September 7, 2015: Failure and Temptation!; Progress and Satisfaction!; Part 4 World Quilt Show

Greetings!  Anyone involved in any creative endeavor is bound to fail sometimes because one has to take risks.  It’s rare that those work out 100% of the time.  If you have no failures, you’re probably not taking enough risks.  My tree block for Sweet Journeys looks like it’s going to be a failure.  If you have been following my posts, you may remember that I used Mistyfuse for the first time to fasten the tree to the fabric (click to enlarge):

9715 tree block full

I chose Mistyfuse because of its light hand.  By the time I had most of the red fruit needle-turn appliqued in place, I realized the edge of the tree was subtly shredding and would likely only get worse over time.

9715 tree block close

I didn’t want that effect on this quilt – all edges should be smooth.  I should have known better in the first place.  I tried to fix it by very trying close buttonhole stitching along the edge – a la broderie purse style – but it was quickly apparent that this was even worse! (look at the left edge of the trunk):

9715 tree block close#2

Unfortunately, I don’t think the block is salvageable.  Live and learn!

The first few blocks in this quilt were drafted by me, but I am busy at work and running out of steam (and free time!) for designing original blocks.  Sometimes, it’s OK to just make something from the patterns of others and just enjoy the process of working with fabric and thread.  Therefore, I’m looking at making some of Elly Sienkiewicz’s patterns for the next couple blocks of this quilt until I’m inspired to create my own again.  A couple of possibilities:

9715 other block#1 9715 other block#2 9715 other block#3

However – I am once again being tempted by a new on-line sew along that is starting in October!  This one is all applique and features beautiful flower blocks.   It is the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt of 1858 with the pattern available through the Virginia Quilt Museum.  The sew-along is being sponsored by 2 blogs: Aunt Reen’s Place ( and Collector With a Needle (  Check out any of these sites for a picture of this lovely quilt.  I know I should not get involved and that my applique efforts should be concentrated on Sweet Journeys!  Maybe I’ll just buy the pattern for the future!  I also had wanted to consider copying the gorgeous grape vines and flowers antique quilt I shared from the Vermont Quilt Festival.  These projects are long term and I need to carefully consider whether/when to start them.  The unexpected pleasure I’ve had from the Stars in A Time Warp project is what makes me even consider another sew-along.

Speaking of which, here are my stars for the “later Turkey red” fabrics.  I love red so I went a little crazy and made 5 blocks:

This one was most like “Robe Prints” (like lap or bath robes) with larger scale design in black on red background:

9715 star#1

This one has the red as a background:

9715 star#2

This one features the red in the center:

9715 star#3

This one features the red as the star points:

9715 star#4

And this one has red in the center again:

9715 star#5

I had a devil of a time figuring out what to use for this week’s “bronzed brown” colors, especially since this shade of brown was often combined with a rosy pink, olive-y green, and light blue and I couldn’t find anything that perfectly combined all those.  The background in the star above almost fits.  However, after reading and looking at Barbara’s post 3 times and combing through my stash, here are the fabrics, ready to go (will share the finished stars next post!):

9715 bronzed brown star group

I finally devoted some hours to basting Stella Nova this weekend and it is ready for hand quilting!  Of course, with the weather in the 90’s for most of this week, I probably won’t start that until it cools down.  I will never again baste a very large quilt, but crib size is do-able on my dining room table.  I had to insert a strip in the middle of the back to make it wide enough:

9715 cribQ#1 9715 cribQback

Now for Part 4 of the World Quilt Show!

I already showed a couple posts ago Linda Roy’s fabulous quilt that was a tie for my Best of Show.  She had a second quilt in the show that won an award for best use of color.  This is another gorgeous quilt with fabulous hand quilting!


9715 LR quilt#1 9715 LR quilt#2 9715 LR quilt#3 9715 LR quilt#4 9715 LR quilt#5

The next one won a hand work award and it was very interesting to look at the diverse blocks:

9715 energy#1 9715 energy#2 9715 energy#3 9715 energy#4 9715 energy#5

Quilts made of painted surfaces and accented by thread painting are not my favorites, but the following is an example of the best of the genre:

9715 lily#1 9715 lily#2 9715 lily#3 9715 lily#4

I thought this art quilt was really well done:

9715 shadows#1 9715 shadows#2 9715 shadows#3 9715 shadows#4

Another very well done art quilt:

9715 cathedral#1 9715 cathedral#2 9715 cathedral#3

I’ll finish this set with an entirely hand made New York Beauty in nice subtle colors:

9715 nyb#1 9715 nyb#2 9715 nyb#3

I still have a few more photos for Part 5 in a future post!

I’ll finish today with some pictures, for interested family and friends, of my husband and grandson who went on a hike in the White Mountains last weekend and stayed overnight in one of the Appalachian Trail huts:

9715 hike#1 9715 hike#2 9715 hike#3 9715 hike#4

Enjoy every day and be grateful!   Gladi


2 thoughts on “September 7, 2015: Failure and Temptation!; Progress and Satisfaction!; Part 4 World Quilt Show

  1. Wendy Reed

    I’m sorry about your block disaster. It has happened to us all at one time or another, but it doesn’t make it any easier to take after all that work. I love your stars. I am now two weeks behind. I do hope you begin the sew along with the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album quilt as I have ordered the pattern and I plan to stitch along myself. I think it will be a bit more challenging than the Time Warp Stars but I think if I apply myself I can do it! Thanks for sharing the Quilt Show photos. Have fun quilting that spectacular crib quilt.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks for commenting, Wendy, and thanks for your encouragement! The fact that you have ordered the Botanical Album quilt pattern makes me want to do it too; it’s quite lovely. I continue to enjoy your blog and seeing what you are working on. Gladi


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