July 25, 2016: Gwen Marston exhibit at Vermont; Doll quilts update

Greetings!  Today I am sharing with you my last photos from the Vermont Quilt Festival; these are of Gwen Marston’s special exhibit.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the walk-through discussion of the exhibit led by Gerald Roy, but I love these pieces by Gwen.  I love the fact that these “modern” style quilts are hand quilted!   And the use of color is wonderful.  Please click on the pictures for enlargements so that you can enjoy the details.  Liking these kinds of quilts makes me feel sometimes like I have “quilting ADD” because they are so different from the usual traditional style quilts that I like.  However, the variety of work within the quilting world is one of the wonderful things about it!!

72516 gm#1 72516 gm#2 72516 gm#3 72516 gm#4 72516 gm#5 72516 gm#6 72516 gm#7 72516 gm#8

72516 gm#9 72516 gm#10 72516 gm#11 72516 gm#12 72516 gm#13 72516 gm#14 72516 gm#16 72516 gm#18

72516 gm#19 72516 gm#20 72516 gm#21 72516 gm#22 72516 gm#23 72516 gm#24 72516 gm#25

Meanwhile, this week I have focused on working on this year’s “Trio of Doll Quilts” trying to make sure I complete these for our guild’s show in October.  I finished quilting and put the binding on the first one.  It’s about 14 X 18 inches:

72516 hsc#1 72516 hsc#2

The back:

72516 hsc#3

I started the hand quilting on the second one (also 14×18 inches):

72516 fs#1 72516 fs#2 72516 fs#4

The back:

72516 fs#3

For the third one, I pieced the center together, chose a border fabric, and decided on a design for a simple applique border (you can see the pieces cut out of freezer paper and a couple of fabric leaf samples; these helped me decide if the design looks OK and would fit):

72516 chintz#1 72516 chintz#2

I am very excited about traveling to Syracuse tomorrow and attending the AQS show there on Wednesday and Thursday.  I hope to take lots of pictures and hope to be able to share with you, but I’m not sure what their policy is regarding taking pictures and showing them on a blog without specific permission from the artists.  I’m also hoping to get to the Maine quilt show in Augusta next weekend; it’s a 2 hour drive – very do-able for a day trip.  This will be a quilt filled week for me!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi



3 thoughts on “July 25, 2016: Gwen Marston exhibit at Vermont; Doll quilts update

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    Oh Gladi, I do hope you can make it to Maine this weekend. I will be in the antiques room for all 3 days so if by some strange chance I am on a break when you come in, do have someone call me. I would love to meet you! Thanks for sharing Gwen’s quilts, they are fantastic. I love what you have done with the “littles”. A little applique just makes that border “sing”.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Wendy. I have made arrangements to go to the Maine show with a friend on Saturday so am sincerely hoping to be there unless something unexpected happens between now and then. I will definitely find you! Gladi

  3. Rose Orr

    I’m heading to Syracuse tomorrow also and really looking forward to the show. It won’t be there next year, so I feel fortunate to have an AQS show this close to our area this year. Two great shows in one weekend, and both within driving distance, life doesn’t get better!


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