August 18, 2016: Third doll quilt top done!; Maine quilt show photos

Greetings!  I finished the applique border on this year’s third doll quilt and am ready to move on to the hand quilting:

81816 doll quilt#1 81816 doll quilt#2

I don’t think the corners need anything else, but I may crop the border width a bit so the proportions are in better balance.

Here’s the baby quilt on the design wall with the center all sewn together, but still waiting for the sashing strips to separate the border from the center:

81816 baby quilt

Here are some pictures from the Maine quilt show.  I still have  A LOT of pictures from the Syracuse AQS show, but want to show some of these first:

Maine’s best of show.  I love the colors; I’m a sucker for red, green, and yellow (click on pics for enlargements for details!):

81716 Maine BOS#1 81716 Maine BOS#2 81716 Maine BOS#3

I loved that the next 2 quilts, from a Judy Neimeyer design, were displayed side by side so you could see how color choices and values and different quilting designs make a difference in how the quilt looks:

81716 woodlands#1 81716 woodlands#2 81716 woodlands#3

81716 hosta#1(woodlands compare) 81716 hosta#2

The next quilt got an award for machine quilting – naturally, as it was done by Margaret Solomon Gunn who has won numerous national awards for her machine quilting.  I loved this quilt!  I especially enjoyed the “cool” color range – very soothing.  My favorite colors are usually in the “warm” range (red, yellow, orange, warm greens) but this quilt makes me want to make something in the cool color range.  I love the pine burr design and it has long been on my “to do” list.

81716 feather#1 81716 feather#2 81716 feather#3 81716 feather#4 81716 feather#5 81716 feather#6

This next quilt was very creative!!!!  It has the outline of a kimono or Tori gate and uses oriental fabrics but is more 3 dimensional – something this maker, Pat LaPierre is known for.  Those are individual strips of red fabric with individual squares attached.  The black background is the curtain behind the quilt, not part of it.  Her quality of construction is excellent:

81716 influence#1 81716 influence#2 81716 influence#3 81716 influence#4

I’ve always liked this tessellating pinwheel pattern and see myself making something like it some day:

81716 pinwheel#1 81716 pinwheel#2 81716 pinwheel#3

I liked the combination of piecing and applique in a “strippy” format in this next quilt:

81716 scraps#1 81716 scraps#2 81716 scraps#3 81716 scraps#4

I’m going to close this post with several shots of a Lisa Bongean quilt.  She was a teacher at the Maine show this year and there was a small of exhibit of teacher quilts.  This is a beautiful Baltimore Album style quilt with wool applique but what makes it truly special is the wonderful embroidery on the wool.  Enjoy!!!!:

81716 lb quilt#1 81716 lb quilt#2 81716 lb quilt#3 81716 lb quilt#4 81716 lb quilt#5 81716 lb quilt#6 81716 lb quilt#7 81716 lb quilt#8

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,   Gladi



One thought on “August 18, 2016: Third doll quilt top done!; Maine quilt show photos

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    Oh that little doll quilt is so sweet! You have definitely hit on some of my favorites in the show. I love Carol Pettinelli’s appliqued strippy and Pat LaPierre is always inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.


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