August 13, 2016: Conclusion of today’s earlier post! (More AQS pictures)

Greetings!  I had to cut short my post earlier today because I couldn’t download any more pictures.  It turned out that my “media library” was full.  I would have to either purchase more space (right now the amount of space my blog uses is free) or delete pictures to make more room.  I chose the latter, which took me a while to accomplish, and it looks like I should be OK for a while.

Here are the rest of the Ann Horton pictures (see my earlier post today for the full shot and please click for enlargements so you can enjoy the details!):

81316 daydream#3 81316 daydream#4 81316 daydream#5 81316 daydream#6 81316 daydream#7 81316 daydream#8 81316 daydream#9

This quilt was the third place winner in the machine quilting category.  Check out the great use of various machine stitches for embellishment:

81316 fiesta#1 81316 fiesta#2 81316 fiesta#3 81316 fiesta#4 81316 fiesta#5

The next one is another amazing piece from the prolific Kathy McNeil whose pictorial quilts are phenomenal.  Check out the incredible details (and she didn’t even win a ribbon!):

81316 fox#1 81316 fox#2 81316 fox#3 81316 fox#4 81316 fox#5 81316 fox#6 81316 fox#7

The use of color in this next one was excellent and the construction was fine, too:

81316 dragon#1 81316 dragon#2 81316 dragon#3

I’ll finish today’s group of pictures with 2 humorous ones.   Pauline Salzman has made a series of humorous dog quilts, all excellent!

81316 dogs#1 81316 dogs#2 81316 dogs#3

Love this chicken quilt by my fellow New Hampshire quilter, Lynne Tyler.  So clever!!!:

81316 chicken#1 81316 chicken#2 81316 chicken#3

If you are reading this and missed the beginning of this post from this AM, please scroll down and keep reading!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi




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