October 26, 2015: Gorgeous Golden Glow; Cocheco Quilters Guild Show

Greetings!  On Friday morning as I drove to work I could hardly take my eyes off the trees along the way.  The sun shone on them from a low angle and the golden leaves looked like they were backlit – the phrase “gorgeous golden glow” came to mind to describe the incredible beauty.  There were reds and oranges mixed in but the golds were center stage.  I also loved that when I arrived at work one of the first things my nurse asked me was whether I had seen the incredible trees – they were special and noticed not just by me!  Here is a picture of my quilt “Autumn Returns” which was used as a backdrop at the Cocheco Guild’s annual quilt show this month.  It helped define the space in which members took turns sitting and working on projects and were available for visitors to the show for questions about quilts, techniques, etc.

101525 GGG Autumn Returns

I like how my quilt captures that “golden glow” in the yellows and golds I used – click on the picture to enlarge it.  By the way, that’s my friend Havrilla working on her wool applique quilt in the picture.  I sat there for a couple hours on the second day of the show hand quilting Stella Nova.

Today when I drove to work the sun was again shining, but in just 3 days the golden glow had changed.  There was a glow but the gold was definitely darker – more like dark honey – and trending to brown.  It won’t be long before the leaves are all gone, but it’s been a good year for color so far.  Not having any heavy rain to knock the leaves off the trees has helped them to last longer.  Today’s gold was more like the muted gold and brown I noticed as the sunlight coming through the dining room window hit “Keeping Autumn With Me” and created shadows where the window slats blocked the sun.  I like how the hand quilting was highlighted.  I never tire of looking at this quilt!!

102515 gorgeous GG

This week’s stars for the Stars in a Time Warp project were to feature “neon” bright colors, but still reproductions.  I managed to find one “definite” neon in my stash.  This is a Pilgrim-Roy print from 1998:

102515 neon star#1

I have a Dargate indigo fabric that has a bright colored “lightening bolt” type design running through it that seemed “neon” to me so I used that for a second star:

102515 neon star#2

And I already had a star using neon type purple circle fabric as the points:

102515 neon star#3

I promised to show pictures of quilts from the Cocheco show so here they come!  This quilt was judged “Best of Show.”  It’s a well done modern style quilt and I like the  title!:

102515 BOS#1 102515 BOS#2

This next quilt was a lovely applique quilt done by a long time member of our guild, Louise Ford:

102515 PGby LF#1 102515 PGby LF#2 102515 PGby LF#3 102515 PGbyLF#4

This next quilt is an interpretation of a Judy Niemeyer pattern for Christmas with very precise piecing and excellent quilting:

102515 Xmas#1 102515 Xmas#2 102515 Xmas#3

Our show usually features 3 or 4 “Meet the Quilter” areas where 3 or 4 guild members are invited to set up an area to display their own quilts.  One this year was Judey Clemons who has in the past chaired the quilt show and contributed a lot to the guild:

102515 judyClemons setup

And here is Judey’s beautiful autumn quilt in the show:

192515 judeyclemons#2 192515 judeyclemons#3

Here’s my “Trio of Doll Quilts.”   The red ribbons in the picture belong to the quilts above mine; I didn’t get any ribbons because I didn’t have them judged.

101525 doll quilts

Here is a wonderful quilt made by my friend Rosemary for her granddaughter’s wedding:

102515 RM wedquilt#1 102515 RMwedquilt#2 102515 RMwedquilt#3

I love the colors in this next quilt and the quilting is lovely.  This is an example of how elegant a very simple quilt can be:

102515 B&Y#1 102515 B&Y #2 102515 B&Y#3

That’s enough for today, but I’ll share a few more quilts from the show next time.  I didn’t get anything more done this past week except the 2 new stars and a couple of baptist fans on Stella Nova.  Work was very busy and our good friends Lee and Paul came down from Nova Scotia to stay with us over the weekend and a wonderful time was had by all.  Lee gave us a copy of her new book “My Year of Buying Nothing,” in which she talks about the year she spent not buying things (except necessities like food!) – am looking forward to reading it!!!

Be grateful and cherish each day!  Gladi



2 thoughts on “October 26, 2015: Gorgeous Golden Glow; Cocheco Quilters Guild Show

  1. Wendy Reed

    Thanks for sharing these inspirational photos. I too love the “best of show” quilt and its title. Your neon stars are wonderful. I wish I had more of that Pilgrim Roy fabric. I should have bought bolts of it but, well you know what they say about hind sight. Wish someone would come out with another line of neons.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Wendy. I, too, would enjoy seeing some more neons. By the way, I love the background fabric you are using for your botanical quilt. I’m having fun seeing what fabrics folks are using and what changes people are making. Look forward to responses to your “what method are you using?” question. I do “needle turn with freezer paper on top” but I use a toothpick to turn the fabric under and I use a Sulky iron on stabilizer instead of freezer paper for most of my applique. I’m a firm believer in quilters using whatever method is comfortable and works for them. Gladi


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