March 12, 2016: Appliqueing Circles and Leaves; Patchwork Quilt Tsushin Magazine

Greetings!  I think that, with only a week of winter left, I can now officially say that we’ve had a  mild winter this year.  After several years of harsh winters, it was wonderful.  We deserved it!  Now signs of spring are already everywhere.  It’s been years since we’ve seen this date with NO SNOW ON THE GROUND!  There’s a part of me that loves this, but I also worry about global warming…

Stella Nova is now done except for her sleeve and label.  I’m a firm believer in labels and I actually think I should go back and add additional labels to my previous quilts with more history and details of the inspirations, design decisions, and construction details.  That information should add much to the meaning of the quilts for future generations that see them.  So, here is the quilt, one last time for a while.  Click to enlarge.  (By the way, I noticed the quilt is upside down in the first 2 pictures!):

31216 SN (upside down!) 31216 SN #2 31216 SN right side up!

Here is my design wall this AM – it has all 3 of my circle projects on it!:

31216 design wall circle projects

I’ve contacted a machine quilter to quilt the circle improv quilt and she is drawing up a couple of proposed designs for me.  Now let me zero in on the new Japanese circles.  Last post there were 4 and now there are 16!  I am hand appliqueing them and have been alternating working on these and the leaves for the border of Stardust.  Click to enlarge any pictures.

31216 circles#1 all together

And here are groups of 4 and then some close ups of a few individual blocks to show off these gorgeous fabrics:

31216 circles#2 31216 circles#3 31216 circles#4 31216 circles#5

31216 circles#6 31216 circles#7 31216 circles#8 31216 circles#9

And I’ve been appliqueing leaves on border #1 of Stardust:

31216 border leaves#1 31216 border leaves#2

I have about half the leaves on this border strip done, but am planning to add berries and am trying to decide if I will do any embroidery around and in the leaves so am by no means close to finishing this.  I may actually take a day or two soon to create more stems and leaves and start work on the other 3 borders just for a change of pace.

Since my semi-retirement, I have started swimming 3 times a week.  On 2 or 3 of the “other” days, I try to walk, either outdoors or on my treadmill.  When I use the treadmill, I love to look through issues of my collected quilt magazines.  One of my very favorite magazines is Patchwork Quilt Tsushin – published in Japan and in Japanese.  I have collected 64 issues and I also have 16 issues of Quilts Japan, a similar magazine.  Even though I can’t read these, they have gorgeous pictures that are so inspiring that it has been worth it to purchase them. I never tire of looking through them.  The issue I looked through yesterday was particularly excellent.  Look at the quilt below which uses circles similar to the Japanese ones I am now making:

31216 PQT circle quilt#1 31216 PQT circle quilt#2

What an inspired setting!!!!  And I like the border too, with it’s “ghost” circles.  This quilt could work in lots of different style fabrics.  I can see that the circles are created by sewing 4 drunkard’s path type blocks together rather than using full circles, but one could use that option too.

And the particular issue I was looking through featured medallion style quilts – one of my favorites.  Look at all the different variations they showed:

31216 pqt medallion#1 31216 pqt medallion#2 31216 pqt medallion#3 31216 pqt medallion#4 31216 pqt medallion#5 31216 pqt medallion#6 31216 pqt medallion#7

Can you see why I love this magazine!!!  The other magazines that I save are Quiltmania, Quilters Newsletter, and American Quilter.  I occasionally buy “Machine Quilting” magazine because it is beautifully produced with great pictures, even though I don’t machine quilt.  It  usually has one or two articles that are informative for those of us who don’t machine quilt but use our machines for piecing and there are design and “finishing” ideas, too that work for hand quilters.   I rarely buy any other quilt magazines and when I do, I tear out anything that I might want to save.  If too much is torn out, I throw it out; if very little is torn out, I recycle the magazine through our guild.

I am prepping this weekend for a trunk show that I am giving for the Crossroads Quilt Guild in Beverly, MA this coming Tuesday.  I did 2 of these last summer for other guilds and enjoyed them, but I need to refresh my memory on what I want to say and what quilts I’m showing in what order.  When I agreed to a March presentation, I was a bit worried about the weather because I have to drive a little over an hour to get there, but I am lucking out and it looks like it should be fine!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day!   Gladi




One thought on “March 12, 2016: Appliqueing Circles and Leaves; Patchwork Quilt Tsushin Magazine

  1. Marie Tymrak

    Thanks for the update and a bit about your inspirations from the magazines, too. It is an interesting parallel with my own recent retirement from a state health department position that required much travel and many nights away from home. At retirement, I loved reviewing and sorting quilt related magazines….and have not regretted the time and effort because it is now much more efficient to review a particular topic. Although on any given day there are exceptional images for any topic on a computer search engine, I admire again paper images I saved from years past, too. The guilds are fortunate to obtain such a conscientious presenter as yourself. Enjoy the show & tell of the trunk shows. You inspire me to renew my offer to do some talks for the elementary school nearby….I have been approached by young adults who remember me as the “quilt lady” from years ago, at the school.


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