August 7, 2015: New doll quilt; crib quilt top complete!; taking stock mid year

Greetings!  After recently finishing the second in this year’s Trio of Doll Quilts, I knew a top priority was to make the third doll quilt so I could submit the 3 for the annual Cocheco guild show in October – only 2 months away.  I also knew I wanted to make it in an Amish style.  I’d picked out a design from a quilt in Gerald Roy’s exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts display last year, all triangles, a few months ago, but the more I looked at it, the less I wanted to make it.  I finally settled on a log cabin “attic windows” design and used Oakshott cottons.  Here if a full view and a close up:

8714 dq3#1 8715 dq3#2

I just started the hand quilting yesterday and here are front and back views:

8715 dq3#3 8715 dq3#4

I like using black thread to quilt Amish style quilts, but it does show any stitches that are uneven!  The colors in this one give it an almost contemporary feel and I love how these “shot” cottons shimmer, especially this particular brand.

I spent several hours a few days ago putting the stars crib quilt top all together.  In the pictures below, the closeup gives you a better sense of the true colors.  Click for enlargements:

8715 crib quilt full 8715 crib quilt close

I have a pink fabric from Barbara Brachman’s “Best of Morrison” line for the back and the thinnest Quilter’s Dream cotton batting for inside.  My plan is to hand quilt the center with an overall “Baptist Fan” design and Echo quilt along the vines in the borders.  I’ve decided on “Stella Nova” – or “new star” – as the name of the quilt.  A “crib quilt” is usually made for a baby and a baby is the “new star” of any family.

The fact that the top is done means Stella Nova will be coming down off the design wall soon – as soon as the doll quilt is done.  My plan is to put up on the wall next all the larger, 6 inch, stars to see what I have.  I counted 82!!!  I should have a picture next time.  Meanwhile I’m continuing the make the stars each week.  I have 3 blocks featuring blue (lapis) and red, which I mentioned last post.

8715 lapis star#1 8715 lapis star#2 8715 lapis star#3


This week’s star is supposed to feature a “trailing vine” preferably on a darker background.  I found several and here are the 2 I’ve make (so far):

8715 vine star#1 8715 vine star#2

I decided I should go back and look at what my stated quilt goals for the year were this past January just to see if I’m on track to accomplish them.  I think I’m in good shape!  A major goal was to finish Spring Sonata in time to exhibit it at the Vermont show, which I did.  Another was to complete my fourth Trio of Doll Quilts and I’m almost there.  I wanted to keep quilting my third Spirit of Japan quilt and decide about now whether it could be ready for the Cocheco show – I have not done this!  This is a very heavy quilt and summer is not a good time to have it on my lap!  This will need to wait until this coming winter.   I also wanted to get a few more blocks for the Baltimore Album style quilt, Sweet Journeys, done.  I was on block 4 in January.  This project was put on hold as I’ve been working on the stars quilts.  I just pulled block 5 out to work on some more this week:

8715 sweet journeys

And I said in January that I wanted to be open to starting another project or two as well as those mentioned above.  That has certainly happened as the star quilts have taken over much of my quilting time!  I also mentioned a fourth Spirit of Japan quilt which has turned into my circle improvisation quilt – haven’t done anything new there for a while but am thinking of putting it back on the design wall soon to see where I am – will show a picture in the near future.  Anyway, I think I am gradually accomplishing my quilt goals.

I just finished reading a fascinating book called “Sapiens” by Yuval Harari.  It is a “brief history of humankind.”  The book begins by talking about the several different humans that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago and how there eventually came to be only one – us.  Homo sapiens evolved around 200.000 years ago and we were hunter-gatherers for 190,000 years before the agricultural revolution.  Consciousness developed probably around 70,000 years ago.  The history he recounts before the agricultural revolution is exceedingly interesting.  After that there is a major section that covers the time from the agricultural revolution until the scientific revolution which started 500 years ago and, after that, a major section covering the last 500 years.  He asks many provocative questions and makes one consider looking at issues in ways different from those in which they have been usually presented.  For example – perhaps the agricultural revolution was actually a disaster – for man and for the planet –  rather than a major step forward.  Why did things evolve the way they did? What has been beneficial and what harmful?  How have we come to be able to live together when there are so many of us on the planet now?   Are we really any better off than we were tens of thousands of years ago?   I highly recommend this book!

Summer is flying by!  Delight in the gift of life and be grateful!   Gladi



2 thoughts on “August 7, 2015: New doll quilt; crib quilt top complete!; taking stock mid year

  1. Wendy Reed

    Beautiful stars! Love the applique block too, but I can’t keep my eyes off that fantastic crib quilt. Those are my colors! Thanks for the book recommendation. Sounds interesting. Hard for us to visualize living without reasoning or compassion or creativity. I could go back to hunting and gathering as long as it was for fabric! I will put this on my Fall reading list.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Wendy. I really like how the crib quilt top came out and look forward to hand quilting it. I love your humorous take on hunting for and gathering fabric!!! I could get into that too! Seriously, if you read the book, let me know what you think. Gladi


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