April 15, 2015: Joy, warmth, beauty….and thought and fellowship; Pictures from MQX

Greetings!  One recent morning I read on an art quilter’s blog that she makes quilts in order to make people think.  That morning while I was swimming laps I was thinking about why I make quilts. I make them for the joy and pleasure of the process of making, the warmth they provide as I sleep or cuddle under them, and the beauty they provide for my home.  Those were my initial thoughts.  Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that thought and fellowship are a big part of it too.  Even though my quilts are “traditional,” they prompt me (and I hope others who see them) to think about things.  For example, my autumn and spring themed quilts make me think of the beauty of nature during those seasons and how important it is to preserve the planet.  I think they do this as well as quilts that are considered “art” quilts.  They also make me think about history and our connections to the women of the past who made quilts.  And, even though I did not get started quilting with the idea that it would be a social thing for me, the fellowship of the quilters I have become friends with and the quilting groups I belong to have become very important to me.   I hope to find more time in the future to make gift and charity quilts – another great reason to make quilts!

I’m making slow but steady progress with the 3 projects I’m currently working on.  I’m working on hand quilting circle #7 (of 16) on “The Wheel” (click on any pictures for nice enlargements):

41516 in the hoop#1 41516 in the hoop#2

I’m appliqueing leaves to the second stem of the second border for “Stardust”:

41516 stardust borders#1 41516 stardust borders#2

And I stitched a few more circles and prepped circles for the 8th vertical and horizontal rows of the Japanese circles (I need to find a better name for this!):

41516 circles#1 41516 circles#2 41516 circles#3 41516 circles#4

I’m saving the circles cut from the backs of all these.  I may be able to incorporate them into the quilt…or maybe not!

41516 circles#5

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what to do next with this circle quilt.  I may make what you see above on my design wall the center of a larger medallion style quilt.  I’m contemplating what types of borders might be complementary….

And here are some quilts from the MQX quilt show that I attended in Manchester, NH a week ago.  Even though I’m not a machine quilter, probably never will be, and love hand quilting, I am able to appreciate the incredible beauty of some of these quilts and the awesome skill required to produce them – truly amazing at the highest level!!!!

Best of Show:

41516 BOS#1 41516 BOS#2 41516 BOS#3 41516 BOS#4 41516 BOS#5

An amazingly lovely and technically perfect (at least I can’t see any flaws!) quilt by Margaret Solomon Gunn (love the double piping at the border!):

41516 MSG#1 41516 MSG#2 41516 MSG#3 41516 MSG#4 41516 MSG#5

I absolutely love this “crow” quilt!  The use of the red/orange fabric for the background is stunning.  I’d seen pictures of this quilt in a couple magazines but they don’t do it justice and it was great to see it up close in person.  I heard it won the Viewer’s Choice award – in my opinion, well deserved.

41516 crows#1 41516 crows#2 41516 crows#3 41516 crows#4

I especially liked the quilted stars and “cosmic” elements in the background of this star quilt.  I might consider trying to embroider something like this in a few open areas on the border of my Stardust quilt:

41516 stars#1 41516 stars#2 41516 stars#3 41516 stars#4 41516 stars#5

This was one of the few truly “traditional” style quilts at the show.  She painted the feathers on between the houses and it is very effective.   Also love how she quilted details into the houses like windows and roof tiles:

41516 homestead#1 41516 homestead#2 41516 homestead#3

I have many, many more excellent quilts from the show to share over my next several posts.  Hope you enjoy them!

Be grateful, be kind, and cherish each day,   Gladi



5 thoughts on “April 15, 2015: Joy, warmth, beauty….and thought and fellowship; Pictures from MQX

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Wendy. Good to hear from you. By the way, I saw your name in the semi-finalist list for the Paducah show next week. Which one of your quilts is in the show? Will you have a chance to go? Good luck!!! Gladi

  1. Susan Ainscough

    i love to see the work you are doing, I was once fortunate enough to come to your home and was bowled over by the wonderful quilts you had done.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Susan. Trying to remember, were you with the British quilters touring with Faye Labanaris? Gladi

      1. Susan Ainscough

        Hello, yes we were with Faye, we all loved your home and your quilts. My favourite was the Asian circle one, but saying that the one in your dining room was wonderful. I could go on , we all felt very privileged to have visited with you.

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