November 25, 2015: New Stars; Final Cocheco Show Quilts; Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving


I don’t have much new to share today because I have started to devote most available sewing time to making holiday gifts.  Unfortunately, I can’t show them because some recipients are readers!  Nevertheless, I was able to make 3 more stars for “We Are Stardust” and am contemplating a border.  This week’s stars were to feature a “coral”-like wavy or “viney” appearance, a typical 19th century textile design element.  This also looks like seaweed.  Botanical depictions such as “mossy trails” or “fern-like attachments” were also popular.  It turns out I already had several stars featuring these designs.  Here are only a few (click for enlargement):

1125115 stargroup

Even though I had these (plus more!), I decided to use fabric with these elements that I had not yet used to make 3 more stars:

112515 star#1purple 112515 star#2brown:blue 112515 star#3red:green

Aren’t they wonderful!  Each one has the “coral, seaweed, or mossy vine element in both the star and the background.  I particularly like the green background in the red star – the selvage identified the fabric as from the year 2000.  It’s great to finally be using this stuff!  I now have 137 stars and need only 8 more until I have enough for the full quilt.

I previously mentioned that I’ve been thinking about a black print border for this quilt with the idea that that stars are floating in space which we always think of as the dark night sky.  I liked one of my star background fabrics but it is not new and can’t find it on line.  While looking on like I found a site that carries this fabric, which I have a small piece of (click to see better):

112515 blackborder#1full 112515 blackborder#2close

I think this would work.  It is a reproduction and I can envision it as a night sky.  I also could embellish it with some tiny embroidered or appliqued stars.  Next step is to see how much of it I can get.  I’ll probably need 4-5 years for the borders and the setting triangles.  It will just my luck that there is less than that available – it’s been out for several years already – and I’ll be back to the drawing board!

I was asked by a reader about the background fabric for Sweet Journeys.  That, too, is an “older” fabric from 1999.  As one of my friends said – “from another century!”  I loved it and bought several yards but hadn’t found the right project for it until now.  Here’s the information on the selvedge and a picture of the fabric:

112515 SJ background#1 112515 SJ background#2 112515 SJ background#3

Let me take this opportunity to show the border fabric that I am going to use with Sweet Journeys.  This fabric was the actual inspiration for this quilt.  It is “Indienne” by April Cornell and came out probably at least 10 years ago.  As with the above fabric, I bought 3-4 yards and it’s been waiting for the right project:

112515 SJ background:border 112515 SJ border full

Here are the final pictures I have from this year’s Cocheco Quilt Guild show, as promised:

This one is a lovely interpretation of a popular Judy Niemeyer pattern:

111515 cqs1a 111515 cqs1b

This a fun and colorful quilt made by my friend Rosemary:

111515 cqs2a 111515 cqs2b

A gorgeous art quilt by talented artist Michele Kincaid:

111515 cqs3a 111515 cqs3b 111515 cqs3c 111515 cqs3d

Love this cheerful applique quilt!:

111515 cqs4a 111515 cqs4b

There was a whole exhibit of these row quilts that a “bee” made over several months.  This one was my favorite.  I really like the diagonal setting of the rows and combination of piecing and applique:

111515 cqs5a 111515 cqs5b 111515 cqs5c 111515 cqs5d

That’s all I have for today!  I am looking forward to family arriving soon and a wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving with them.  As you know I always sign off my blog with the phrase “be grateful” – it is a daily mantra for me, not just on Thanksgiving.  I’ve also been thinking a lot these days about “kindness” and our need to be more kind, perhaps triggered by the current world refugee situation.   How awful their plight!  The Dalai Lama says that “kindness is my religion.”  I like that.   Wishing everyone a lovely and peaceful holiday with family and loved ones.

Be grateful,be kind, and cherish each day!   Gladi




2 thoughts on “November 25, 2015: New Stars; Final Cocheco Show Quilts; Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving

  1. Wendy Reed

    I’m a little sad that the stars have come to an end, but it certainly has been fun watching and learning. I adore that lady slipper quilt. Thank you for sharing more of the show.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Wendy. I’m a little sad too, but there are so many quilt designs and patterns I want to try that I don’t think the sadness will last very long! Gladi


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