July 31, 2016: Pictures from AQS show in Syracuse – hand quilted winners

Greetings!  I have just had the most marvelous time at 2 fine quilt shows over the past several days.  Al was a good sport and did the majority of the driving – 6 hours each way – to Syracuse, NY for the AQS show there.  Then my good friend Liz drove us to Augusta, ME – 2 hours each way – yesterday for the Maine quilt show.  The shows were different, of course, but thoroughly enjoyable, each in its own way.   Each show allows pictures to be posted for non-commercial purposes as long as the name of the creator is given credit so I took several hundred pictures and will be gradually sharing them with you, probably over the next several weeks, if not months!!!  It will be a visual feast!  Today I am sharing with you the hand quilted winners from the AQS show.  If you’ve been reading my blog you know I love hand quilted quilts the best so it seems fitting to start with these.

Before the winners – My “Spring Sonata” did not win a ribbon and I didn’t expect it to!!  I was just happy and honored that it was juried in.   I have only one minor complaint about the AQS show – I didn’t think the lighting was excellent.  Some quilts were in darker areas, not lit well and it was hard to appreciate some of the details.  My quilt was not in a dark area, but for reasons I don’t fully understand, the quilting seemed very exaggerated and the colors seemed to be darker overall than they really are.  I think it might be because the ceilings and lights were so high up in the arena.  My edges also seemed turned in somewhat and the bottom more wobbly than when it hung in Vermont last year.  Nevertheless, I was proud it was there!

73016 ss#1 73016 ss#3

The hand quilted winners (For all my pictures please take time to click on them for enlargements so you can fully enjoy the wonderful details!!!!):

First up is the winner of the “Best Hand Workmanship” award by my newly met friend Chris Wickert for her lovely quilt “Shellabration.”  I shared pictures of this quilt when it won Best of Show at Vermont a month ago so I did not take many pictures this time.  I did , however, thoroughly enjoy another chance to examine closely this beautiful creation:

73016 shellabration#1 73016 shellabration#2

The first place winner for hand quilted quilts was this copy of a quilt made originally by Zena Thorpe; she has published a book through the AQS with the patterns for all the letters.  The details of the applique are amazing and everything is outlined with metallic thread for emphasis.  The dark colors and lighting made it hard to fully appreciate the hand quilting but the applique and embellishments were easily appreciated.

73016 alphabet#1 73016 alphabet#2 73016 alphabet#3 73016 alphabet#4 73016 alphabet#5 73016 alphabet#6 73016 alphabet#7

This was the second place winner:

73016 handq#1 second place 73016 handq#2 73016 handq#3 73016 handq#4 73016 handq#5 73016 handq#6

The third place winner was a white wholecloth quilt by Elsie Campbell who is well known for winning awards for both hand quilted and machine quilted quilts – one of the few who has mastered both techniques!  Her stitches were tiny!!

73016 elegance#1 (hand quilting,third) 73016 elegance#2 73016 elegance#3 73016 elegance#4 73016 elegance#5 73016 elegance#6

This hand quilted quilt was in the winners circle but was there for “Best Original Design”.  I don’t recall seeing this award in an AQS show before so may be a new type of award.  This quilt won the award at Paducah for Best Hand Workmanship.  The details are so amazing that I took and am sharing lots of pictures.  Enjoy!!!

73016 halloween#1 73016 halloween#2 73016 halloween#3 73016 halloween#4 73016 halloween#5 73016 halloween#6 73016 halloween#7 73016 halloween#8

73016 halloween#9 73016 halloween#10 73016 halloween#11 73016 halloween#12 73016 halloween#13

The last hand quilted award winner, an honorable mention, was for this gorgeous quilt by Barbara Clem.  She has created a wonderful body of work since I first noticed her name several years ago and this quilt is in her usual style:

73016 spring#1 (b 73016 spring#2 73016 spring#3 73016 spring#4 73016 spring#5 73016 spring#6

The highlight of the Maine show yesterday was meeting Wendy Reed of “The Constant Quilter” blog!!  I love Wendy’s work – we have a “mutual admiration society” going! -, we have been corresponding via our blog connection for the past year or so, and it was so wonderful to meet her in person!  Here we are with her lovely recreation of an antique quilt (to the right with the original right behind us):

73016 Wendy and me

Wendy’s in the yellow and I’m in the pink.  I think we are kindred quilting spirits and hope we can get together for a longer meeting to talk quilts in the future!

Needless to say, I have not done any significant sewing since my last post, but I am so inspired by all the wonderful work I’ve just seen!  Stay tuned for many, many, many more show quilt pictures to come!!!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi





2 thoughts on “July 31, 2016: Pictures from AQS show in Syracuse – hand quilted winners

  1. gladiporsche Post author

    Hi Barb! Thank you for commenting. We share a love of hand quilting and I loved seeing your “Best Hand Quilting” awarded quilt at Vermont this year. I very much enjoy reading your blog! It was great to meet Wendy and maybe you and I can meet some time! Gladi


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