August 22, 2016: Svetlana’s quilt; Pictures from “Portraits” exhibit at the AQS Syracuse show

Greetings!  My granddaughter, Sveta (short for Svetlana; she’s 8 – almost 9), and I have been gradually working on a quilt together for her this summer.   The top is almost done!  She picked out the fabric from my stash; I cut out the pieces.  She arranged the blocks to her liking; I pinned the blocks together.  She did all the sewing – good job with the 1/4 inch seams, especially the long ones!  I did the ironing.  She decided she wanted to add a border and picked out the fabric.  I cut the strips and she has sewn the top and bottom ones on.  We’ll finish the top when she comes for this week’s visit!

82216 Sveta#1 82216 Sveta#2 82216 Sveta#3

I’m not much of a machine quilter though have quilted baby quilts with a walking foot.  Sveta and I will have to decide if I’m going to try quilting this or whether we are going to send it out.  It’s been wonderful fun doing this with her!

Meanwhile, I have been making circles for and appliqueing leaves on the 4th border for “We Are Stardust.”  I’m close to finishing!  Then I’ll have the challenge of figuring out how to do the corners and I may be adding some applique in the setting triangles of the top so it is still going to be some time until that top is done!

82216 Stardust berries#1 82216 Stardust berries#2

I still have so much to share from the quilt shows!  Today I’m sharing pictures from the SAQA exhibit on People and Portraits at the Syracuse AQS show.  I don’t make this type of quilt but I admire those who do it well and this exhibit was excellent.  Click on pictures to enlarge them so you can enjoy the details!

82216 People and Portraits poster

I’ve seen many of Carol Goddu’s almost 3 dimensional quilts over the years as she has exhibited at Vermont a lot.  The details are always amazing.

82216 goddu#1 82216 goddu#2 82216 goddu#3

The quilting detail in this next one was exceptional.  Love how she did the hair!:

82216 elkins#1 82216 elkins#2 82216 elkins#3

I think the next 2 by this Japanese artist  were my favorites.  The graphic design, the Jester-like figures, and the background details were amazing:

82216 dream#1 82216 dream#2 82216 dream#3 82216 dream#4 82216 dream#5

And another amazing one by her:

82216 kurihara#1 82216 kurihara#2 82216 kurihara#3 82216 kurihara#4 82216 kurihara#5 82216 kurihara#6 82216 kurihara#7

The next artist uses cheesecloth to create her portraits – incredible!

82216 homeless#1 82216 homeless#2 82216 homeless#3 82216 homeless#4

The next one is humorous!

82216 prubert#1 82216 prubert#2 82216 prubert#3 82216 prubert#4 82216 prubert#5 82216 prubert#6


82216 hair#1 82216 hair#2

Jenny Bowker is well known for her portraits of Middle Eastern men:

82216 bowker#1 82216 bowker#2 82216 bowker#3

Another humorous one called the Nine Muses.  I think you can see the name of the artist in  the first picture; I didn’t get a separate shot of it:

82216 9muses#1 82216 9muses#2 82216 9muses#3 82216 9muses#4 82216 9muses#5 82216 9muses#6

And a lovely Mother and Child:

82216 motherchild#1 82216 motherchild#2 82216 motherchild#3 82216 motherchild#4

I really admire these artists’ work!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


4 thoughts on “August 22, 2016: Svetlana’s quilt; Pictures from “Portraits” exhibit at the AQS Syracuse show

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    What fun it is to stitch with grandchildren! Your “We Are Stardust” border is so beautiful. I love the scrappy leaves. I am not a portrait quilter either, but I think the artist who works with cheesecloth is remarkable. To me it is the most innovative technique I have ever seen and so lifelike. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Wendy! I agree – the cheesecloth compositions are amazing!!! Hope you enjoy the last month of summer, Gladi

  3. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks! Don’t you just love the variety of styles of quilts? The 9 Muses is humorous and hand stitched. Mother and Child is serious and machine made. And I love traditional quilts. So much to enjoy! Gladi


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