November 15, 2015: Thank you, Barbara Brackman for Stars in a Time Warp

Greetings!  November is the month of Thanksgiving and gratitude.  So, with only a few weeks left in the “Stars in a Time Warp” sew along, I would like to take a moment to thank Barbara Brackman for doing this!  I “succumbed” to the sew-along at the beginning of March about 6 weeks into it after seeing some of the fun stars on her blog.  Shortly after jumping in, I created a list of blog favorites of other bloggers who were doing the sew along and have been following them and enjoying their stars throughout the year.  I’ve had so much fun and have learned so much about reproduction fabrics.  Combing through my fabric collection for just the right combinations for each week’s stars has been very satisfying.  The sewing process, as always, has been relaxing for me and counters my work stresses. I completed a star doll quilt, am hand quilting a star crib quilt, and am now thinking about finishing the last stars for a large king size quilt – none of this anticipated back in January!  I love all three quilts!  Thank you, Barbara for enticing me down this path!!!!!

The doll quilt:

72515 dollquilt#1

The crib quilt (Stella Nova), partially hand quilted:

111515 Stella Nova

And some of the future king size quilt, We Are Stardust, on the design wall:

92015 stars on point

In my last post I mentioned that I figured out that I would need 21 more stars to make this large quilt.  I’ve made 10 more!  This week stars were to feature “storm and cloud” patterns.  The “storms” consist of motifs that look like they are being blown by the wind; the cloud motifs sometimes look like what we often think of as a “clamshell” design.  I looked through stars I’ve already made and came up with 3 that had “storms”:

Look at the background fabrics in these – they are a good example (click on any picture to enlarge it):

111515 stormstar#1 111515 stormstar#2

The third one with the storm motif used the fabric only in 4 of the 8 star points (pink) so I decided to make a second one using the fabric in the background:

111515 stormstar#3 111515 newstormstar#1

I made a second new star featuring the “cloud” motif as the background and another fabric with a “storm” motif as the star points:

111515 newstormstar#2(+clouds)

Here are the other new stars.  I just had fun picking fabrics I have that I like but hadn’t been able to use yet:

111515 newstar#3background!

I just love the background in the above star!  I’d love to use this fabric for the border as it has the look of a night sky, but i have only 2 fat quarters of it.  Dear readers, if anyone out there knows where I can get 3-4 more yards of this, please let me know!

The rest:

111515 newstar#4 111515 newstar#5 111515 newstar#6

111515 newstar#7 111515 newstar#8 111515 newstar#9 111515 newstar#10

And I finished the seventh Sweet Journeys block:

111515 SJ block#7 done

This is the time of year that I often set aside my own projects as I try to make as many holiday gifts as I can.  I spent some time today thinking about what to make for friends and colleagues and have some ideas.  This probably means I won’t make much progress on my own quilts, but we’ll see.  I’m hoping to continue with the rest of the stars and maybe some more hand quilting on Stella Nova, but likely won’t get to the next Sweet Journeys block for a while.  It’s all good!!!

I’m going to save the pictures of the last several quilts from the Cocheco Show for my next post so stay tuned!

Be grateful and cherish each day!   Gladi




4 thoughts on “November 15, 2015: Thank you, Barbara Brackman for Stars in a Time Warp

  1. Cynthia

    Gladi – Wow – your stars are just so beautiful and your quilts are too! You have one terrific stash and such a great color sense! I will enjoy seeing how your large quilt progresses. I too am so thankful to Barbara Brackman for the wealth of knowledge she shares with us each Wednesday!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Cynthia. I didn’t realize I had such a great stash of reproduction fabrics until I had this wonderful chance to use them! I enjoy your blog as well. Gladi

  2. Wendy Reed

    I couldn’t agree more. I thank you for giving Barbara her well deserved praise. We have all had such fun with these stars. All 3 of your quilts are wonderful. Love you new stars, but I particularly love Stella Nova. I love appliqued borders and your colors are sensational. My friend e-mailed me this morning to ask if I knew what fabric you had used for your background in your Sweet Journeys block. Do you remember who the manufacturer is? It is stunning. Have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Wendy. Thanks for commenting! I’m really enjoying seeing your work on the botanical quilt – love the cheddar background! The fabric for the background of the Sweet Journeys quilt is a Barbara Brackman fabric from 1999. I loved it so much I bought about 4-5 yards and now I’m finally getting to use it. Gladi


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