August 8, 2016: Liberated!; plus more hand quilted quilts from AQS Syracuse

Greetings!  Every day since I made my decision to fully retire 8 days ago I am filled with thoughts and feelings that I have made the right decision – no wavering or second thoughts.  I feel liberated and am very much looking forward to the future.  I was so fortunate to have work that I loved and which was fulfilling, but I am ready for a change and a slow down from the hectic pace and intensity work required.

I wonder if my retirement – my “liberation,” so to speak –  was “foreshadowed” while I was in Syracuse.  The AQS show had a large area filled with their out of print books for $5.00 each.  I couldn’t resist these Gwen Marston books:

8816 liberated#1 8816 liberated#2

With more time available, I would like to explore and experiment with making some “liberated” style quilts.  Perhaps as a way of celebrating my retirement!  However, since my guild’s annual show is coming up in October, I have some quilt goals to complete first.  That sounds far away but the reality is that it’s only 2 months from now!  I have several projects to finish before I can comfortably start a new one.  I just finished the second doll quilt, the “Friendship Star”.  I did a line of embroidery stitching along the inner edge of the binding – my version of piping – for accent.  Click to enlarge:

8816 dq#1 8816 dq#2 8816 dq#3 8816 dq#4

I fused circles for 56 blocks – 28 for each of 2 quilts – and buttonhole stitched by machine around the edges for the 2 baby quilts I’m making.  Now I have all the blocks made and will proceed to put one together for the baby coming in October.  Will hold off on the second one for now since not due until January.  I am attending a quilt retreat in November and that will be a good time to complete the second baby quilt.  Here’s a representative sample of those blocks:

8816 babyq#1 8816 babyq#2 8816 babyq#3

Next I turn to doll quilt #3 – hope to have something to show by next post.

Today I have several other hand quilted quilts from the Syracuse AQS show to share with you.  This is actually most of the rest of them as the vast majority there were machine quilted.

I enjoyed this very traditional red and green quilt:

8816 vases#1 8816 vases#2 8816 vases#3 8816 vases#4 8816 vases#5 8816 vases#6

The “explosion” of color in this quilt was fun and the hand quilting was excellent:

8816 twist#1 8816 twist#2 8816 twist#3 8816 twist#4 8816 twist#5

Nice combination of applique and hand quilting:

8816 peacock#1 8816 peacock#2 8816 peacock#3 8816 peacock#4 8816 peacock#5

A very lovely small whole cloth quilt by Jane Holihan who has won many hand quilting awards over the years:

8816 jh wholecloth#1 8816 jh wholecloth#2 8816 jh wholecloth#3 8816 jh wholecloth#4

A nice traditional Hawaiian style quilt but in purple, which is somewhat unusual:

8816 purple#1 8816 purple#2 8816 purple#3

One doesn’t often see this style of New York Beauty hand quilted!:

8816 nybeauty#1 8816 nybeauty#2 8816 nybeauty#3

And, finally, a complex quilt from Japan:

8816 wedding#1 8816 wedding#2 8816 wedding#3 8816 wedding#4 8816 wedding#5

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi



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