September 27, 2016: “Taking stock” and a new project

Greetings!  Nearly 3/4 of the way into the year (where did it go?!), I decided to “take stock” and see where I am with my projects as I think about what to do over the next several weeks/months and whether to start anything new.

I have 6 projects that I am actively working on, albeit some of them have been in periods of hibernation!  One of the projects is the Baby Quilt #2. (#1 needs a label and then will be delivered – baby due in a week!)  The blocks are all made and all that needs to be done is to sew them together and quilt and bind it.  This baby isn’t due until January and I have a quilting retreat I’m attending in November at which I should be able to work on this.  The other 5 projects are longer term.

I took a break from appliquéing leaves and berries on the borders for “We Are Stardust,” but returned to this after finishing the latest “Sweet Journeys” block.  I am close to finishing the 4th border.  I have completed 257 of the 280 border leaves and 104 of the 120 berries!  Next step is to figure out the corners and how to connect the 4 borders.  This will be a challenge because the quilt is bigger than my design wall.  I should be getting to this within the next several weeks. When the border is done, the plan is to hand quilt this after the hand quilting of Spirit of Japan is done.

4th border:

dsc03855 dsc03856

An older picture when 4th border leaves were not on yet:


My “Sweet Journeys” quilt will consist of either sixteen 12 1/2 inch appliquéd blocks or 12 blocks around the perimeter with a larger medallion – the size of 4 blocks – in the center.  I plan to add sashing, maybe even simple appliquéd sashing.   I have 9 blocks completed:


I will work on 3 more blocks for a total of 12 and take a long look before deciding whether to go with a medallion or 4 more blocks.  I hope to do this over the next 3 months or so.  This is eventually another hand quilting project – third in line!

With cooler/cold weather coming, I will get back to hand quilting Spirit of Japan #3, which is about 1/4  to 1/3 done.  I’d hoped to have this ready for my guild’s annual show next month but other projects took up my time and then it got too hot over the summer!


The 4th project is the one I’m tentatively calling “Twinkle.”  I’ve pulled some shot cottons to audition for the border.  I think there will be a vine, some stars, and maybe some flowers – it will be appliquéd:



Right now “Twinkle” is “hibernating” as I work on the other projects above!

Another project that is “hibernating” is my designer Japanese circles project.


I have a container with a lot more circles and backgrounds cut but am envisioning the above pictured circles as the center of a medallion and am trying to decide on a design to outline the medallion before adding the other circles.


After assessing the above projects, I decided to go ahead and start making a “special occasion” quilt for a friend anyway!  I can’t reveal the occasion or the recipient because I know the recipient in the past has occasionally looked at my blog, though I don’t think it’s very often.  However, I think it will be OK to share the project.  Once it’s been given, I can reveal the occasion!  I’ve been missing making stars this year!  I decided to make stars for this person’s quilt – 6 inch blocks, 6 across and 7 down, thus I need 42.  I’ll add a simple border and maybe some sashing.  I chose teal and turquoise colors with a pale background, oriental style with some gold accents:


I have half the stars cut out and here are the first 2 (second one is truer color):


I think this project will go relatively quickly, but, of course, will delay progress on my others!

My guild recently had a book sale from our library – $1.00 per book!  I DO NOT need any more books!  However, I couldn’t resist buying one fairly old book with appliqué designs because it has the pattern for the central blocks in this quilt:


I saw – AND LOVED – this quilt at the Vermont Festival in 2015 and took several pictures thinking I might draft and make this some day.  Now I don’t need to draft the pattern for the center blocks!  And I should be able to easily adapt the pattern for the borders.  This quilt is definitely on my “to do” list but not until I finish Sweet Journeys!!!!!!!!  When Spirit of Japan is finished, I also want to start a new, challenging piecing project  and am mulling ideas – nothing definitive yet.  Making quilts is so satisfying and fun!!!!!

Be kind, be grateful, and cherish each day,  Gladi



8 thoughts on “September 27, 2016: “Taking stock” and a new project

  1. Lady Locust

    OH my you are a busy one. I usually like to have 2 projects going…one hand stitching and one machine. I think I have 3-4 right now and feel a bit too scattered. Maybe I just need more stitching time so I can devote each project it’s proper allotment of time😉 Your sweet journeys is absolutely beautiful. Also, what is the name of the book you got (please). That is stunnung, might be one to keep an eye out for. Those oldies a sure charming aren’t they?

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you! I’ll show a picture of the book and the pattern in my next post. It’s a Better Homes and Gardens book that was published in 1994; not sure if any used copies are available on line. Thanks for commenting. Glad

  2. Wendy C. Reed

    Take stock indeed! You have quite a few things going and they are all gorgeous. I too love Deb Grana’s quilt (the red and green with berries). When I asked her if I could reproduce it, she said of course, but I think you are crazy! I know you “will” do it and it will be sensational. It is still on my “someday” list.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks Wendy. Making that quilt is a daunting prospect!!! I think I tried to count up the number of berries and it was around 2000, maybe more. This could be a “rest of my lifetime” type of project if/when I start it! Gladi

  3. Sylvia Manson-Wilson - Franklin Centre, Quebec

    Your quilts are beautiful, I especially like the Joyful Noise but I really can’t single out one or another. I go every year to VQF with my daughter and I first came across a Pineapple quilt of yours – ever so gorgeous. I am from Quebec right along the U.S.border – we have the pillars at the back of our farm and I have been following your blog for a while, it inspires me greatly and I can see by all your work you must be enjoying retirement. I too was disappointed to learn some of our magazines are on the way out. Happy quilting.

    Sylvia Wilson

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thank you! So glad you enjoy my blog. That pineapple quilt is “Autumn Returns” and is one of my favorites. It’s on our bed and we sleep under it most nights except when it’s too warm in the summer. Right now we are up to sleeping under 2 quilts and that will gradually increase to 4-5 as the weather gets colder over the next few months! I love being able to use my quilts to keep me warm! Gladi

  4. Susan Ainscough

    You take my breath away, the amount of quilts you make. As for the leaves and berries, I think I would be doing them in my sleep. Your work is amazing.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Thanks Susan! It’s easy to be productive when one is passionate about doing something! I hope that passion remains with me always. Glad


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