July 31, 2015: Why I make quilts; Star crib quilt corner blocks; more Denver Art Museum Native American exhibit

Greetings!  This morning while having my coffee I watched several “You Tube” videos of Quilt National participants talking about the pieces they had in the exhibit.  It was very interesting to hear them talk about their inspirations and processes.  It made me think more about why I make quilts.  For me, I think it is all about beauty, i.e. creating something beautiful, about “pattern” and color and manipulating pattern and color to create something beautiful – or at least interesting!  It’s also about continuing the long tradition of making quilts and working with textiles and honoring past quiltmakers and stitchers.  Many of my quilts are functional objects – I sleep under several of them!  I display them on walls too.  I don’t have a specific message, e.g. political message, that I am trying to convey in my work other than that i hope people take time to enjoy the beautiful.  At least that seems where I am right now – who knows how things will evolve over time!

I figured out a corner design for the star crib quilt!  Here it is and here are several pictures  that show the process (all needle turn applique).  I cut out a circle and then used my protractor to divide it into 5 even parts and then drew the leaves.

73115 corner#1 73115 corner#2

I used my light box to position the leaves:

73115 corner#3 73115 corner#4

After appliqueing all the leaves and center on, I appliqued this piece to a green background to get a green ring around the outside, then I appliqued that onto the cheddar background.  I cut out behind all the appliques so it wouldn’t be too thick.

73115 corner#5 73115 corner#6

And here is how it looks with the quilt:

73115 corner#7with quilt 73115 corner#8 with quilt#2

I actually have all 4 complete but didn’t get a picture showing them all.  The borders are complete as well.  Now all I have to do is sew all the pieces of the quilt top together and I’ll be ready to layer, baste, and start hand quilting!

Meanwhile I am continuing to make the weekly 6 inch stars for the quilt a-long.  Last week’s star was a  large scale indigo and white and I showed the fabric in my last post.  Here is the star:

73115 blue and white star

Of course, as I was looking through my fabrics to find this piece, I saw several other indigo fabrics and had to make some other indigo stars as well!:

73115 dargate star#1 73115 indigo and pink star

And this week’s star is to feature “lapis blue” which is a particular shade of lighter, brighter blue, usually combined with red in antique fabrics.  Barbara was sympathetic to those of us who do not have a collection of antique fabrics and said we could use just about any combination of red and blue for this block.  I was able to find a fabric she actually featured in her blog post and here is the block cut out but not sewn together yet:

73115 Lapis star

And, of course, I have pulled fabrics for 2-3 more stars featuring blue and red – they should be ready by next post!

At the Vermont show this year I purchased 2 new tools that I am very happy with.  I normally use Gingher scissors and have also been happy  with Karen Kay Buckley’s serrated scissors but had been reading rave reviews of Kai scissors so just had to buy a pair.  I love them!!!  They might just be better than the Ginghers.  I also was looking for a narrow ruler longer than 6 inches but shorter than 12 inches for tracing paper piecing patterns on my light box.  I found a “Creative Grid” ruler that is perfect, but I also discovered that it is made so that it doesn’t slide at all when it is on any surface!  It is immensely better than any of the other non-skid rulers I have ever used and will be looking for more of these in other favorite sizes.  The Kai scissors are the ones with the pink handles; the Ginghers have the silver handles:

73115 new tools


I have several more pictures from the Native American art exhibit at the Denver Art Museum that I saw in June and I haven’t yet shared.   Here are pictures of beaded and cornhusk bags.  Some of the designs would look great for quilt applique and some for intricate and interesting piecing (click for enlargements):

Beaded bags:

73115 beaded  bags 73115 beaded bags#2 73115 beaded bags#3 73115 beaded bags#4


Cornhusk bags:

73115 cornhuskbags#1 73115 cornhuskbags#2

More bags:

73115 dam purses#1 73115 dam purses#2 73115 dam purses#3

The cradleboards were amazing!:

73115 cradleboards#1 73115 cradleboards#2 73115 cradleboards#3 73115 cradleboards#4

A few more baskets:

73115 baskets#1 73115 baskets#2 73115 baskets#3


I think that’s enough “eye candy” for today!  Thank you for visiting.

Cherish each day and be grateful!   Gladi


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