November 4, 2015: Flexibility; Pondering a border for “Stardust”

Greetings!  One thing I’ve learned in both my personal and professional life is the importance of being flexible.  On many occasions I’ve witnessed rigid adherence to a plan, idea, or process that clearly wasn’t going to work as well as had been hoped cause unnecessary stress and disappointment for someone.  Even in a creative endeavor like quilting, being flexible can help keep the process fun and rewarding.  I feel the same way about perfectionism.   I believe in good workmanship/craftsmanship, but life is short and we need to pick and choose what has to be taken apart and done over again.  I’m less and less likely to “do over” as I get older unless the result “jumps out” and obviously detracts.

I’ve been working on a “Sweet Journeys” block with black tulips with sharp points.  I have struggled with these points and know that in the future I need to try a different method than needle turn with freezer paper on top for this, just to see if I can do better.  Additionally, I wasn’t sure I liked the look of these rather bare dark points (click on pics to enlarge):

11415 SJ#1

11415 SJ#2 points

The points are not bad enough to do over (will try to improve next time!) but the look was a bit too hard and bare for me.  I decided to add some berries:

11415 SJ#3 11415 SJ#4

And I like it much better!  I still have to embroider the stems for most of the berries and applique the birds – then on to block #8!

I have been thinking about what to do for a border for “We Are Stardust.”  I now have 124 star blocks and within the next few days I need to plot out the layout of the stars and see exactly how many I need and whether I need to make any more!  I believe I am going to stick with an on-point set.  I am thinking about a black background for the border, probably not a solid black but perhaps a subtle black reproduction print.  I had thought about appliqueing an elaborate vine with leaves on the background, but am trying to envision something that captures the idea of stars in space.  The black border would be like the black night sky surrounding the stars.  In that thinking, vines and leaves don’t sound quite right.  So, I’m still not sure what I want to do…..

This week’s star is to feature fabric with “tossed sprigs.”  I actually have already made several blocks with these type fabrics so only made one more of the sprigs scattered on a white background, which is the traditional look. Then I made 3 others with “tossed sprigs” that are more colorful and less traditional.  Here’s the “traditional” one with the sprigs fabric between the points:

11415 starsprigs#1

Here are the others:

11415 star#2 11415 star#3 11415 star#4

I have noticed that the color of the Japanese Maples in our area this fall is outstanding!!   We have a small Japanese Maple in front of our house and it looks spectacular – better than I ever remember.  What color inspiration!  No wonder we love red and green together!

11415 japmap#1 11415 japmap#2

I had planned to share several more pictures from the Cocheco Guild show, but forgot to download them so I could put them on the blog!  I will do that and share in the next post.

After this week, I will be down to 6 weeks left of full time work!  I don’t officially retire (before returning part time in mid January) until last day of December but I get vacation/annual leave after December 18th.  The time if just flying by.  My 21 years as the Medical Director of UNH Health Services will end – I don’t think it has really sunk in and probably won’t until after I’m done.  I do think it will help to still be working part time and I think I will like not having the administrative responsibilities.  Hope I’m right.

Be grateful and cherish each day!   Gladi


3 thoughts on “November 4, 2015: Flexibility; Pondering a border for “Stardust”

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you!! So glad you enjoy it. I never know if I am just rambling to myself and hearing from others that they like what I’m writing keeps me going. By the way, I’m very much enjoying The Year of Buying Nothing. The writing is phenomenal and the message important! Gladi

  1. Paul McKenna

    Yes, Gladi, it is a true pleasure seeing your own ‘works in progress’ stories and photos…the creative process is a fascinating one, also, your glimpses into the wider world of quilting reveals how many folks are dedicated to this wonderful craft…I will tell Lee that you are enjoying MYBN! Paul


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