September 28, 2015: Current projects; Web site update: Family birthdays

Greetings!  My life has been crazy busy the past week so this is going to be a quick blog update.  No time to ramble or ruminate this post.

This week the “Stars in A Time Warp” quilt along gave us 2 different stars to create.  One was to feature a chocolate shade of brown with a light background that has blue-ish tinge to it.  I studied the stars in the blog post and had a hard time seeing the blue-ish color in most of the examples.  I didn’t really find anything perfect, but I think this star is close (click for enlargements):

92815 chocolate star

The second star for this week features a lacy pattern in the fabric and I found a perfect example!

92815 lacy star

I’ve been quilting Stella Nova in the Baptist Fan quilting design and making good progress.  Here’s the front:

92815 SN front quilting

And here’s the back (much better color accuracy than in the last post):

92815 SN back quilting

And I have made good progress on block#6 of Sweet Journeys:

92815 SJ block#6

If you haven’t looked at the Gallery in my web site for a while, some new quilts have been added and all my doll quilts (12) have been added to the site so take a look around when you get a chance!

Finally, one of the reasons I’ve been so busy is that both grandkids just had birthdays!  Dmitri turned 11 on Saturday and Sveta turned 8 today.  We spent time with them this weekend celebrating.  For family friends here are a couple of pictures:

92815 D&S b-day 92815 D with sax 92815 Al Sveta and Ab

Dmitri has just started to play the sax and loves it!!  He’s still playing viola as well.  The kids’ friend Abigail (on the far left) has their Bearded Dragon, Mr. Basil, sitting on her chest in the third picture!

Be grateful and cherish every day!!   Parker Palmer writes a weekly piece every Wednesday for the “On Being” web site and last Wednesday’s piece on autumn was particularly good.  Check it out at   Gladi



2 thoughts on “September 28, 2015: Current projects; Web site update: Family birthdays

  1. Wendy Reed

    Where did you find that perfect printed lace? I have an antique piece but I had a tough time finding a suitable repro. I love Stella Nova. Can’t wait to see it in person. Hopefully VT next year?

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks Wendy. No idea where or when I got that piece of fabric! It is a “Baum textile” and I think it’s been in my stash for a while. I definitely hope to finish Stella Nova in time for Vermont next year. I’m enjoying your posts. Gladi


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