Anyway, the museum is wonderful and I was blown away by their native American art.  Here are some examples:

62415-pottery1 62415-pottery2 62415-pottery4 62415-pottery3

Doesn’t this weaving make you think of some of the contemporary quilts out now?:62415-weaving162415-weaving4 62415-weaving3 62415-weaving2

This gorgeous quilt by Charlotte Whitehill was on display:

62415-dam-quilt6 62415-dam-quilt5 62415-dam-quilt4 62415-dam-quilt3 62415-dam-quilt2 62415-dam-quilt1My husband wants me to reproduce this quilt!  I don’t know that I want to do that exactly, but looking at it does make me want to get back to doing some applique soon!

We visited the grandkids on Saturday and took them, along with our daughter, out for frozen yogurt treats:

62415-ds1 62415-at-pinkberrys

Off to Vermont later today and to the show tomorrow!  Can’t wait!  I should have lots of pictures of the show quilts next time!

Thanks for visiting.  Cherish each day!   Gladi


3 thoughts on “June 25, 2015: “back” for Joyful Noise; Denver Art Museum

    1. Marie Tymrak

      We share an appreciation of the art of Southwest tribal peoples. If you ever visit Phoenix, include the Heard Museum on your itinerary. You will love the textiles, baskets and pottery!

      1. gladiporsche Post author

        Thanks for the information! If I ever get to Phoenix I’ll definitely check that out. I still have some more pictures from the Denver Art Museum to share in future posts.

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