August 17,2015: Progress on projects; World Quilt Show photos

Greetings!  Last week I presented a trunk show of my quilts along with a talk about my quilting journey to the Seabreeze Quilt Guild in Exeter, NH.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and from the feedback I received, sounds like everyone there enjoyed seeing my quilts and hearing my story.  This is my second of these presentations this summer and it’s been great!  I would love to do more of these in the future – perhaps will seek these opportunities out when I retire.  It’s so much fun to talk about and share my quilts and to meet other quilters with the same passion. The only “hassle” is having to pack up and move all the quilts.  I take 39 of them!!!  Here’s what my dining room table looked like on the day of the trunk show:

81715 table piled with quilts


Normally I have many quilts on the walls and beds in the house so when this happens the house looks completely bare!!  I put everything back in it’s place the next day.

I’ve been moving along on the Amish doll quilt.  The center is finished and I am trying to decide what to quilt in the border.  I’ve considered feathers, but not really enough room there.  Cables?  The more I think about it, the more I think this very graphic design may be best complimented by some sort of straight lines.  We’ll see:

81715 dq#1 81715 dq#2 81715 dq#3

I put the blocks I have made so far for the Circle Imrpov experiment back on the design wall, randomly,  just to get a sense of what I have so far since I don’t have a specific plan.  It definitely doesn’t look like much at this point.  However, I hope that by the time I do some manipulations of the blocks (I may cut some of them up, add more embroidery, etc.) and additions of some other pieces of fabric here and there and pay more attention to the overall arrangement that it will eventually look like something more coherent.  Meanwhile, there is nothing easier than appliqueing circles as a take along hand work project.

81715 circleimprov#1 81715 circleimprov#2 81715 circleimprov#3 81715 circleimprov#4

I am keeping up with the weekly stars.  Here are 2 more stars featuring “trailing vines” followed by 3 of this weeks stars featuring toiles.  Toiles are fabrics with picture scenes on them.  In order to be true to the 19th century we were instructed not to use green toiles as they were not made in that color back then.  I managed to find 2 red toiles and a blue in my stash.  One (the featured red one) is a truly authentic toile that I bought in Paris in 2011 at La Vouvray before the owner died and the shop closed.  We could walk to the shop from our apartment in the Latin Quarter and this one yard of toile was my only fabric souvenir from our 2 trips to Paris in the past 4 years so it really is special.

Trailing vines:

81715 starvine#1 81715 starvine#2

Shots of the toile fabric from France, followed by the 3 toile stars (click for enlargements):

81715 toilefabric#1 81715 toilefabric#2 81715 toilefabric#3 81715 toilestar#1 81715 toilestar#2 81715 toilestar#3

It’s hard to show off a toile when you are making small stars like this.  I am particularly happy with the toile star featuring a “fiddle” player because my grandson plays the viola and this makes me think of him!

I’m making a little progress on “Sweet Journeys”, the Baltimore Album style quilt.  You may not remember, but, back in May, I showed a picture of a tree that I planned to applique for one of the blocks.  I was thinking of taking it on vacation with me to work on, but decided not to because the thin branches were going to be difficult to needle turn applique.  I recently pulled this back out and made a decision that I should fuse it but want a very thin, light fusible.  I have never tried Mistyfuse but read about it on line and decided I should try it so bought some at the World Quilt Show this past weekend.  I hope to get to it this week.

81715 mistyfuse


Speaking of the Mancuso World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH – I went on Saturday.  I always like this show, especially because it features quilts from around the world.   Although I enjoyed the show, there were not enough traditional quilts for my tastes.  Art quilts are not my favorite style quilts and I especially don’t care for them if the workmanship isn’t excellent.  There were too many of these in the show, in my opinion.  Nevertheless, there were enough interesting quilts to keep me satisfied for the day and I’ll be showing you some of these over the next few blog posts.  Today I’m showing my personal “Best of Show” quilt (actually second place, Traditional category) along with a wholecloth quilt that won best hand quilting award and 2 of the Japanese quilts.

Linda Roy is one of my quilting idols.  I love almost everything she does.  Everything is done by hand – she mostly appliques and hand quilts.  She uses a lot of embroidery embellishment and there is very little piecing in most of her quilts.  Her latest masterpiece was in this show and was spectacular!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking (click for closeups):

81715 wqs roy #1 81715 wqs roy#2 81715 wqs roy #3 81715 wqs roy #4 81715 wqs roy #5


The hand quilting on the next one was spectacular!!!

81715 stracke#1 81715 stracke#2 81715 stracke#3 81715 stracke#4 81715 stracke#5 81715 stracke#6

Here are 2 of the Japanese quilts that I liked:

81715 wqsjapanese#1 81715 wqsjapanese#2 81715 wqsjapanese#3 81715 wqsjapanese#4

The one above won the award as the best quilt from Japan.  The one below was really nice as well!

81715 negishi#1 81715 negishi#2 81715 negishi#3 81715 negishi#4


I made no progress in layering and basting my stars crib quilt, Stella Nova; I’m hoping to get to it within the next week.  And speaking of the next week – this is my last week with several days off before I return to work full time a week from tomorrow.  Summer (in essence) is almost over for me!!!  It’s been a wonderful summer and if it seems like I’ve been productive from a quilting standpoint, I’m sure it is at least somewhat due to my summer schedule!  I’m blessed to have the time.

Delight in your days and be grateful!   Gladi



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