November 8, 2015: Why I Quilt; “Stardust” layout; More Cocheco Show Quilts

Greetings!  I Just attended a 2-day conference in Boston on  Mental Health concerns in students in middle school, high school, and college.  Topics covered included depression, suicide prevention, anxiety disorders, bullying, sexual violence, non-suicidal self harm, internet addiction, eating disorders, and more. Of course, about a third of patients I see in my college health practice have mental health concerns.  After dealing with these issues day to day, quilting during my time off is play, comfort, creative exploration, and meditative relaxation.  I’m not interested in making quilts as a way to express anger or sorrow; I’m looking for something to take my mind away from those things!  I want to enjoy the process of making something lovely; something that makes me – and others – feel good when I look at it.  I’m not saying this is how everyone should approach and feel about quilting, but it’s what quilting means for me.

I spent a bit of time drawing a grid so I could visualize how I want to arrange the stars for “We Are Stardust” and see how many more stars I need.  Below you will see (click to enlarge) a partial grid for a square quilt made of 9 stars, on point, going across, and 9 horizontal rows.  In between each of the 9 rows is another row of 8 stars across and 8 rows going down.

11815 star grid

9 stars across X 9 rows = 81 stars, plus I also need 8 stars across X 8 rows = 64 stars

81 + 64 = 145 stars total!    I have 124 so I need another 21.

To figure out the size of this, remember from geometry that to get the distance across a star on point, which makes a triangle, use the formula “a” squared + “b” squared = “c” squared.  “c” is the number I’m trying to get.  In this case “a” and “b” are the same – 6 inches, the size of the sides of the stars.  So 6×6= 36.  36+36= 72.  The measurement from one point to the other across the 6 inch star on point is approximately 8.5 inches – the square root of 72.

So 9 blocks X 8.5 inches = 76.5 inches.  Without an added border the quilt will be 76.5 inches square.  If I add a 10 inch border on each side, the quilt will be 96.5 inches square – BIG!  But big is good because I think we could use a new quilt on our king size bed.  I’m planning to go with this and will get going on the 21 more blocks I need.

Here are some more quilts from the Cocheco Quilt show:

Love this one with  blocks from the Di Ford book:

11815 BroderiePurse#1 11815 BroderiePurse#2 11815 BroderiePurse#3

Here’s another lovely quilt by my friend Rosemary:

11815 Cockscomb#111815 Cockscomb#2 11815 Cockscomb#3

And one by my friend Havrilla with her lovely machine quilting:

11815 Havrilla#111815 Havrilla#2 11815 Havrilla#3

This one was interesting and different:

11815 Diamonds#1 11815 Diamonds#2 11815 Diamonds#3 11815 Diamonds#4

I love the use of color with black and white and, of course, the leaves in this one by my friend Kathryn:

11815 KT'sAutumnLeaves#1 11815 KT'sAutumnLeaves#2 11815 KT'sAutumnLeaves#3

This one is by my friend Jean.  What beautiful zentangles she has done!

11815 BeachBlues#1 11815 BeachBlues#2 11815 BeachBlues#3 11815 BeachBlues#4

I think I still have a few more quilts from the show to share in another post.

I have had little time for stitching this week, but made some progress with Sweet Journeys block 7 – all stems embroidered and one bird completely done:

11815 SJ update

I love beautiful books and am always tempted to buy ones that catch my eye.  The hotel in which we stayed in Cambridge this week was right across from a fascinating MIT book store.  I couldn’t help myself and came away with 2 books, both of which relate to design and art.  The first, “Designa” is absolutely packed with pictures and information about design.  Here is only a tiny sample:

11815 Designa#1 11815 Designa#2 11815 Designa#3 11815 Designa#4

The page on spirals got me to thinking about spiral galaxies and how I may want to incorporate spirals into the border of “We Are Stardust.”

The other book is all about color:

11815 Colorinart book

There are many beautiful pictures and wonderful information about color pigments, origins, use in paintings, etc.  Both of these books are going to be a pleasure to read and browse through.

Be grateful and cherish each day!  Gladi




2 thoughts on “November 8, 2015: Why I Quilt; “Stardust” layout; More Cocheco Show Quilts

  1. Wendy Reed

    Another great post. I love to hear the reasons of “why” people quilt. I can certainly relate to your reasons. Thank you for sharing the lovely quilts from the Cocheco show. I was not able to attend this year. It is always a great show. Your books look interesting. I wondered for a moment if the color book was written by the wonderful Victoria Findlay (Wolfe), but then realized the spelling was different. Looks like a great book either way.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Wendy. I thought the same thing about the book on color when I saw the name before noticing the spelling difference. I continue to enjoy your posts, too. Gladi


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