July 14, 2015: “Stars in a Time Warp” crib quilt and other updates; More from Vermont Quilt Festival

Greetings!  I have been working mostly on the borders for the Stars in a Time Warp crib quilt.  The leaves on the left border are all appliqued down by hand and the leaves on the right border are prepped and ready to be needle turned (ignore those blocks on the far right!!):

71415 Cribquilt#1 71415 Cribquilt#2


This week’s star features “pillar” fabrics.  Often, but not always, these were used for borders or sashing.  I could find only ONE of these fabrics in my stash and it was only a fat quarter.  There’s not much you can do with only a fat quarter of such a large type print and I’m guessing that it might have come in a pack of several fat quarters.  Here’s the fabric and the star I made:

71415 pillar print 71415 pillarprint#2 71415 pillarprint star

It’s hard to showcase the pillar fabric with a star this small.  Perhaps I’ll make another that shows off the flowers more.  Of course, I can’t just make one star, so here is another one just because I like the off-beat color combination of dusky purple and cheddar:

71415 extra star


I’m almost to the border in quilting the star doll quilt (you should be able to see the quilting in the second picture (click for enlargement):

71415 Star DQ#1 71415 Star DQ#2


Here is another fine quilt by Mary Novak from the Vermont show; the machine quilting on it was fabulous and it won the award as best depiction of the theme, which was to make a quilt based on a song:

71415 Freefallin#1 71415 Freefallin#2 71415 Freefallin#3 71415 Freefallin#4


Here is another selection of quilts from the antique quilts exhibit – wonderful red, white, and green quilts (click to enlarge):

71415 Antique#1 71415 Antique#2 71415 Antique#3 71415 Antique#5 71415 Antique#6

More from Vermont still to come in future posts – stay tuned!!!  (Also I haven’t forgotten that I want to share more from the Denver Art Museum.)

I had a major splurge at the Vermont show this year.  I believe this was the first time that Quiltmania was vending at the show.  I have been craving some of their books for a long time so I splurged on SIX BOOKS (!) from them this year.  I have been admiring some of the millefiore quilts I’ve seen on other blogs, thinking I might like to make one (or more?) some day so I bought both the first and second books:

71415 Millefiore books

I bought the Chuck Nohara book that is filled with design inspiration.  There are no patterns or sizes given; one has to draft one’s own blocks based on the pictures in the book, but, oh, how wonderful and varied are the pictures!!!  Enough block design inspiration for a lifetime!!!  Here is a small sampling;

71415 Nohara book 71415 nohara#1 71415 nohara#2 71415 nohara#3 71415 nohara#4

The book is divided into chapters for things like applique flowers, wreaths, circles, fans, log cabins, 9 patches, etc.  I can’t wait to try some of these!  (Can I have another lifetime? :))

I’ll share the other 3 books I purchased in my next post.

I have been binge reading (I’ve never done that before!!) the author W.G Sebald, a German writer from the late 20th century whose works are deep (intellectual – numerous dictionary and encyclopedia checks during the reading) and dark (references to the dark history of the world wars, genocides, etc. and characters are frequently suicidal).  This is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and hardly counts as “summer reading” but I find his voice mesmerizing and the stories riveting.  I have almost completed my third book by him.  If you like literature and intellectual challenges, I highly recommend him:

71415 Sebald books

There are 2 more major works to go, but I think I will take a break before reading them – maybe something lighter for a change!

I also just re-read Beryl Markham’s “West With the NIght” which is a wonderful autobiography about her growing up in Kenya in the very early years of the 20th century.  I read it maybe 20 years ago and gave away my copy, but found it at a library sale in Boulder, CO on our recent trip for 50 cents!  The writing is wonderful and the stories interesting.  For example she writes a remarkable story about accompanying the natives on a boar hunt when she was about 10 years old, another story about a lion encounter, etc.  I highly recommend it!  “The Children’s Crusade” is very good contemporary fiction about a family adversely affected by the birth of an unwanted fourth child.

71415 other books


Hope everyone is enjoying summer.  Cherish each day and be grateful!  Gladi



2 thoughts on “July 14, 2015: “Stars in a Time Warp” crib quilt and other updates; More from Vermont Quilt Festival

  1. Wendy Reed

    I adore the border on this quilt. I love corner blocks anyway, butt he red border strip really brings out the colors in the stars. I love the doll quilt as well. I too am finding it difficult to use the limited border prints I have in such a small star. I’m shamefully behind anyway. I should catch up this week.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Wendy. It’s amazing to me how much i am enjoying this quilt-along. I love that we have the freedom to arrange and add to the stars any way we want. It’s going to be a lot of fun to eventually see the variety of finished quilts! Gladi


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