September 3, 2016: “Joyful Noise” is done!; unsettling events in the quilt world; more AQS pictures

Greetings!  It’s always a wonderful feeling when a quilt is finished, especially when it has been a long term project.  I started Joyful Noise about 2 years ago and finished the top about a year ago.  It took a while to decide to have it machine quilted and that finally was done several weeks ago.  I worked diligently the past 2 weeks on completing the extra hand quilting it needed at the seam intersection points and yesterday finished putting the binding on.  (Click on pictures for enlargements and details.)

9216 JN#1 full 9216 JN#2

And here’s the back:

9216 JN#3 back

I’m very happy with how this came out!  Though I learned that I will think twice about making any quilt design that has 12 seams coming together in one place!!  In hindsight, I might have chosen to cover those areas with appliqued circles or another shape and cut out the bulky seam intersections to make the quilt texture smoother.  However that would have altered the design…   I made the sleeve yesterday and will get that sewn on in the next week or so.  I also made the sleeve for Many Moons and need to make labels for this, Joyful Noise, and all 3 doll quilts before my guild show next month.  These are the little details that make finishing quilts more time consuming!  And why am I basically almost ready for my October show already instead of scrambling the week before the show as usual?  Retirement!  Here are Al and I celebrating retirement on our deck with a lovely meal made by him:

9216 retirement - me 9216 retirement - Al

After completing Joyful Noise yesterday, I turned to the hand quilting on doll quilt #3.  I am focusing on seeing how well I can do the stitching.   With few seams to quilt through and a thin batting, I am having no trouble getting 11 stitches per inch pretty consistently:

9316 dq#1 9316 dq#2 9316 dq#3

This week I took out a tote bag project that I cut out 2 years ago and never made; I decided to finish it finally and here it is sewn together.  It still needs the eyelets and string tie that will “close” the top of the bag but that requires a trip to JoAnn’s – will show the bag again when complete, but here’s what it looks like now. Isn’t that Paris fabric wonderful!!:

9216 bag#1 9216 bag#2 9216 bag#3

Recently I’ve heard about some changes in the quilting world that are significant enough to seem somewhat unsettling, especially when taken together.  Probably most significant to me is the demise of Quilters Newsletter Magazine.  I’ve had a nonstop subscription to it since I started quilting in 1994 and for a while I collected older issues so that I have almost all of them from about 1980 on as well as many from the 1970’s as well.  I loved these magazines and looked forward to receiving them.  I even made the cover of the September 2004 issue and had a quilt patterned over 3 issues in 2007.  These were great honors for me!  I have to admit, however, that over the past few years the issues have been less and less inspiring.  I have to believe this is because of the internet.  I now can go to web sites and blogs for most of my quilting information and when I resubscribed to QNM earlier this year I thought twice about whether it would be worth it.  The other changes that have struck me are 1) the demise of the National Quilting Association about a year ago  2)  the decision by AQS to stop publishing books after this fall  3) the closing of quilt shops, most notably The City Quilter in NYC  and 4) the closing of the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA.

What does all of the above mean?  I think the impact may be more in the quilting business community that for those of us who just make quilts.   I think there is “survival of the fittest” occurring and perhaps the quilt business community grew too fast and is now “shaking out.”  Again, I think the access to information and shopping on the web is a huge reason.  I’ve also read that many of us dedicated quilters are aging and perhaps not enough younger folks are quilting.  I also know that I am doing more shopping from my own stash of fabrics and buying less – trying to use of up what I have as well as be discerning about how I’m spending my money now that I’m not working anymore.

In any case, I’m not particularly worried about quilting in general as I think there will always be a core of us who love the art and craft of quilting and will find ways to be creative and to connect with others no matter what is happening in the business sphere.

So here are some more wonderful quilts from the Syracuse AQS show to demonstrate that the art of quilting is still very alive and well!!!

I love “real” kaleidoscopes” as well as quilted ones.  I’ve loved these since Paula Nadelstern first started making them years ago and have always dreamed that some day maybe I will do one… This one is gorgeous!

