October 19, 2015: Sweet Journey #7; More stars, of course!; Cocheco Guild Show

Greetings!  Those of  you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I play the accordion in a music group called Quatro Formaggio (The 4 Cheeses!).  I wanted to take piano lessons when I was a child, but the house in which I grew up was too small for a piano and there were no keyboards back then so I took accordion lessons instead for 4 years.  I stopped playing when I went to college.  My husband’s major hobby is playing piano so the first thing we purchased when we bought our first house was a piano and I started taking lessons.  Somewhere along the way I heard Cajun music for the first time and got out the accordion and played cajun music off and off for a while.  However, when I discovered quilting, my piano and accordion playing went by the wayside as my “creative/fun” time was limited and quilting “won.”  3 1/2 years ago my husband and our musician friend Craig Werth visited a well known folk pianist and composer from NH, Bob McQuillen who gave them a book of waltzes to play.  Bob was well know in New England for playing at contradances.  When I heard a couple of the waltzes in the book, I realized they would be great on the accordion so got it out after not playing for some time and haven’t stopped since!  One of the songs I play is Sweet Journeys:

101915 sj music

I realized that each block I make for my current applique quilt project is a “sweet journey,” hence the title.  I’m now working on block #7.  Here are the drawing, the templates ironed onto the fabric, and the initial pieces pinned on ready for stitching (with some of the other pieces just sitting atop the background):  (click to enlarge)

101915 sj#1 101915 sj#2 101915 sj#3

The block will feature black tulips!

I recently tried to determine how many stars I need for my large “We Are Stardust” quilt.  I’m still not completely sure since I haven’t taken the time to actually sketch the layout, but I think with my stars on point and planning for a square rather than rectangular quilt, I will need possibly 127 or so stars.  Right now I have 117 so I’m very close.  The Stars in a Time Warp sew-along will be coming to a close soon as the end of the year approaches so I’m right on target to have the correct amount of stars.  The week before last we were to make stars using the color “claret” or “cranberry.”  Since I love red, I made 3! (Click for enlargements)

101915 star claret#1 101915 star claret#2 101915 star claret#3

This week we had 2 types of stars to make.  One used the color “cadet blue” which is a blue-gray shade of blue.  The other start to make was to feature a”celestial” design.  A popular fabric in the late 19th century featured suns, moons, or stars, or combinations.  Here are my cadet blue and celestial stars:

101915 star cadet blue 101915 star celestial

This week I made 2 extra stars because I had a few new pieces of fabric I wanted to use:

101915 star extra#1 101915 star extra#2

And I have managed to find some quiet moments here and there to work on the hand quilting of Stella Nova:

101915 SN front 101915 SN back

This past weekend was my guild’s annual quilt show.  I must say that I belong to a great guild that puts on a fine local show every year.  It’s a lot of work and I’m amazed at the consistently good quality of the show year after year.  I’m closing this post by showing you that Spring Sonata won a blue ribbon and a Viewer’s Choice ribbon at the show!  I’m especially proud of the Viewer’s choice award.

101915 SS winner!

Am hoping to post again soon with lots of pictures from the show.  Until then, be grateful and cherish each day!   Gladi


2 thoughts on “October 19, 2015: Sweet Journey #7; More stars, of course!; Cocheco Guild Show

  1. Wendy Reed

    Your blog never ceases to inspire me. I love your accordion story and it is funny how timely it is for me. I played alto recorder in a little baroque group before I was married and I was just thinking (last week in fact) of taking it up again. I love your “sweet journey” applique block, they truly are “sweet”. Your stars are beautiful. And congratulations on your win at the show. It is not surprising as I loved it the first moment I saw it. My favorite ribbon is “Viewer’s Choice” it means you have made many people happy by seeing it!

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks Wendy. Too bad you don’t live closer – an alto recorder would sound great with some of the tunes we play and I could invite you to join us! I continue to enjoy your blog as well. Gladi


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