December 27, 2015: Books, Bindings, and Borders…and circles and stars. And a CD!!

Greetings!  I hope everyone had a lovely and peaceful holiday.  We are still celebrating in the Porsche household with family still visiting and the grandkids staying with us until the 29th so I’m stealing a few moments this morning before everyone else is up to write this post.

I am a bibliophile and am drawn to beautiful books on artistic themes.  Naturally, I fall in love with beautiful quilt books and collect them.  I treated myself recently to two new quilt books that I am enjoying reading and looking at:

122015 Japanese book 122015 Red and White Quilts book

The Japanese book is perfect for me because I have such a love of the oriental aesthetic and from the beginning have been impressed with the outstanding design ability of Japanese quilters.  Attending the Tokyo International Quilt Festival in 2010 was a major highlight for me and I hope to go back some day.  The book of Red and White quilts – over 600! – provides extraordinary inspiration.  Making a red and white quilt has long been on my “to do” list.  Maybe with this book around, this will happen sooner rather than later!

I ordered and received several yards of this fabric for the borders and setting triangles of “We Are Stardust”:

122615 border We Are Stardust

In reality is appears more “black” than the picture shows.  It’s hard to get black to show up well in pictures.  I often have the same problem getting green colors to show up well in pictures.  In any case, I am still pondering whether to do some sort of applique in the border.  I might even embroider some small stars scattered throughout the border.  Once the holidays are over, I plan to organize the stars, cut out the setting triangles, and start sewing all the pieces together.  Once the top is together, I’ll look at it for a while before making a final decision re the borders.

I finally finished making all my hand-made gifts on the 23rd and delivered the last set of place mats – to my boss.  These 4 were all the same:

122615 placemat front

I had a yard of this beautiful fabric for years and used most of it up. (Click on picture for closeup).  I’m getting better at using up the fabric I’ve collected over the years instead of hoarding it!  Over the past month I made 5 sets of 4 place mats each.  I made 2 table runners.  Based on the size of these, I put on OVER 1500 inches of binding!!!!  All of these were sewn down by hand.  That’s almost the equivalent of binding 4 exceedingly large (100 inch square) quilts!  Boy am I ready to move on from binding!!!

Immediately after delivering the last of the place mat sets, I came home and sewed a circle for the “Quilty 365” project and have made one every day since – so I guess I am officially doing this project!  This past year it was “stars” and this coming year it looks like it is going to be “circles.” I wonder if I will do a doll quilt, a crib quilt, and a larger quilt with the circles just like I have done with the stars!  Here are my circles since Wednesday:

122615 circle#1 122615 circle#2 122615 circle#3 122615 circle#4

I counted my stars for “We Are Stardust” again and had 137.  I need 145.  I picked out the fabrics for the stars and now have 4 of the final 8 complete.  These first 2 are to showcase fabric that has a pattern that looks like “cracked ice” or “jagged sticks.”

122615 sticks:ice stars - new#1 122615 sticks:ice stars - new#2

I realized, going through the stars I had previously made that I already had a couple stars featuring this type fabric:

122615 sticks:ice stars - old

Then I made a couple more stars featuring fabrics I like that I hadn’t yet used:

122615 new star#1 122615 new star#2

Only 4 more stars to go!!!!!

Finally, here’s something I never would have believed possible – my musical group Quatro Formaggio has a CD!!!!!!:

122615 QF CD!

Craig is a professional musician.  He was able to record us over a couple of sessions at our house and has done a masterful job of making the rest of us – amateurs! – sound pretty good!  It’s exciting knowing that at least family and close friends will have a permanent record of our music.

The grandkids are now up and I need to end this post!  With the new year just around the corner, I’m looking forward to summarizing my past year and thinking about goals for the coming year over the next week; I’ll share thoughts in my next post.

Be grateful, be kind, and cherish each day!   Gladi


2 thoughts on “December 27, 2015: Books, Bindings, and Borders…and circles and stars. And a CD!!

  1. Paul McKenna

    Hello Gladi: that quiet time in the morning appears to be quite productive for you. It sounds like you & Al are continuing to have a lovely family Christmas & we send you our regards. Some beautiful quilting projects on the “go” as well as several fine books to fuel your creative imagination. And, naturally, congratulations on your new CD, great to have a talent like Craig in your corner (I see that you get top billing!).

    Enjoy the last few days in 2015 & we shall all look forward to good things in 2016. Say “Hello” to Al for us…

    Paul & Lee

  2. Wendy Reed

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday time. I have that “neon” type fabric that you are using on your “We are Stardust” quilt and I think it will be perfect for this quilt. I can’t wait to see it completed. Congratulations on your first CD. I have to admit, when I first saw the photo I thought it was part of your Quilty 365 appliques. Guess I need new glasses! Have a wonderful quilt filled New Year.


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