9216 kaleidoscope#1 9216 kaleidoscope#2 9216 kaleidoscope#3 9216 kaleidoscope#4 9216 kaleidoscope#5 9216 kaleidoscope#6 9216 kaleidoscope#7

I’ve been intrigued with “tile” quilts and toyed with the idea of doing one some day.  This one uses my favorite oriental style fabrics and the machine quilting really highlights the designs:

9216 kiku#1 9216 kiku#2 9216 kiku#3 9216 kiku#4 9216 kiku#5 9216 kiku#69216 kiku#7

Another great quilt from Ann Horton:

9216 ninelives#1 9216 ninelives#2 9216 ninelives#3 9216 ninelives#4 9216 ninelives#5 9216 ninelives#6 9216 ninelives#7

Here’s a cool quilt of fantastic flowers from Australia:

9216 floral#1 9216 floral#2 9216 floral#3

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



12 thoughts on “September 3, 2016: “Joyful Noise” is done!; unsettling events in the quilt world; more AQS pictures

  1. Mrs. Plum

    Thanks for a great post! Your quilts are gorgeous, as are the ones you showed from the AQS Syracuse show. I do believe the quilting industry is shaking out. I only hope to quilt more, rather than less, in the future, but I also have a huge stash, and need to use it. My buying habits have been much more selective of late. I am most saddened by the folding of Quilter’s Newsletter.

  2. gladiporsche Post author

    Thank you! I too see more, not less, quilting in my future. Over the last 22 years I accumulated a lot of fabric and other supplies and am happy that I can start using it up! Gladi

  3. Lee Simpson

    You had me at the title (not surprsingly!) but I have to say the quilt lives up to its name: Joyful Noise is wonderful!!! May be my favourite to date…but like your other fans I am gratified to know there is more to come.

  4. Paul McKenna

    That looks like a very delicious repast you & Al are sharing on your deck! Oh yes, the quilt work is impressive as well…nice to see the signs of relaxation and creation.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks, Paul. I’m really enjoying the slower pace of my retirement. On the other hand, I’m looking into taking a drawing course and learning tai chi… Gladi

  5. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Lee! So glad to hear you like the quilt. I obviously enjoy the processes of creating a design and choosing fabrics as well as the making itself. I hope that enjoyment never wanes! Gladi

  6. Evelyn Hatch

    Love ALL your quilts and your posts about them. I’m so upset to learn that my favorite Q magazine is vanishing after all these years. I think I have a full set of back issues. And, yes, I too am trying to use up my stash.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you, Evelyn. It’s always good to know that readers like my posts even though I’ve always felt that blogging is a good way to keep a record of what I’m doing no matter how few folks might actually read them. When I started blogging 4 years ago I had no idea if I would stick with it, but obviously it turned out that I like it and it’s good to know that I have readers that enjoy hearing about my journey. Gladi

  7. Wendy C. Reed

    Joyful Noise is beautiful! I love the little doll quilt too. I am happy to see you are enjoying your retirement. As for the changes in the quilt world, well you and I have been around long enough to see many changes. I have to admit I was surprised when I heard QNM was coming to an end. They, as with most of the quilt publications these days, seemed to be catering to the “modern quilter” and thus one might think they would stick around. I have not been happy with the magazine since Bonnie stopped publishing. I think this says a lot for the quilt world in general. Trends come and go, but those who stand the true test of time stick with tradition and add what is current and popular. Those publications that focus only on what is popular today seem to drop by the wayside. I have been disappointed in American Quilter lately too. But I am hanging on in the hopes that they will swing back around to keep a more balanced focus. My favorite magazine is Quiltmania. They seem to have found the perfect balance between modern. art, traditional and antique. I am just as American as the next person, but when it comes to my quilt magazines I have to say France is the winner! Thanks for a wonderful post. Enjoy the Fall.

  8. gladiporsche Post author

    Thanks, Wendy. Quiltmania is my favorite magazine too! I’ve got every issues since #50; I think that was when they started publishing in English. I love the quality of their publication and they always have lots of pictures of beautiful quilts. I regularly enjoy going back and looking through my issues. The majority of their patterns are inspiring. I found the patterns in QNM to be very boring over the past several years. And I agree with you that American Quilter has recently focused too much on modern quilts for my tastes. I feel excited when the issue arrives, but I’m done with it after a half hour! I find quilt blogs much more interesting and fun than magazines these days. Loved seeing your feedsack circles all together – gorgeous! Gladi


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