December 31, 2015: Looking back, looking ahead…

Greetings!  This New Year’s Eve is more momentous than usual for me – the clock is ticking down on my last hours as the Medical Director of UNH Health Services.  As of midnight I become a part time staff physician instead.  This is the major change facing me in 2016.  I spent 10 years of my life becoming a doctor and 40+ being a doctor full time.  How will I adjust?  I have many mixed feelings, one of which is  that I’m glad I am continuing part time at least for a while. I think it is important to be/feel useful.  The anxiety provoking feelings have to do with life in general winding down and the ends of things coming.  The positive ones have to do with more time to explore new possibilities and further engage in those I already enjoy.  If all goes well, it should be an adventure!

I like taking some time at the end of the year to look back over what I’ve done during the year and set some goals for the future, keeping in mind that goals should be at least somewhat flexible so that one can take advantage of new opportunities that present themselves and allow for some fun and spontaneity.  With this in mind, I went back to last year’s December 31st post and reviewed my goals.  Number one was to finish Spring Sonata and show it at the Vermont Quilt Festival – done!

101915 SS winner!

Number 2 was to make another trio of doll quilts – done!

101525 doll quilts

Number 3 was to make more applique blocks for Sweet Journeys – done!  I started the year with 3 blocks and now have 7 (need 12 plus a medallion center).

10415 Sweet Journeys so far

Number 4 was to hand quilt Spirit of Japan #3: The Wheel – this was started but no where near completed.

101114 SOJ

Number 5 was to start a new project or two – done!  I started 3 star quilts thanks to Barbara Brackman’s weekly Stars in a Time Warp project.  And I started the circle improv project using authentic Japanese fabrics which has now morphed into participation in the Quilty 365 circle sew-along.  I think I did pretty well meeting my quilting goals!

What do I want to accomplish this coming year in quilting?  Here’s my list.

I want to finish Stella Nova, my stars crib quilt, and exhibit it at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  This past week, I have gotten back to hand quilting it.  I quilted one of the borders and a little more in the center.  I like the look of the echo quilting in the border (click to enlarge and see the stitching):

123115 Echo on SN border#1 123115 Echo on back

This goal should be do-able!

Sticking with stars, I want to finish the top for We Are Stardust, have it basted (by a long armer) and start hand quilting it.  I made the last of the 4 stars I needed to get to 145, I arranged the stars yesterday and cut out the setting triangles and here she is!:

123115 All the stars!

Too big for my design wall!  I have actually, since this picture was taken, started sewing the stars together.  My major decision is going to be whether to do any applique or embroidery on the border – will make that decision once the stars are all sewn together.  I like how the black fabric is looking in the setting triangles so far and this is confirming my decision that this is a good fabric choice for the border.  By the way, here are close ups of the final 4 stars:

123115 new star#1 123115 new star#2 123115 new star#3 123115 new star#4

Barbara, on the stars blog, says she gave away a pack of fat quarters as a prize for making the most stars to a woman who made 225 of them.  She gave runner up notice to 2 other women who made 190 stars.  In reality, I think I should be a runner up because I made 145 six inch stars for We Are Stardust, 50 four inch stars for Stella Nova, and 12 three and a half inch stars for the doll quilt for a total of 207 stars!!!!  Not that I was going for a prize.  I just had so much fun I couldn’t stop!!

For this coming year, I would also like to make a final decision on finishing Joyful Noise.  This past year, I decided on the border, put it on, and made a backing for this.  I decided I would send it out for machine quilting because so many seams to hand quilt through would be daunting.  I must decide who to have do the quilting and get this sent out!!

42615 JN#3full

I want to make another Trio of Doll Quilts – this would be #5 or the fifth year of doing this.

I want to finish hand quilting Spirit of Japan #3: The Wheel in time to exhibit it at the Cocheco Guild show in October.

I am considering entering Spring Sonata in the AQS show in Syracuse at the end of July.  This would be a great excuse to go to the show which is within a day’s driving distance.

I want to make more progress on Sweet Journeys.  I have 7 of 12 twelve inch blocks done and need 5 more plus a larger central medallion.  Since I will have more time off work, I could be ambitious and try to complete the center this year, but if I start any new projects, I could be happy getting the 5 other 12 inch blocks done.

I would like to complete the top for the Quilty 365 Circle Improv project.  This could be titled Spirit of Japan #4: Circle Improv since I am using authentic Japanese fabrics  in many of the circle blocks.  Here are my latest 4:

123115 circle#1 123115 circle#2 123115 circle#3 123115 circle#4

As always, I would like to start a new project or two.  On my list last year was making a silk quilt – I’d still like to do this.  I have a tub of silk fabrics waiting for me.  I have had my eye on this quilt in an issue of Quiltmania from a few years ago and have been thinking it would look nice in silk:

123115 silk quilt?

It’s a paper piecing project and right now I have no piecing projects (except the doll quilts) in the list for this coming year’s goals – lots of hand quilting and applique.  I like to be piecing something too.  Will this project trump many challenging piecing patterns on my list to try, e.g. feathered star, New York beauty, pine burr, inner city???

Another goal is to make a lap quilt with my granddaughter, Sveta.  During her recent visit I had her pick out a group of fabrics which I am cutting into 6 inch squares for her and when we next get together here I’ll have her arrange them on the design wall and get her started sewing them together.  I also would like to sew another garment with her this summer – she loved making and loves wearing the dress we made her together this year!

My “to do” list seems extensive, but I have to keep in mind I will have more free time this year!

Of course, I am looking back and looking ahead regarding non-quilting goals as well, but will share these in another post soon.

Happy New Year to all and thank you for reading my blog.  All comments are welcome and any suggestions for improvement are welcome as well!

Be grateful, be kind, and cherish each day!  Gladi


2 thoughts on “December 31, 2015: Looking back, looking ahead…

  1. Wendy Reed

    You have accomplished a lot this year. I wish you all the best in your new freedom. Coming from such a rewarding profession, I’m sure the change will be difficult at first, but I know you will find the perfect balance. I certainly hope you can complete the crib quilt before the VT show as I would love to see it in person. Enjoy your year and I hope we meet in 2016.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Wendy. Thanks for your comments. I wish you a wonderful 2016 and also am hoping we can meet. I’m planning on attending the VQF on Friday, the first day, if all goes well. I’ll check in with you closer to the date and see if you’re planning to be there too. By the way, love your sense of humor in your previous comment – initially thinking the CD was a circle block! Happy New Year! Gladi


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