October 5, 2015: Fall colors inspire me

Greetings!  Fall is here.  There are spots of color everywhere one looks.  I’m particularly enjoying the golds and peachy golds shading into red.  Orange is less visible this early and there’s still plenty of green.  In just a few short weeks it will all be gone.   I love the colors of this season and they have inspired some of my best quilt making.  Arguably my two best quilts were inspired by autumn colors.  “Keeping Autumn With Me” was completed in 2003 and won an award at the AQS show in Paducah in 2004 (click on the picture for an enlargement and go to my web site for a full view and closeups).  She was a cover girl for Quilter’s Newsletter in September 2004:

10415 KeepingAWM

“Autumn Returns” was made with much of the leftover fabric from Keeping Autumn With Me and won Best of Show at the Vermont Quilt Festival in 2008 (more detail also on my web site):

10415 Autumn returns#1 10415 Autumn Returns#2

Then I made a huge quilt to fit our king size bed (this is just one corner of it):

10415 Autumn Bed Quilt

And some of my wall hangings feature autumn colors as well:

10415 Late Bloomers 10415 Laurel leaf quilt

10415 Feathered Star

If I had much more time, I’d start another quilt in autumn colors right now!  However, extra time is in short supply.  In fact, because of the lack of time, I’ve made a decision to forego joining (at least for now) the Botanical quilt “quilt-along” that I mentioned not long ago.  I’d be making a commitment to appliqueing some gorgeous blocks but I would have to neglect current projects and I don’t think that’s wise.  I’m deciding instead to commit to working on “Sweet Journeys” my current applique project.  It appeals because it will be my very own “one of a kind” quilt and I like that.  I just finished block #6:

10415 SJ block#6

The quilt will have 12 smaller blocks arranged 4 across and down and the center will be a large medallion.  Here are the 6 smaller blocks I have done so far:

10415 Sweet Journeys so far

Next post I’ll show my design for block #7.

Of course, I’m still working on the star quilts.  I’ve completed a few more “fans” in the hand quilting for Stella Nova (no picture this time) and I made 2 new stars for “We are Stardust.”  We had 2 types of stars for this week.  One features black or gray colors – apparently in later 19th century the dyes for black became stable enough to be used.  I looked at my previous blocks and discovered that 16 of them already featured some black!!

10415 blackstars#1 10415 blackstars#2 10415 blackstars#3 10415 blackstars#4

The other star we were to make this week was to feature an asian inspired design.  Asian designs and aesthetic were just being discovered in the late 19th century and were all the rage.  I remember that Monet was in love with and inspired by Japanese prints at that time.  I couldn’t find a typical “tossed grasses” type asian design in my stash of reproduction fabrics.  I have a lot of other oriental style fabric and have read about and studied Japanese and Chinese design.  I think the design in the center and the background in this star has an oriental feel to it (it also uses black!):

10415 star#1

I also chose two fabrics from my collection of “taupe” fabrics that look “asian” to me and I think this star might fit even though it’s not made from reproduction fabrics:

10415 star#2

Enjoy this colorful season and be grateful!!   Gladi



4 thoughts on “October 5, 2015: Fall colors inspire me

  1. Wendy Reed

    Your Autumn quilts are sensational. I am sorry to hear that you will not be stitching along on the botanical quilt. I think I should have made that decision earlier myself, but I am a glutton for punishment and determined to do it. I really should focus on finishing my “Burning Leaves” quilt before the snow flies, but, “oh well”. My enthusiasm for the Stars in a Time Warp has dwindled down to making only one per week. All the extra stars I made in the beginning will go into a donation quilt of some sort. I love your color choices. And I can’t wait to see the next “Sweet Journeys” block.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks Wendy! I must admit that I looked at the Botanical sew-along blog this AM, saw the first block that folks are sewing, and had a moment of regret in not choosing to start this project! It’s possible that my resolve will be broken when I semi-retire in 3 months and have more time, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy looking at and admiring what others are doing 🙂 Gladi


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