July 8, 2015: “Stars in a Time Warp” update; a few more VQF pictures

Greetings!  I hate “technology issues”!!!  At the end of my last post I was unable to upload any more pictures and subsequently discovered that I had reached the maximum amount of space my blog has for pictures.  With considerable help from my web/blog “master and great friend, Craig Werth, we have discovered some ways to create some more space.  I could buy an upgrade for the blog (am looking into this).  I could avoid spending money by deleting pictures from earlier blog posts.  I have done enough of the deleting to get me enough space for a few more entries at this point.  I am guessing that most readers do not go back too far in time and that it would be OK to delete pictures from many posts from 2013.  If you travel back to those posts be aware that some pictures may be gone!  Also, temporarily you may not be able to click on new blog pictures for closeups.  Thanks for bearing with me while I figure things out!

Meanwhile…you may remember that in the “Stars in a time Warp” quilt along, I made a doll quilt with 3 1/2 inch stars – have almost completed the quilting on this and hope to share pics within a few weeks! – made 4 inch stars for a crib quilt and am making lots of the 6 inch stars for a large quilt.

I made a number of decisions on the crib quilt.  I decided to put the stars on point, I figured out the number of stars I needed for a crib size quilt with a border, I decided on the color of the setting triangles, I considered and rejected the idea of putting sashing between all the blocks, and I decided on the color and width of the border and that I would have corner blocks of a different color.   I have thought for a long time I want a simple applique border in keeping with a folk-art style, not too busy.  Here is your first glimpse of what I have so far pinned up to the design wall:

7815 design wall crib quilt


I have a vine basted on the left border and will do a vine for the other borders as well.   Will add leaves but not sure about flowers yet.  I’m really happy with how it is looking!!!  On the right you can see my Baltimore Album style “Sweet Journeys” that I have not worked on for months – side tracked by the stars!!!

Here are my latest 6 inch stars.  First up are the ones with the very fine background patterns, called “fine machine ground.”  The history lesson focused on these backgrounds, e.g. tiny dots, in the background of chintzes.  I have no antique chintzes in my fabric collection and the 2 below are the best I could come up with, even though these aren’t exactly chintzes:

7415 finegroundstar#1 7415 finegroundstar#2


Barbara mentioned that in recent reproductions we are more likely to find this type background in smaller prints.  These next 3 stars feature that:

7415 finegroundstar#3 7415 finegroundstar#4 7415 finegroundstar#5


This past week’s stars were to feature “wood block prints,” a way to obtain repeat patterns on fabric.  These often are chintz type florals but with blurry rather than sharp borders in the design elements and can also be a way to make fabric with widely spaced designs.  I’m not sure my blocks are “authentic” but I think these are true to what she described:

7815 roller print star#1 7815 roller print star #2 7815 roller print star #3

A few more pictures from the Vermont Quilt Festival today:

I liked Wendy Reed’s quilt “Pan Blackened Applique.”  This is a clever title for a “potholder” quilt in which each block is made and bound separately (in black!) before the blocks are whipstitched together at the end.  Wendy does wonderful hand applique and hand quilting and her quilt won a Judge’s Choice ribbon from Sue Nichols!  See Wendy’s comment on my last blog post for more thoughts on original designs!

7815 WCR#1 7815 WCR#2

I really liked the pattern and color choices of this very traditional quilt at the show.  It’s called “Iced Ginger Snap Latte” and was made by Nancy Simmons of Pennsylvania:

7815 icedginger#1 7415 ginger#3 7415 ginger#4

I always enjoy Timna Tarr’s work.  She has a great sense of color and this year got the award for best use of color:

7815 TTquilt#1 7815 TTquilt#2 7815 TTquilt#3


Another antique quilt that I really liked a lot was this basket quilt (which is also a signature quilt:

7815 basketquilt#1 7815 basketquilt#2

I still have much more to share from the show and I haven’t even mentioned my purchases from the vendors yet!  Stay tuned!

Cherish each day and be grateful!   Gladi


2 thoughts on “July 8, 2015: “Stars in a Time Warp” update; a few more VQF pictures

  1. Wendy Reed

    Your Time Warp stars are beautiful and I LOVE the little star quilt. I especially like the vine on the border. I love mixing piecing and applique and your colors are sensational. Thanks for posting my quilt. This was my 9th “potholder” quilt and I do try to title them with some reference to cooking. My little subtle joke. Ironic, since I don’t like to cook! Have fun quilting today.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks Wendy! I am having so much fun with the stars projects! Your stars are great too; I love looking at the stars that others are making and I created a new blog folder with web sites of those bloggers out there participating in the quilt along (those that I could find!) so I can check in every week or so. Fun, fun, fun! Gladi


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