December 20, 2015: Retired! (semi); holiday gifts

Greetings!  Last week was a whirlwind!  Tuesday I was given a lovely reception at Health Services so that various people I’ve worked with at the university over the years could come by and chat and wish me well.  It was a lovely and well attended event.  Here’s just one picture of me (second from left) with 2 of the nurses I work with and my friend Craig (who worked for the university for many years);

122015 reception

Then on Thursday evening the Health Services staff hosted a retirement party for me at the lovely home of our head nurse.  Everyone brought wonderful food, I received some tributes and amazing gifts from my amazing colleagues, and there was some entertainment in the form of songs and a video about me!  I have been working for an excellently run organization and they sent me off in style.  My camera chose the night of the party to start acting up so I have no pictures from it, but hope to get some from colleagues to share in the future.

Then last night we had our annual Christmas dinner here with good friends.  Al and I shared the cooking duties, but, nevertheless, it took both us most of Friday evening and Saturday to get ready.  No pictures of that party either, but this afternoon I managed to fix the camera.  Here’s our tree:

122015 Christmas tree

In the above picture you can see my accordion to the left of the tree.  My group, Quatro Formaggio, has been getting together and playing quite a bit recently.   Here’s a picture of us without my husband Al, the 4th cheese, who took the picture:

122015 QF music

All of the above activity has meant that the only sewing I’ve had time for is gifts.  My own projects have stalled completely.  By next week I should be able to get back to them.   Here is a table runner I gave the nurse I work most closely with:

122015 tableR S #1 122015 tableR S #2

This matches a set of place mats I gave her last year.

I’m making another table runner for another colleague and this one (binding not on yet) also uses the same fabrics I used in place mats I gave her last year:

122015 Tablerunner K #1 122015 Tablerunner K #2

I also made 2 sets of 4 place mats for 2 other colleagues.  One is in shades of warm browns and black.  This is for someone who makes pottery and I think would look good with her creations:

122015 Val pm#1122015 Val pm#2122015 Val pm#4122015 Val pm#3



122015 Val pm backs

The last picture above is the backs.  These are reversible, 12 1/2 inches by 18 1/2 inches.

The second set for another colleague had 4 of the same fabric on one side, but 4 different fabrics on the other side:


122015 Pat's pm's#1


122015 Pat back#1122015 Pat pm's back#2122015 Pat back #4122015 Pat back #3

I go into work tomorrow to finish up some administrative projects – probably my last work as the Medical Director though technically I don’t relinquish that title until January 1.  I’m really looking forward to the month long vacation coming up before my new job working just part time begins on January 25th.  The next chapter of my life begins and I’m looking forward to the extra time to pursue non medical interests.  I think the time off is going to feel like a real luxury.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!   Be grateful, be kind, and cherish each day!   Gladi


4 thoughts on “December 20, 2015: Retired! (semi); holiday gifts

  1. Wendy Reed

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your well deserved retirement and I know we will all enjoy the quilts you will be making with your new found time. I love the name of your musical group. My uncle used to play the accordion and I loved to listen to him play. I’m sure you will have lots of happy friends after they receive your wonderful quilted gifts. Marry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you Wendy. I surely am looking forward to more time for making quilts and for making music during those extra 2 1/2 days per week! By the way, I very much enjoy following your progress on the circle project and the botanical quilt on your blog – both are looking wonderful! Gladi

  2. Paul McKenna

    Gladi, it sounds like you have been properly acknowledged by colleagues & friends & family as you move to another plateau in your medical career. Wished there were more pictures but it all seems delightful. You and Al will surely have a marvellous Christmas with family & close acquaintances. The time off in early 2016 should be a tonic & we hope the New Year brings fine things to you and yours! Hoping to see you soon…Paul & Lee

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Paul and Lee! After all the many years of hard work – 10 years BECOMING and 40 years BEING a doctor since I decided at age 16 that this is what I wanted to do – it really is nice to be acknowledged and have confirmed by others the sense that one has done good and meaningful work. We’ll see where the “next chapter” leads me. Wishing you folks a great holiday with loved ones as well. Gladi


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