September 20, 2015: Hand quilting started on “Stella Nova”; “We Are Stardust” question; Part 6 World Quilt Show

Greetings!  As if right on cue, there is a nip in the air today signaling the onset of fall.  What a gorgeous day!  I’m looking forward to this season, one of my favorites.

I’m happy to report that I finally got started with the hand quilting on Stella Nova.  I made some cardboard arcs of various sizes (couldn’t find any plastic template material at home!), marked a couple of the fans and proceeded to quilt them:

92015 SN quilting front

You can see the quilting better on the back, but the photo doesn’t show the true color of the back.  It’s more a salmon color than the rose color in the picture (click for enlargements):

92015 SN quilting back

I think the fan pattern is going to be the perfect choice for this quilt.

For a while I have had my “We Are Stardust” star blocks on the design wall in a straight set:

92015 stars straight

I decided to turn the stars on point (same as in Stella Nova) to see how these looked in that setting:

92015 stars on point

I haven’t decided yet whether I like this better.  It feels like there is a better flow to the stars and they seem more integrated together when they are set on point.  And yet…the straight on setting works well too and I already used the on-point setting for Stella Nova.  If anyone reading this has an opinion, I’d love to hear it!!!!  At least I don’t need to make a decision for a while.

Here are the stars (“crettone” or chintz-like) that I showed last week “in progress”, now completed:

92015 crettone#1 92015 crettone#2 92015 crettone#3 92015 crettone#4 92015 crettone#5

This week’s stars are to feature a color called “Lancaster blue” which is a blue that shades more toward violet.  Barbara also showed the “Greek key” design which was used in the late 19th century as a second design choice this week.  My fabric stash is deficient in the shade of blue for this week and I couldn’t come up with any “Greek key” designs at all.  I didn’t have any of the Lancaster blue fabric that “reads as a solid” and the blues in the center of these stars is the best I could do.  I think they are acceptable!

92015 blue star#1 92015 blue star#2 92015 blue star#3

Following is Part 6 of the World Quilt Show pictures and this is the end of the series!  Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

This quilt won the award as the best quilt from New Zealand:

92015 kings garden#1 92015 kings garden#2 92015 kings garden #3 92015 kings garden#4

This quilt won the award for best machine (long arm) quilting for traditional quilts:

92015 hexagon#1 92015 hexagon#2 92015 hexagon#3 92015 hexagon#4

This quilt won second place for innovative quilts.  The technical accomplishment was pretty amazing though the background was painted rather than pieced or appliqued.  The sentiment is worthy too:

92015 greed#1 92015 greed#2 92015 greed#3 92015 greed#4

This one is an art quilt I liked – of course, it has some circles ( a favorite design element for me)!

92015 gradation#1 92015 gradation#2 92015 gradation#3 92015 gradation#4

And here is a nice Baltimore album style quilt – a Sue Garman pattern done well.  I prefer hand quilted albums, but I understand fully why some folks machine quilt them.

92015 album#1 92015 album#2 92015 album#3 92015 album#4 92015 album#5

And that’s the end of the World Quilt Show for this year!

Please send me a comment letting me know if you think either the straight set or on-point set for the stars looks better!

Enjoy the upcoming fall weather and cherish each day!   Gladi


2 thoughts on “September 20, 2015: Hand quilting started on “Stella Nova”; “We Are Stardust” question; Part 6 World Quilt Show

  1. Carla Gay

    I think both settings are fine, but personally I prefer the on point setting. It will be wonderful either way! As always, I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing. Carla 🙂

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you! I’m leaning toward the on-point setting, too. Of course there are other setting options as well, but for many of them, I wouldn’t be able to use as many of the stars and I don’t want to split them into 2 different quilts. I’m looking for some sort of “mass” effect. Gladi


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