July 17, 2016: A finish and a start; “Joyful Noise”; Vermont QF Antique quilts; summer reading


I finished “Many Moons”!  Well, I still have the hanging sleeve and label to go, but I consider it finished.  I like how the majority of the fabrics carry the “circle” theme.  This one will go into my guild’s show this fall and I think I will hang it in my office at work, exchanging it for a different one that’s been hanging for years; the change will be nice. (Click on any pictures for enlargements and closeups.)

71716 mm#1 done! 71716 mm#2 71716 mm#3

I started the third doll quilt for this year’s “trio of doll quilts.”  My doll quilts have mostly been made with reproduction fabrics with the exception of 2 Amish style ones made from solids.  For weeks I have been trying to decide what to do for this year’s third one.  At Vermont this year I bought a fat quarter bundle of “Lilies of the Field” fabrics by Jan Patek – they looked like they would go with the chintz type fabrics I’ve been collecting for a chintz style quilt and I was right.  Those fabrics have been “calling to me” but I haven’t been ready to start a big project with them yet.  Yesterday I realized I could use those fabrics for the third doll quilt in the meantime!  I’m keeping it simple with half square triangles, but I may do a simple applique border, something I have not done before with any of the doll quilts.  Here’s what I have so far:

71716 dq#1

I just love these colors and prints!  They are a little brighter and more modern looking than most reproductions but they still look traditional.  Meanwhile, I have almost finished the hand quilting of the center of the first doll quilt – will maybe have another finish next time I post!

I also completed Block #8 for Sweet Journeys!  Look at my berries, made with my new technique – better!

71716 SWblock - real#1 71716 SWblock#1

At the same time I picked up “Many Moons” from the long arm quilter, I picked up “Joyful Noise.”  Remember this?:

71716 JN#1 full

I would have preferred to hand quilt it, but I have only so much time and decided I would rather spend my time hand quilting some other quilts instead.  I had Sue do relatively simple geometric type designs, nothing fancy:

71716 JN#2 71716 JN#3

There was a bit of a problem where 12 seams all come together as Sue would not have been able to get her needle close enough to the center without it breaking because of the bulk.  I am going to hand quilt in the ditch in those areas to make sure they stay flat so that is going to take me a little while but I still should be able to finish by the guild show in October.

71716 JN#4 seams joining

Of course I could have eliminated the problem by appliqueing a circle or other shape over those spots and cutting away the bulk of all those seams coming together, but I made a design decision not to do that at several times during the making of the quilt, including a last chance to do so when I discussed the quilting design with Sue.  I’m still OK with that decision even though I now have some extra hand quilting facing me.

Here are some picture of antique quilts from the Vermont show this year.  I didn’t take as many pictures of this exhibit because I have the book “Plain and Fancy” on which the show was based, but hope you enjoy these:

71716 antique#1a 71716 antique#1b 71716 antique#1c

71716 antique#2a 71716 antique#2b

71716 antique#3 71716 antique#4 71716 antique#4b

71716 antique#5 71716 antique#7

71716 antique#6a 71716 antique#6b 71716 antique#6c

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I love to read and periodically share info about and recommendations re books I’m reading.  My focus this summer has been on 2 authors.  The Durham Library (one of 3 excellent libraries I have access to) has a “long read” over the summer.  A knowledgable facilitator chooses the book, sends e-mails with info and resources over the summer and leads an in person discussion of the book in a meeting in September.  This year it is:

71716 dickens book

This is 800 pages and not an easy read!  I’m reading 1-2 chapters most days and figure I will finish it in late August.  I am 1/4th of the way through and it is starting to get interesting.  I’ve read 5 other major works by Dickens and loved them all but am having a harder time with this one.  I’m also reading a trilogy by Jane Smiley about an American family from Iowa.  It starts in 1920, every chapter is a new year, and the trilogy covers an entire century.  I am close to half way through the second book (1966!) and liking it a lot.  The first book was “Some Luck” and here are the second and third:

71716 smiley books

I am a fan of Jane Smiley’s work; I think she writes really well and I very much enjoy her stories.  I got hooked on her writing when I read The Greenlanders many years ago:

71716 greenlanders

It takes place in the 1200’s and is one of the best books of historical fiction – a genre I like if the writing is excellent – I’ve read.   I also thought “A Thousand Acres” which won her the Pulitzer Prize was excellent.  I highly recommend her books!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi




5 thoughts on “July 17, 2016: A finish and a start; “Joyful Noise”; Vermont QF Antique quilts; summer reading

  1. Susan Ainscough

    Hello Gladi, congratulations on finishing “Many Moons” , a beautiful quilt. Did you design it ? I particularly like “Joyful Noise” also, I’m sure it will do well in your guild show.
    I’m really enjoying you’re blog, many thanks.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Susan. Good to hear from you. Yes, I designed Many Moons myself. It started as as “improv” project. I had this grouping of special Japanese fabrics with no idea what to do with them so I decided to just applique circles onto background squares. I chose 3 random sizes for the circles and squares and figured I would come up with some way to arrange them later. I made these blocks off and on over several months in 2015 and finally at the end of the year decided I had enough to make the size wall quilt I wanted. The idea came to me to arrange these blocks in various groupings into 9 1/2 inch blocks. I added strips of fabrics from the groups if needed to bring any given block up to the 9 1/2 inch size and then had fun arranging the larger blocks. All by improv! Gladi

  2. Wendy C. Reed

    Love the Many Moons quilt, and was home in time for the wonderful buck moon this year! Your doll quilts are always lovely and I look forward to watching your progress on this one. Love those fabrics.

  3. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Wendy! I love the reproduction quilt you made and just showed on your blog! I am very much hoping to be able to see you (and your quilt!) at the Maine show next weekend, but will need to see how I feel and what tasks await me when I return from Syracuse on the 29th. I hope it works out! Gladi


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