August 23, 2015: Doll quilt finished!; More stars and applique blocks; More World Quilt show quilts

Greetings!  I’ve been taking advantage of time off work this past week to work on several quilting projects before I start back full time the day after tomorrow.  I finished my last doll quilt for this year’s trio (click for enlargements):

82315 dq#1 82315 dq#2 82315 dq#3

I decided that simple diagonal lines quilted in the border was best and accentuates the diagonal line of the “windows.”  I decided that the quilting thread should match the color of the border, rather than be black like the center; I wanted the effect to be more “shadow” and black thread would have stood out too much.  I decided I liked the black binding – to add some other black in the quilt besides just the black squares in the blocks – and it looked better than a binding that was the same color as the border.  Although this is a very different looking quilt for me, I like it!  I intended it to be Amish style but it also has a very contemporary feel.

Since I moved into my current sewing room 2 1/2 years ago, I’ve had a large blank wall beside my sewing table.  I finally hung some of my doll quilt there:

82315 dq's on wall #1 82315 dq's on the wall

I previously tried several different methods of hanging these without having to put nails in the wall.   None worked.  This time I basted strips of paper to the top and bottom of the backs of the doll quilts and used Scotch brand stick-able dots which are for hanging posters.  They come off the wall relatively easily without taking off the paint/wall.  They don’t stick to cloth but with the paper basted on the quilts they work great!  I still need to get better lighting for over my cutting table and for illuminating the design wall, but otherwise the room is wonderfully functional for me.  It isn’t nearly as big as many of the “studios” I see on blogs, but it works very well for me.   Take heart those of you out there who don’t have large studio spaces!!! A medium size bedroom makes a great sewing space!

Here’s what my design wall looks like now:

82315 stars on wall

There are 90!  I am continuing to love this project.  Now that I have them all up (so far!) I am thinking that I want to use all or most of them in one quilt and I like the straight set with no sashing, i.e. a “mass” of stars together.  I like the idea of an applique border and my mind is starting to percolate with ideas.  If I end up with 11 stars across (66 inches) and 13 stars down (78 inches) and put a 9 inch wide border on each side, the final dimensions would be 86 inches by 96 inches – a very large quilt!!  However, Al and I have a king size bed and it would be great to have a second quilt that fits our bed in the winter without us having to fight for our share!

For this week’s stars we were to use a faded shade of green to mimic many of the fabrics – mostly greens – used in the 1800’s that were not colorfast and faded.  Acknowledging that we might not have this color in our stashes, we were advised that if we don’t, there are many other shades of green we can use.  For the first star I made, the background comes closest to the color referred to.  The center of the second star was the second best I could come up with:

82315 green star#1 82315 green star #2

And after looking at all my stars on the design wall, I decided the quilt could use a little more purple so made an “extra” one in purples this week:

82315 purple star

My good friend Liz spent yesterday afternoon with me learning how to make a placemat.  While teaching her, when she was marking or sewing, I started making a set of placemats for my daughter.  I gave her the fabrics for a Christmas present and said I would have them made in “a few weeks” so I was way overdue to get them done!  Here is one with binding ready for hand stitching and one ready for machine cross hatch stitching:

82315 placemats

As a present for my time Liz gave me this fabulous bolt of Japanese yukata fabric which is just the kind of thing I love!!:

82315 yukaka fabric

I can’t wait to pair it with some of the indigo fabrics I have!

I made progress on “Sweet Journeys.”  I used the Mistyfuse to anchor the tree and it worked well; I have the apples(?)/fruit basted on:

82315 sj tree#1 82315 sj tree#2

For block #5, the center portion and one of the tulips are done:

82315 sj tulip block

And using inspiration from one of Elly S’s blocks, I have the drawing for another block and the templates made:

82315 sj vase block

I hope to baste “Stella Nova” soon and then start hand quilting it.

More from the World Quilt Show:

Last post I said that Linda Roy’s “Primitive Web” was my choice for Best of Show.  However, after reviewing my pictures, it turns out that it’s a tie.  I had another chance to see and examine Christine Weichert’s fabulous quilt “My Version of a Persian” which won “Best of Country” USA award.  I wrote about this quilt last year when it was Best of Show at Vermont.  It is a most gorgeous, stunningly beautiful, quilt and there is no way I could choose which of these 2 quilts I like better.  So happy to see it again!

82315 silk quilt#1 82315 silk quilt#2

Another beautiful quilt was Sandy Lush’s hand quilted wholecloth quilt embellished with beads.  Her hand quilting is exquisite.  This won first place in the Traditional quilt category:

82315 Lush hand quilted#1

82315 Lush#3 82315 Lush#4 82315 Lush#5 82315 Lush#6

This is another Japanese quilt that I liked a lot.  Notice the wonderful quilting of bamboo designs and the “scrunched” fabric creating the flower in the last photo (click to enlarge):

82315 japanese#1 82315 japanese#2 82315 japanese#3 82315 japanese#4 82315 japanese#5

Here’s the quilt that won the award for best use of color.  I liked the graphic nature of it:

82315 coloraward#1 82315 coloraward#2 82315 coloraward#3 82315 coloraward#4

The best Baltimore Album style quilt in the show was an antique for sale – look at the price!  I don’t think I’ll be buying it!!

81715 antique album#1 81715 antique album#2

I still have several more quilts to share but will wait until another post so stay tuned!!

Be grateful and cherish each day!   Gladi




2 thoughts on “August 23, 2015: Doll quilt finished!; More stars and applique blocks; More World Quilt show quilts

  1. Cynthia

    So much to love in this post – your projects, the yukata cotton, the photos from the quilt show. Your stars look great. I am making two smaller quilts with mine – one of which is the mass of stars and I too think an appliqué border would be great – just can’t decide on exactly what. I will watch your blog for ideas;).

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Cynthia. Thanks so much for commenting and for the positive feedback on the stars. I’m so glad I jumped in on this project! Designing a border is going to be quite a challenge and with return to full time work this week, I’m not exactly sure when I’m going to get to it, but I hope some time this fall. I continue to enjoy your blog. Gladi


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