August 4, 2016: A Major Decision Made; Top Winners from the Syracuse AQS show

Greetings!  I made a major decision this past weekend – I am fully retiring from the practice of medicine and not returning to the University Health Service this fall for the 20 hours per week I had planned to work. I received word last Friday that I was being assigned to work with a different team in a different location of the building.  I won’t go into details, but this would have involved adjusting to quite a few changes for me, not least of which would be leaving the office I’ve had for the past 21 years and not working closely with the nurse with whom I have established a wonderful rapport.

I have been having a wonderful summer with an extended period of time away from medicine for the first time in a very long time and the news of the changes at work were the nudge I needed to seriously think about whether I wanted to return to practice this fall.  It didn’t take me long to make this decision and I am certain it is the right one for me.  I feel liberated!  There is a lot of stress in the practice of medicine (not to mention the additional stresses I had as Medical Director for 21 years) and I feel that 45 years of it – 4 years of med school plus 41 years of nonstop practice since then – are enough!  I want to be the master of my own time for the years I have left and am looking forward to exploring my options for the “next chapter” of my life.  I’m sure it will include lots of quilting!!!!

Today I’ll share with you pictures of the major winners from the AQS show in Syracuse.  First is Best of Show by Janet Stone.  Her quilts are original designs – mostly based on an alphabet theme – and the details of her work are exquisite.  Her machine applique, machine quilting and use of embellishments are nearly perfect:

(Please enlarge pictures to appreciate the details!!)

8416 bos#1 8416 bos#2 8416 bos#3 8416 bos#4 8416 bos#5

Another quilt by Janet won an honorable mention award and I like it perhaps more than the BOS:

8416 janetstone#1 8416 janetstone#2 8416 janetstone#3 8416 janetstone#4 8416 janetstone#5 8416 janetstone#6

The best wall quilt award went to an amazing 3 dimensional quilt.  Hope you can see the changing pictures from the angle at which you view it.  My pictures don’t convey this as well as when you see it live:

8416 best wall#1 8416 best wall#2 8416 best wall#3

Best use of color award:

8416 bestcolor#1 8416 bestcolor#2 8416 bestcolor#3 8416 bestcolor#4

Best home machine workmanship:

8416 best homemach#1 8416 best homemach#2 8416 best homemach#3 8416 best homemach#4 8416 best homemach#5

Best longarm workmanship:

8416 bestlongarm#1 8416 bestlongarm#2 8416 bestlongarm#3 8416 bestlongarm#4 8416 bestlongarm#5

The above quilt was amazing, especially from a distance.  I’m not quite sure what techniques were used to make it, but it is raw edge, possibly fused?  Here are a couple of closeups:

8416 bestlongarm#6 close 8416 bestlongarm#7close

I’m not as keen on raw edges, preferring smooth, turned edges on most pieces.  However, if you keep your distance, it looks beautiful and the work that went into it must have been incredible.

Next post I should be able to share a finished second doll quilt!  I’ve also been working on those 2 baby quilts, the first of which is needed by October.  Also, I have SO MANY more quilts from the Syracuse show and Maine show to share!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi



11 thoughts on “August 4, 2016: A Major Decision Made; Top Winners from the Syracuse AQS show

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    Oh, I am so happy to hear of your decision. It is purely selfish on my part as I am assuming we will now get to see even more of your spectacular quilts with all the free time you are going to have! Great to see you at the show!

    1. gladiporscheg

      Thank you Wendy. So great to meet you – I do hope we can plan something that allows more time for conversation, eventually. I will be surprised if I am not more productive in the quilting realm in the future, but I anticipate some challenges trying to decide what quilts I want to spend my time making! Gladi

  2. Lee Simpson

    Blown away by Eat, Pray, Scream and still giggling over Ewe Are My Sunshine.
    But must of all delighted that you are committed to a full retirement!

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Lee! I know I will enjoy retirement! This could make a trip to Nova Scotia in the not too distant future more likely! Glad to hear you are enjoying the quilt pictures; the work of top quilters is pretty amazing. Hope you, Paul, and all Kate’s family are doing well. Gladi

  3. Susan Ainscough

    I wish you a long and very happy retirement. Just think of all the things you can do now.
    Thank you for showing your photos of these incredible quilts, the standard of work is amazing. I am going to the Festival of Quilts at Birmingham, UK next week staying for three days, it’s the biggest and best in the UK. Is the Syracuse show a similar size to the Paducah show?

    1. gladiporscheg

      Hi Susan. Thanks for your well wishes for my retirement. I’m sure I will love it. I believe the Paducah show has about 350 contest quilts. The Syracuse show had slightly under 200 quilts in the contest, so the contest portion is smaller. There were a number of special exhibits at the Syracuse show that significantly increased the total number of quilts shown. Overall, though, Paducah is bigger and then when the show is in Paducah there is the Quilt Museum to visit and many other shops in the town feature quilts so it’s worth being there for 3-4 days. Two days in Syracuse was plenty.

  4. Paul McKenna

    Gladi: I join Lee in applauding your decision on full retirement from your medical practice…it seems that the auspices are right for more quilting, travelling and other quality endeavours in your life. Happy for you and trust that both you and Al might find some time to venture up to Nova Scotia.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Paul. Thank you! Since making my decision 6 days ago, I haven’t had one moment of regret – on the contrary, I feel very happy – so I think this confirms that I’m doing the right thing. Al and I would love to visit NS some time in the not too, too distant future. We may be property hunting if DT wins in November :)!! Gladi

      1. Paul McKenna

        Yes, that’s the hallmark of a good decision, indeed. We trust that DT will not cause you & Al to become property seekers, but, a visit is always in order whenever it fits your schedule. Of course, there is now more time for the Quattro Formagio’s efforts as well. A wonderful life.

  5. Susan Ovard

    I just found your blog through pinterest. I retired in February. I have had some mental health issues and just couldn’t cope any more. I have worked all my life and just love the unstructured feeling of retirement. I can sew until 4 am if I feel like it, and sleep until noon. I don’t have much money, but I have a lot of things to keep me busy. I just figured out I have 8 works in progress that I am busy with and have at least 10 or more quilt tops in storage from the last few years. I have just finished the applique for a new butterfly quilt I designed, 15 inch blocks and huge complicated butterflies I would never have tried that before I retired. . I love your posts. I wish I could see more quilt shows, but your pictures are the next best thing.Lovely. Sue

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Susan. Nice to hear from you and so glad you are enjoying your retirement. It sounds like you have lots of projects in the works and now you have time for the pleasures of the process of making them. So far I am also very much enjoying that generally unstructured time after years of seriously having to stay on a rigid schedule for work – patients every 15-30 minutes with occasional meetings interspersed from 8-5 with no down time! I have no regrets about my decision and I’m sure you won’t either. Gladi


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