August 27,2016: More pictures from AQS Syracuse show; updates

Greetings!  This past week would have been my return to work thus it was technically the first week of my retirement.  I went swimming with my grandkids on what would have been the first day!  Our weekly 2 days with them for the summer has just come to an end since they return to school next week.  I am thoroughly enjoying the leisurely pace of my days but feeling somewhat guilty – all my adult life I have been oriented toward being ultra “productive.”  It is going to take some time to let that go.  I always viewed my work as “service” and I want to find something to fill that void as well; probably some type of volunteer work, but I won’t rush into it and will take my time finding the right thing for me.

Meanwhile, I am making steady progress on the first baby quilt – the top is complete!

82716 babyquilt#1 82716 babyquilt#2

I started piecing together some chunks of Kaffe fabrics for the back:

82716 babyquilt back

I have to decide if I am going to machine quilt with a walking foot or send it out.  Since I have so much more time, I’m inclined to do the quilting myself on this one.

I am also hand quilting the points in the palm leaf blocks of “Joyful Noise” to supplement the machine quilting and make those areas lie flatter.”  This means quilting 2 V-shaped lines in each of those blocks – easy and this shouldn’t take very long:

82716 JN#1 82716 JN#2

I recently saw the acronym WISP used to describe some quilts – “works in slow progress.”  I think this is a good one for me!  I’m not a fast quilt maker, usually preferring to make something more involved and challenging that takes a relatively long time.  But I do finish almost everything eventually!

Here are more wonderful quilts from the AQS Syracuse show.  Click on the pictures for enlargements and enjoy the details.

Here are two lovely traditional quilts, using reproduction fabrics, something you don’t see a lot of in the big national shows.  Each of these is machine quilted and pieced beautifully.  I showed pictures of the second one last year when it was at Vermont, but it deserves another look!:

82716 forest#1 82716 forest#2 82716 forest#3

82716 ginger#1 82716 ginger#2 82716 ginger#3

I like some abstract quilts.  This next one really “spoke” to me on some level and I loved it.  I especially liked that it is hand quilted.  That’s probably why it reminded me of Gwen Marston’s abstract quilts.

82716 dogwalksgirl#1 82716 dogwalksgirl#2 82716 dogwalksgirl#3 82716 dogwalksgirl#4 82716 dogwalksgirl#5

Although the program for the AQS show listed all the contest quilts and stated where we are from and the techniques used to make the quilts, there was nothing about the quilt makers’ inspiration or feelings about the quilts which I found very disappointing.  For the above quilt I would have loved to know what inspired the name!!!

Here’s another non-traditional quilt that I liked a lot.  This one is machine quilted and from a distance it looks like there are tree branches.

82716 connections#1 82716 connections#2 82716 connections#3 82716 connections#4 82716 connections#5

Margaret Solomon Gunn had her beautiful Bouquet Royale in the show.  Her construction, design, and machine quilting are flawless!  And a scalloped border with piping!

82716 bouquet#1 82716 bouquet#2 82716 bouquet#3 82716 bouquet#4 82716 bouquet#5

The first place ribbon for long arm quilting went to this quilt which was covered in crystals.  This is not may favorite style, but her work was amazing:

82716 paradox#1 82716 paradox#2 82716 paradox#3 82716 paradox#4 82716 paradox#5

I thought the next quilt – a wall quilt – was fabulous.  What a great design and excellent execution of it:

82716 moonswept#1 82716 moonswept#2 82716 moonswept#3 82716 moonswept#4 82716 moonswept#5 82716 moonswept#6

I enjoyed the beautiful colors in this wall quilt:

82716 sunset#1 82716 sunset#2 82716 sunset#3

Baltimore Album style quilts are not as popular as they used to be and it seems I’m seeing fewer of them in shows, but this one was one of the winners for machine quilting.  I remember seeing an article about Cheryl Kerestes 20+ years ago in Ladies Patchwork and Quilting magazine and loving her applique work.  I wish I’d taken a few more closeups of this:

82716 cats#1 82716 cats#2 82716 cats#3 82716 cats#4 82716 cats#5

That’s it for today’s show pictures with still more to come!  After my last post, I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t given equal time to my grandson Dmitri whom I enjoy being with just as much as his sister.  During last week’s visit we had our musical friends Craig and Liz over for a musical evening.  Dmitri has been playing viola for 3 years.  We just got Sveta her first rented violin and she’ll start playing with the school this fall.  So much fun to play music together!!!

82716 Dmitri#1

Here are all of us except that my chair is empty and accordion not out yet!

82716 music night

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi


3 thoughts on “August 27,2016: More pictures from AQS Syracuse show; updates

  1. Wendy C. Reed

    Yes indeed we do have similar tastes. Your pick of the “modern” quilts was just what I would have chosen. I love the “Dog Walks Girl” quilt and I have seen it before, but of course can’t remember where. Your baby quilt is looking wonderful. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed your first few days of freedom. One thing you will have to work on is “Letting go of the quilt”. Life is short and you were meant to spend time creating or just pondering creativity! And I love seeing photos of your family playing music. A happy home is one filled with music. Enjoy your free days.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you Wendy! My husband said I am “coasting” and that after all the hard work I’ve put in over the years, this is totally OK indefinitely. Also I read on another blog this AM that “just being” – meaning enjoying the moment and not having goals or being “productive” – is something more of us should do more of the time. That felt like the truth to me so I’m going to embrace it! Of course, I agree with you about music! Gladi


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